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January 1st 2005 12:26 am
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My dad keeps taking me to his work and I like it. He gets to let me roam free cause he has his own office and he can close the door. Then he went to Subway, I barked while he got out of the car and then when he came back I tried to see if he would give me some of his food. But no.

Now I have to go to sleep again.


The vets

December 30th 2004 11:41 am
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Today I had to go to the vets. I always get so nervous, and scared.


I have to wear a muzzle before I even go in because I may bite the vet. Today I had my annual exam and a nail trim (I hate those) and blood sample taken. I will start my heart medication tonight.

I was so glad to leave the vets. My dad lets me roam free in the house when he is at work and I love him for that. I even hold it all day until he gets home. Then we go outside and I pee. And then he gives me a treat after every time.

I am getting along fine with the new baby. I won't let anyone else besides mom and dad near her. I can't wait for her and mom to get back from visiting family on vacation. I am so glad that my dad has stayed with me here so I won't be alone and I would hate to be put in the kennel.

Thats about it for now. I fear though that I may be getting a haircut soon and I hate those :(

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