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Deep Thoughts and Exciting Happenings

More dental work yesterday :(

May 16th 2007 10:10 am
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Mom promised I was just going in for a cleaning, but I ended up losing 6 more teeth, including all my upper molars that were left. Mom wasn't very happy about that and asked the doctor why we spent thousands protecting my teeth if I was going to lose them anyway. I guess I just don't have the bone to hold teeth in! I have a very weak skeleton since I almost died when I was born and this is one more result of it.

Mom has been really good to me this morning. Etogesic for the pain and washing my bloody (mildly) crate bedding. Poor me!


I had my root canal done today.

December 1st 2004 10:55 pm
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WELL today I had the last part of the dental work done. A root canal on my lower left fang. I was asleep but Momma said I tried to wake up at one point. Then when I DID wake up, I cried and screamed for a full minute; the vet told Momma that I was delirious and freaked out that I didn't know where I was! Also I had a new fake tooth on that fang-- a little stronger than it was. Mom promises me that's the last of it!!


Dental Work Today!

October 27th 2004 10:49 pm
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Today, I had almost 2 hours of intense dental work done because when I almost died when I was a baby, I ran a high fever and as a result, I never grew enamel on my permanent teeth.

So I'll be five in December, and Momma finally talked Dad into letting me get my teeth fixed. The veterinary dentist first cleaned my teeth (I was asleep, thank doG!) and then acid etched them. Then he put something over them to desensitize them and then 2 coats of fake enamel which he baked on with a blue light. Those teeth won't hurt anymore! I did have to lose 8 wiggly teeth, and that upset my Momma that I lost teeth so young. Seven were little chicklett ones but one was the big molar in the upper left corner. Oh well, give me an etogesic and let me sleep it off! And pass the baby food for a couple of days!

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