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Just saying hello

May 22nd 2009 11:08 pm
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I haven't wrote in my diary in a long time, so I just wanted to drop in and say WHAZZ UPPP!!! BOL!! I know mom has had beautiful weather this week. I sure do miss my family, but I know one day they will be here with me when the time comes. If you haven't checked out Clark's page, you should, he's quite a character, I say he's more stubborn than I ever was, bol, but I know my family loves him a lot. Have a great Memorial Day ya all


A Dear Friend

March 29th 2008 7:31 pm
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A dear friend of Cletus' died tonight. His name is Jack. Jack has been around here for many-many years. When Cletus came here, Jack became his best friend. They hung out together, took naps together, even took walks together. Jack is a mixed breed, a bit bigger than Cletus and fuzzier. A lot of the people on my road helped to take care of Jack, fed him, played with him, loved him. Jack was a good old dog, he'll be greatly missed, not just by my family, but by his owners and everyone on my road that knew him and loved him. Cletus...You get to play with your best bud again-take care of him.


Firehouse Dog

July 31st 2007 5:54 pm
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Yaaaa, mom bought the Firehouse Dog movie today on dvd. And my picture is in it!! So cool!! Mom saw a couple of my doggy pals too, like Kaci (congrats Kaci), I was just so happy to see that. They had a section in the special features called dogster photo montage, and that's where my picture was. There was also doggy pics on the ending credits too. This is something I know my mom will cherish. Mom found right before I died that I won this contest, so it really hits close to home. Firehouse Dog is awesome! Doggy licks...Cletus


Woohoo, I've been on dogster 2 years today

July 21st 2007 1:47 am
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Wow, I've been dogster for 2 years now, that's a long time. It's like a birthday pawty for me, bol. I'm so happy to be on dogster, I have so many wonderful doggy friends here at the bridge and down on earth. It's a happy day today!



May 4th 2007 12:54 pm
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Pogo goofed on my guest book, he entered the info right, but today when mommy came to look at my page, the guestbook said he was from San Fran Ca, I was like huh?? If it still says that, Pogo is from Glenwood, WV. Weird how it goofed. Hope it won't do that to any others that sign it.

Today at the Bridge I've been playing with my best bud Brandon. We were chasing butterflies, and one landed on my head, Brandon laughed at me. I bet I looked silly.

Take care all you wonderful doggies!! Love Cletus


To all of Cletus's pup pals--A BIG thank you!!

September 9th 2006 11:54 pm
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I want to thank all of Cletus's pup pals for leaving messages and rosettes in Cletus's memory. The messages are really nice and thoughtful. I thank each and everyone of you for all your kind words. Cletus is very lucky to have so many wonderful pals that care so much for him. Thank you!!


Sad News...

August 26th 2006 6:25 pm
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This is very hard for me. This morning, Cletus passed away, he crossed over to the rainbow bridge. My sweet best bud is gone. I've been avoiding coming to the site to do this, it's very very hard. Cletus was a wonderful dog, very friendly, loved to play and just loved attention.

This morning, my kids let Cletus outside to use the potty. My husband and I were still in bed. My daughter comes running to our room saying Cletus is hurt. We immediately jumped up and ran outside. We found Cletus on the road, he was already gone. He was hit by a car. It broke his neck. He didn't suffer, he went fast. Luckily my kids did not see this happen, but they heard it. They cried for hours as did me and my husband.

The car that hit him did not even have the common courtesy to stop. We live out in the country, not to many cars drive on this road. Cletus was so good at watching for cars, he would look before crossing the road. He would always love going over to the neighbors to play with his friend Jack. The people that live around here do not speed, there are a lot of animals and kids around and the road is also curvy, you shouldn't go fast, but sometimes you do get some idiot that thinks they own the road and speed like crazy. Cletus never stood in the middle of the road, he had to of been on the side or just right on the edge of the road, he probably thought the car would just scoot over some.

My husband carried him over to the house and then started digging up a burial spot for him. My kids wanted to see him, and they said their goodbyes to him. We buried him and my husband put this huge flat piece of rock over his grave.

He was my baby, like another kid of mine. I love him so much. I just can't believe he's gone. I keep expecting him to wimper at the door wanting in the house. It's been a really hard day.

I just feel pretty numb, there's a part of me that wants another dog, to fill that empty spot, but another part of me feels like I can't get another dog. There will never be another Cletus, he was one of a kind, the best Beagle ever. I don't think I could get another Beagle, be to hard. They are wonderful dogs, all you Beagles out there know you are a wonderful dog!

Cletus will always be loved. He will be missed. He's with Tatem now and all the other doggies that have passed away. Cletus-we love you!!



August 17th 2006 2:27 pm
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It's been kinda hot today, but I've still been outside playing some. I haven't seen my pal Tig in awhile. Mommy thinks he ran away or was hurt. I hope he's ok, I like playing with Tig. So I've been hanging out with ol Jack, he's pretty old, he moves real slow and doesn't play much, but he barks a lot! Mommy says he's been around for years. He's nice to me, he likes to think he's the boss, maybe cause I follow him around and like to do what he does.

My human brother Chaz is feeling all better now, he was sick. Mommy's been cleaning today, so I had to stay outside awhile. I don't know why, I could help her clean, I could grab toys, sniff any crumbs out, stuff like that. Oh well.

Mommy's been taking more pictures of me. I like seeing me on the computer. Oh I got in trouble last night, I was outside to wait on daddy to come home from work, when he did, and I came inside, I ran into the bedroom and jumped on Sara's bed, woke her up. Daddy told me that was a no no, and made me come back into the living room. I laid on the couch and gave daddy that pitiful look. It usually works on mommy, but not daddy.

I got some treats, they are peanut butter flavored, yummy!!! I love them!! I know where mommy keeps them, and when she goes over there, I know I'm getting a special treat! Gonna go now, time to lay on my back with my paws up and take a little snooze...woof woof


Lazy Day

August 12th 2006 8:18 pm
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I didn't do much of anything today. Poor little kid brother of mine, Chaz, he's not feeling so well. Daddy took him to see a doctor. Chaz just cried and cried, I don't like it when he cries like that. I sat next to him and loved on him for awhile, until my other kid brother started playing with me. Then I got tired after that, so I took a nap. I took a lot of naps today-bol. I went outside a little bit, hung out with Jack, strolled the neighborhood awhile. It's just nice and peaceful out here. I seen a frog today, I didn't know what it was till mommy said hey look Cleaty found a frog, I didn't do anything with it, cause it was fast and jumped away from me. The frog was down in the creek, sometimes I get in the creek, but mommy gets mad at me and says I get all dirty. But it's fun to splash around, there's not much water in it, unless it rains a lot. Woof--gotta go pee..Cletus



August 7th 2006 1:31 pm
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Yesterday was pretty fun. My human brothers and sister got this new gadget thing for each of them that shoots out water. When I went outside to see what all the excitement was about, I got water sprayed all over me. It felt nice and cool, but I don't care for getting wet so much. I ended up just moving a little away from them and watched them. Mommy took more pictures of me again. I think that flash thing she uses is permanently attached to her hand..BOL. I guess I must be cute for her to take so many of me. I heard daddy saying that she takes more pictures of me than of anything else..BOL.

Today is just to hot to go outside. Even my brothers and sister won't go outside. My brothers are playing with these wooden things, my mommy calls them blocks, I thought they were a great for me to chew on, but mommy and my brothers said no to me. They got plenty, I don't see why I can't have just one..oh well.

I'm gonna take a doggy nap, woof woof...Cletus

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