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Watching Mom

January 5th 2014 10:49 am
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My last entry was February 8, 2012 and mom's horse Misty had died on the same day I did. I had no idea what would happen on February 16, 2012 and decided not to write about it until now.
Mom finished cleaning the stalls and Cookie, who was Misty's son, was hanging around like he always did hoping she'd give him a treat. Mom finished and went in the house, but looked out the window and didn't see Cookie out eating grass with Flame. Mom went back out and Cookie was still standing in the same place he had been when she went inside. She checked his gums to make sure they were the right color and he wasn't starting to colic. His gums were ok, but when mom turned to walk away she saw Cookie start to follow her, but he was walking like he was drunk. She went in a called the vet, who came out and asked mom if she noticed his tongue was blue. Mom said no and asked what would cause his tongue to turn blue. The vet said it meant he wasn't getting oxygen to his blood and something could have burst inside of him. Mom had to have him put to sleep and he was buried next to Misty. Mom doesn't believe in coincidence's, Misty died on January 17th and Cookie on February 16th. Mom thinks someone who lives at the rental trailer park someone built next to the pasture poisoned them. She's had problems with a few people who live there, usually not the same ones because most end up getting evicted.
Mom doesn't think whoever did it still lives there, and the reason Flame hasn't had anything happen to her is because she won't let anyone but mom get near her, even if they have feed.
I know mom's going to have a bad time when the 17th comes around, she always did when I died and now Misty died on the same date, then Cookie on February 16th.
I'll be with her even though she still cries when she starts thinking about me, she knows I'm watching out for her and Flame.


I Wish I Could Be There With Mom

February 8th 2012 1:24 am
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January was a really bad month for mom.
She had so many things happen and then on January 17th, the day I left her world, her horse, Misty, who was 32 years old died.
Mom had Misty since she was a year old and she always said Misty would out live her, but it wasn't to be.
Mom and the vet said Misty died of a heart attack and there wouldn't have been anything Mom could have done for her. Mom still felt bad because she was home and if she had known she would have been with Misty so she wouldn't have to die alone.
Mom held me when I was leaving and it was really nice.
Mom has been strong when she's around people, but I see her when she's alone and wish I could stop her tears.


For Sam My Heart Dog

December 29th 2011 11:50 pm
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Well another Christmas has passed without you. This will make five.
I still miss you so very much, you are the light of my life.

I know January 16th will be here soon, the day your problem started, and then January 17th around midnight when I found you on the floor and held you until you passed on.

I'll always love you best and will never forget you being in my life.





September 25th 2011 11:39 pm
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I wish sometimes that I could still be with mom. I loved her so much and know she loved me.
I know I can't be there in body, but I'm still there in spirit.
Mom still has my wreath and pictures of us on the wall so I know how much she still cares.
I never gave her the problems my step-sister and brother give her, but I know she loves them too.
It's nice here at the Bridge, but it isn't a real home like I had where I could snuggle with mom and play ball with her.
I know everytime she thinks about me she gets a few tears, and says she'll never forget me.
I'll never forget her either.


Mikey and Prissy

May 19th 2009 5:00 am
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Well it looks like my step sister and brother are finally breaking out of their shells, going to the prom and doing other things.
I'm happy they have made friends and it helps mom too.

It's hard to believe it's been so long since I was there, but I can watch from the Bridge and hopefully guide them in the right direction.

Mom still cries for me and she knows I love her still.


I Love You

January 17th 2009 4:54 pm
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Hey Mom,

I just wanted to write and let you know things on the Bridge are good, but it's not like being with you.
I know you'd say the same things to me and how much you miss me.
I can see you and the tears you cry so don't think you can hide it from me.

You know it will be 2 years tomorrow that I left, even though I didn't want to go I had no choice, but at least we were together one more time.

You need to take better care of yourself so I'll have someone to write to and you still have me to talk to.

Love Forever


Hey Mom

August 5th 2008 3:21 am
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I know you are thinking alot about me and how you would feel better if you could have me back, but you know that wouldn't change some things. I would love to be with you and someday we'll be together.

I'm happy here and have no more problems, but you know I'd rather be with you.

The Bridge is great and I've met lots of friends, some who didn't have a good life, but now are happy and carefree.

I know you love Mikey & Prissy and they do all they can to make you feel better, like coming to you and kissing and just laying by you when you are sad.

Iwant you to be happy again and if you can't do it for yourself do it for me.

Love Sam


I miss you

August 12th 2007 3:50 am
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Oh Sam I miss you so much. Mikey and Prissy are great, but they're not you.
I wish you didn't have to leave.
So much has happened since then and none of it has been good and your sweet face and loving attitude would do wonders for me now.
Love always, Your mom


Sam's Life

January 27th 2007 3:08 am
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Sam passed over the Bridge on 1/17/07 at 1210 AM from heart problems.
I was with him and held him until the end and I am sure he is now a happy healthy boy looking down on all of us.

Sam has approved me getting a new puppy because he knows how lonley I am, especially since my husband died in December.
I will be going to look at them on Sunday and see which one he picks or maybe two since he says he would have liked to sometimes play with a dog that knew how to play like a dog instead of a human that played like a human.

If all goes well I will have a puppy on Valentine's Day and I guess I'll have to tell Sam not to go whispering in their ear about how to get treats.



January 16th 2007 12:48 am
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Well it's been a while since I've written anything and there's been so much I'll just do the high's and low's.

In November we went to the World Barrel Racing Finals in Oklahoma. That was some trip.
We decided to spend the night one the way there since it's such a long drive and my mom found some place on the internet that lets you stay overnight with horses.
Can you imagine that, most hotels won't let dogs stay, but they have places that let horses stay.
Well to say things were not as they seem would be an understatement.
The pictures of the place on the internet were nice and when my mom called to ask about it she was told they had RV spots, water, and electricity. HA!!

We got there and had trouble fitting the horse trailer through the gate just to get to the house and barn, but it is a kind of big horse trailer.
When we finally get close to the house this girl that looks about 20 comes out and tells us to pull around back of the house for the RV spot. Get it, spot as in one.

The girl tells us that she recently purchased the house and that for some reason the electricity doesn't work on the RV spot.
Could it be that the wires are just hanging down and not hooked up to the power.

Well, we take Flame out and my mom and I walked her around while my dad backed the trailer in. The tires sunk in the grass (no concrete here folks) and when my dad puts the hydraulic jack down and it sinks way down and they have to get a tractor and some other stuff to get it out.
My mom and I are hiding in the barn the whole time.

They get the trailer out and park it on the black top and we use the generator for electricity and run a couple of hoses to the trailer for water.
We left at about 3 AM just to get out of there, but then my dad took a wrong turn on the interstate in Texas and it seemed like we were just going in circles forever.

We finally made it to Oklahoma where my mom had paid for a RV spot at the arena where the barrel race was run.
The RV spot was a really big generator with alot of plugs for people to plug their trailers into and there was no water at the RV spots, you had to walk to the stalls and fill up buckets to fill up the water tanks.

My mom didn't win anything, but she just likes to go different places. She says it's better to go when you have the opportunity, because things change so fast you never know what's going to happen next.

We drove straight home from Oklahoma and boy were we tired when we got home.

My mom had worn a pair of black jeans that she bought in Oklahoma on the way home and now she can't find them and she's looked everywhere.

Any physhics out there?

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