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My Tail of Devotion for Sadie

August 10th 2006 2:45 pm
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Look at that face..!! Sadie my girl. When I first saw you...I feel in love with you. You were my pick of the little runt!! You have taught me so much: ....patience (potty training~taking you out at 3 am wasnt fun).......loyalty~ (when I need a hug; your kisses are the best)........ love~ (first one to greet me at the door) ......gosh...I could write a book on this!! I love you my girl...

loyal servant to Sadie & Ty

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February 9th 2006 11:34 am
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OMGGGOSH!!! I was soo so sick about two days ago....mommy left her bathroom door open & Ty my younger brother wondered in there, so being the oldest, I followed just to make sure he didnt get into any trouble..............................!!! make a long story short....Ty got ahold of the my mommies body soap & just had to taste it....SOOO when he was taste testing the soap...he just made it look so good, since he wouldnt stop licking it up! so I just had to taste toooo. Mommy is such a good mommy she stayed up all night watching my brother & I...rubbing our tummies & cleaning up our miss. we were so sick to our tummies...then the next day she took us to the vet to make sure we were ok! the next few days I spent tootingggg, my family called me bubble butt...and I also got grounded & had to sleep in my crate.....I sure did miss mommie & daddies warm bed! SOOOOO mom said hopefully I learned my lesson!!! :) THANK YOU MOM FOR RUBBING OUR TUMMIES & STAYING UP ALL NIGHT.

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