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Cletus T

Sad News...

August 26th 2006 6:25 pm
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This is very hard for me. This morning, Cletus passed away, he crossed over to the rainbow bridge. My sweet best bud is gone. I've been avoiding coming to the site to do this, it's very very hard. Cletus was a wonderful dog, very friendly, loved to play and just loved attention.

This morning, my kids let Cletus outside to use the potty. My husband and I were still in bed. My daughter comes running to our room saying Cletus is hurt. We immediately jumped up and ran outside. We found Cletus on the road, he was already gone. He was hit by a car. It broke his neck. He didn't suffer, he went fast. Luckily my kids did not see this happen, but they heard it. They cried for hours as did me and my husband.

The car that hit him did not even have the common courtesy to stop. We live out in the country, not to many cars drive on this road. Cletus was so good at watching for cars, he would look before crossing the road. He would always love going over to the neighbors to play with his friend Jack. The people that live around here do not speed, there are a lot of animals and kids around and the road is also curvy, you shouldn't go fast, but sometimes you do get some idiot that thinks they own the road and speed like crazy. Cletus never stood in the middle of the road, he had to of been on the side or just right on the edge of the road, he probably thought the car would just scoot over some.

My husband carried him over to the house and then started digging up a burial spot for him. My kids wanted to see him, and they said their goodbyes to him. We buried him and my husband put this huge flat piece of rock over his grave.

He was my baby, like another kid of mine. I love him so much. I just can't believe he's gone. I keep expecting him to wimper at the door wanting in the house. It's been a really hard day.

I just feel pretty numb, there's a part of me that wants another dog, to fill that empty spot, but another part of me feels like I can't get another dog. There will never be another Cletus, he was one of a kind, the best Beagle ever. I don't think I could get another Beagle, be to hard. They are wonderful dogs, all you Beagles out there know you are a wonderful dog!

Cletus will always be loved. He will be missed. He's with Tatem now and all the other doggies that have passed away. Cletus-we love you!!


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