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Kipper passed away today. :(

April 17th 2013 2:17 pm
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Very sad.


Dogster Diary Pick!

April 9th 2013 3:46 am
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Thanks, Dogster! It was so awesome that you picked my diary as one of your daily picks!

Well, Mummy and Daddy are very sad, because it doesn't look like I will be with them much longer. The brain tumor is really taking its toll. Not only am I totally blind and have constant nose bleeds, I'm not eating much and losing weight and losing control of my bodily functions. I do like the critical care dog food, but not as much as fat Tidbit, who keeps stealing my food and getting fatter! I really like it when Mummy feeds me warm rotisserie chicken.

Thanks for all the prayers and kind wishes! I will try to keep you pupdated, but it's been tough for Mummy to keep up with things. I love you all, and I'm grateful for the fun times we had together :)

Much love, Kipper


Brain Tumor

March 30th 2013 2:41 am
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Dear Furiends,

It's with a very sad and heavy heart that I have to tell you that Kipper was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Kipper has gone completely blind. We took him to a specialist who said there was nothing they could do to remove the tumor. The tumor is growing, and the pressure is causing Kipper to have constant nose bleeds. Unless a miracle happens, we don't think Kipper will be around much longer.

We also took Kipper to a natural healer who suggested we give him aloe vera and colloidal silver. It doesn't seem to hurt trying these natural remedies, but it also doesn't look like he's improved any. Not yet anyway.

Please say a prayer for Kipper if you can. He is very confused and scared. I'm sure it's quite difficult for an active dog who always used to jump up and down from the back of the couch to suddenly not be able to see. We're sure the brain tumor isn't helping, either. We're trying everything we can to help Kip and to try to keep him comfortable.

Kipper's Mummy Linda


Still training Winston

July 22nd 2011 9:38 am
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Wittle bwudders can be so embawassing! Da udder day was a pawfect example.

Furst, Mummy's furiend stopped by. Tidbit and I were sitting politely and Mummy was carrying Winston. Eben in Mummy's arms, Winsty was bad! He kept barking and twying to attack Mummy's furiend! Mummy's furiend was scared! Hrrrmmmph! Well, as soon as Mummy put Winston down, I nipped at him to tell him what's what! Nip! We don not bark wike a cwazy dog when people come ober! Nip! We do not twy to attack Mummy's furiends! Nip! Nip!

Now, you fink Winston would hab learned, but NO! Wight after, da air conditioner repairman came ober. Can you guess what happened? Yup. Winston was in Mummy's arms again, and Winsty went off again! Da repairman twied to pet Winsty to calm him down, and Winsty barked wike cwazy! After da repairman went to work on the air conditioner, Mummy and I had a wittle talk wif Winston. We fink Winsty only listened 'cuz Mummy was feeding us fweeze dwied liver during da speech. BOL! I fink it worked, though, because the next two times Winston saw da repairman, he was quiet in Mummy's arms! Mummy was so pwoud of Winsty, and she told me I was a good big bwudder and twainer! :)

Pawcourse, I'm sure I'll hab to twain him again da next time someone comes over. Hrrmmmph!

Wuf and wags, Kipper da doggy whisperer


Scorpions! Yikes!

July 17th 2011 3:28 am
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As pawmised, here's a new diary entry!

Daddy discovered 3 scorpions in da bathtub da udder day! Not 1 or 2, but 3!!! Yikes! Pawcourse, Mummy was fweaking out!

Daddy finks dat da scorpions got in through da attic vents and den got into the air ducts. Daddy called da exterminator out today, so we pups had to hang out in da guest room wif Mummy while Daddy hunted scorpions wif da exterminator.

Tidbit just went to sleep on da bed while I played wif Mummy. She gave me a new plushy bunny dat talks, so I was pwitty happy. Winston, on da udder hand, was a pain in da posterior! He kept whining and scwatching at da door! Hrrrmmph! Mummy would stop playing wif me and pick up Winsty and twy to calm him down, but den he would just run to da door again and start whining and scwatching again! Geez! Wittle bwudders!

Da good news is dat da exterminator didn't find any more scorpions, but he spwayed and set up twaps in da attic just in case! We're now on a maintenance plan, too! We used to be on a exterminator plan before, but Daddy didn't wike da last company and let da plan lapse. Rut roh! Mummy sez dat will neber happen again! BOL!

♥ Wuf and wags, a happy pest-fwee Kipper


Wowsers! I'm Dogster's Diary of da Day!

July 17th 2011 3:15 am
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Fanks, Dogster! What an honor! I can hardly bewieve it!

I pawmise to do a better job keeping my diary updated fwom now on!


All Clear!

July 12th 2011 11:39 am
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Hiya, pup pals!

I just got back fwom da vet, and I'm all clear!
My ulcer's almost gone, and my dwy eye therapy seems to be going otay.

Fanks fur all da pwayers and warm thoughts! I hab da bestest furiends eber!!!

Now, off to play wif my squeaky toys :)


Gooey Gunk

July 7th 2011 1:21 pm
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Hiya, pals!

I haven't been feeling well fur da last couple of days. Mummy was weally wowwied 'cuz she bought me a new skineez plush wif 19 squeakers (Wow, 19 squeakers!) and I only played wif it a wittle bit.

Today, Mummy noticed gooey gunk in my eyes, and my left eye wooked a wittle cloudy, so Mummy called da vet and demanded dat I be seen at once! So, woosh I went to da dogtor! Da dogtor sed I had a weally small ulcer in my left eye, but had bery wittle tear pwoduction in my wight eye. I need to start using Winston's Optimmune ointment in my wight eye and got antibiotic dwops fur my left eye. I gotta check up on Tuesday, but da dogtor sed da ulcer should be gone by den. Whew! Good fing Mummy got me wooked at early!

I still don't feel dat gweat, but I'm eyeing dat new 19 squeaker toy ;)



February 3rd 2010 3:32 pm
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My good pal Raja tagged me to list da fings I wuf! ♥

♥ I WUF ♥
1. Mummy
2. Daddy
3. Winsty
4. my angel sister Crumpet
5. my angel sister Biscuit
6. walkies
7. plushies
8. Mummy's spot on da couch ;)
9. All my doggy beds

♥ Wuf and wags, Kipper


Kipper won! HEE HEE!

April 10th 2009 7:55 pm
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I won! I won! HEE HEE!

Mummy and Daddy were upstairs when dey heard THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! on da stairs! Den dey saw me prancing about! HEE HEE!
Mummy wooked down da stairs and da gate was CLOSED! She picked me up and asked me how I got da gate open, but I wasn't telling! HEE HEE! Den she saw Winsty whimpering at da bottom of da stairs! BOL! Winsty couldn't figure out how I got upstairs! Nyah! Nyah!

But Mummy den took me downstairs, and Daddy blocked da gate until he can figure out how I got da gate open! Hrrrmmmmmph! Well, it was fun while it lasted! Mope!

♥ Wuf and wags, Kipper da winner!

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