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It's My Birthday!

My Birthday!

December 4th 2005 5:32 pm
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Today was my first birthday ever! Mommy and daddy was rushing around all morning and I didn't understand why there was so much going on a Sunday morning. Usually, daddy just sits in front of the tv and watch humans chase after a ball on a nice green field. ( I never understood why there is only one ball - I have more than one ball!) Mommy called me downstairs and said, "Poki, lets go to your birthday party!" I instantly got out of bed and ran to the door! To my "surprise," we stopped by Bella and Daisy's to pick up my birthday cake and we went strait to my favorite park! Mommy invited 40 of my closest doggie friends to come and celebrate my first birthday! I had the best time, but I still don't know why mommy tied a birthday balloon to the my harness. I had to play with my friends with the balloon chasing me every where I ran! Luckily, one of my yorkie friends popped the ballon while mommy wasn't looking! I ate my cake and I got lots of presents. Today was my favorite birthday ever, but now I'm pooped. Good night my friends!


Is it my birthday?

December 1st 2005 6:29 pm
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I overheard mommy calling the doggie bakery store and ordering a special doggie birthday cake for me! Chicken garlic flavor - my favorite!!! Is it my birthday? Am I turning one already? I know she is up to something, but I just have to keep sniffing around! I hope she invites all my pup pals to the "surprise" birthday party!!! Oh no, here she comes! I'll write more later...

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