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three days now

September 2nd 2010 4:13 pm
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It has been three days since
I left for the Bridge. It has been so wonderful to see my dad here and when I came around the corner and he saw me I could not beleive the look on his face. There beside him were all his other doggies and my mommas doogies . I ran into my daddies arms and he cryed and cryed. I told him that momma had made the right choice as I was very sick and I really missed my dad and wanted to be with him so much now that I got sick.
So I am happy here and momma do not weep too much be glad that I am with my daddy now.
I will love you forever and will see you one day up here but not for a very long time momma, you got to keep well.


The Bridge

August 30th 2010 10:56 pm
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Today I went to the Rainbow Bridge. My mom was so sad to see me go and she was hearbroken. I have gone to join my dad, he was my moms dad and I did miss him so much when he went to the bridge.
Do not be sad for too long my family. I am with my dad now and Ben E and all our friends that have gone to the bridge.
Teddy and Layla, and Belle and Puppy the Wing maker and many others are here with me now and dad is loving meeting all my dogster friends.


winter and I am woofed off

May 29th 2010 7:05 pm
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I like to play outside lots but it has been so wet and cold. WE have had floods in this city . I do not want to go out much when it is cold and wet but mom says I have to so that I can do wee's and poops.
Oh well it is fine today so I may just play out for a bit.


One Woof of a year

October 5th 2009 3:18 pm
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Well is sure has been one woof of a year.
I have not been on here much to write a diary. Mom has not been in her head for a while and so all has got so terribly behind and forgotten. Hopefully she is now coming out of it all and we can get on with doing dogster things like before. It has been a year and three months of grieving for us all . Seeing mom go through this has been so hard . But we have stuck ever vigilant at her side and helped her to feel better through it all. Many dogster moms sent wonderful advice when dad first left and mom was heart broken. That advice has got mom through. One of the most precious pieces of advice was that mom "had her fur babies and they would get her through this sad time" Well you were right and we have been at her side constantly and lickis and hugs and lots of loves and she is better.
We would not have been able to do this as well if it had not been for all the wonderful dogster moms and dads that have become dear friends . They have lept us going through all this and we are ever greatfull and thank God every day for you all. You all know who you are and we thank you and give you love and the best wishes forever.
Love to you all .
Patch and The Kiwi boys and Momma Helen


Our friends Bob and Pita

August 12th 2009 10:59 pm
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Well I do not know what to say. But all I can say is that we are so honoured by our freinds Bob and Pita to see such lovely words about our momma. She is our shinning light and we are so grateful that she is our mom . But to be honest we are so much more grateful that she has made such wonderful freind like Bob and Pita. They, like us have been on some harsh journeys in the last year or so, but we have all banded together and supported one another through some horrible times. We have come out the end stonger in our selves and in our freind ship. God bless our friends Bob and Pita. We thank God every day for you Both.
Mom and Us Kiwi Boys


Star /Candle

July 20th 2009 4:12 pm
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For all my pals.
Pita my dear freind lost her brother Teddy by medical mis adventure and her dad is holding a memorial for Teddy on Tuesday morning at 9am in Hollywood.
Anyone wanting to send candles and stars can do so to Teddy's page
thank you so much.


A tribute to Pita's family

July 19th 2009 1:44 pm
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Today I felt it very necessary to put a tribute in my dairy for three of the sweetest doggies I know and there dear sweet dad Bob.
Pita , Layla and Teddy.
Pita is the most beautiful doggie we know and she is her dad Bobs best friend and best gal.
In recent months Pita and her dad were able to share the lives of two special Doggies, one called Layla and the other called Teddy( aka Chopper).
They came into her life for a very short time , but for the time they were there they touched her heart and the hearts of many doggies and their human families.
Layla was the little sister that Pita was happy to have. They walked close together taking in the warm California sun. Spending some quality days cheering Bob up and just being there.
Sadly Layla took ill and had to make the journey to the Rainbow Bridge.
She now sits at the edge of the bridge looking down at her dear Bob and Pita and making sure that they are doing ok.
Layla decided that it would be good to send another sweet doggie to fill the void that she had left behind. So then came dear lovely Teddy.
Teddy was a big cuddley ball of fluff with a personality to match this. He was a joy to Pita and Bob and they knew that Layla had sent him.
Once again Pita had a sibling to enjoy and give love and warmth too.
They too shared those days under the California sun together.
But once again it was to be for a short time. Dear sweet Teddy also had to leave his sister and dad . He had to have an operation and sadly due to complications he went to the Bridge. Layla felt sad over this but knew that for another short time in Pita and Bob's life, they had been touched by love. The strongest most powerful love on this planet,UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Teddy and Layla had left a huge empty ocean in Bob and Pita's heart and the hearts of those who love them and know them. Although this has been a sad and grieving time for the loss of two wonderful Doggies, we are all much better off for having had them in our lives, for the love that came from them, for the hearts they touched and reached out to, over the miles.
We the Kiwi Boys and our momma Helen give tribute to these dear sweet doggies and their dad Bob and sister Pita. They give us the strength to keep going in a world sometimes full of sadness and grief.
They showed the real love that can reach out no matter where we may be on this planet.
We love you Layla and Teddy and out dear Pita who no doubt misses her fur family but knows that she is loved beyond the deapest depth of our hearts.
We love you Bob and Pita


A long time but I am here

March 10th 2009 1:30 pm
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It has been a long time since I came in to my diary.
i had to let you all know that I recently had eight teeth out . I cannot believe how much better I feel and how much energy I have and now momma says that my kisses are sweet and I do not smell like the toilet.
I was becoming that little kid in the playground that no one wanted to play with because I smelt. But not now . My breath is like fresh air mom says although she said if I keep licking Spot and Kaos's huney's it will smell bad again Bol.


April 9th 2008 5:19 pm
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From Canela Paws

Name four jobs you have:
1Barking at people who come to the door
2)letting mum know when it is meal time for me and Spot
3I guard around the fence in the yard
4)I cheer mummy up when she is sad

Name four places where you have lived(or stayed at)
1) I roaming the country roads after being neglected and uncle John found me
2)being given to his dad George to become his pal
3)When George died I moved in with his daughter Helen and she is my mum now
4)Live in the kitchen looking for food BOL

Name 4 places that you have been:
1)I been to the dog park
2)I been to the vet
3)I been to the cemetary to put flowers on Grandads grave
4)I been out to the farm to play in the bull paddock

Name 4 places you would rather be:
1)I would rather be asleep in the sun all day
2)I would rather be tucked up in bed between mum and dad
3)I would rather be eating
4)I eating my bone in the garden

I am tagging the following four:

1. Duncan
2. Dudley
3. Trixiema
4. Chloe


A runner

March 17th 2008 12:27 am
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Tonight at aproxamately 7.30pm mum noticed I was no where to be seen. she called me and called me and to no avail. That was it . The panic was on. I did not have my collar on and I was no where to be found. So mum and Sarah and Spot jumped into Sarah's big Ponsie Lexus and off they go. Now Spot is very lucky because normally no pooch gets to ride in the big ponsie lexus. But this was Spots lucky night. He was there to sniff me out and let mum know when he saw me.
Well they drove around the town , up into the hills behind us and everywhere there were parks or water. I was no where to be seen. Of course being the switched on Kiwi's they are , they forgot their mobile phones BOL. So no one could find out where the other was as they all went on the search for the runner. Mum was beside herself and beside Sarah because she was driving . They hunted high and low.
As the sun went down mum started to give up hope. She went through all the motions of, " oh what if someone got him, what if he is in the reserve and someone shoots him, what if he gets run over, oh my poor wee boy what will I do. He will not be there in the bed tonight to keep me company with his snorring"
They decided that the best thing to do was go home get a spot light and continue the search, bringing out all the other family and neighbours. AS they rounded the corner , dad was standing on the corner pretending to talk into his mobile phone. We pulled up and said there was not sign of him. He said that we should take out phones with us. Woops!!!! I had not even left home!!!!!
Well all this is going on while I am asleep in the spare room with the door shut. I had gone in there and it shut behind me and no one bothered to look in my favourite place of all to sleep durring the day. I was kissed and hugged and given treats . I think that I will have to disapear into the spare room a bit more often.
I don't know. My humans are soooo strange sometimes. But i love them.

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