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Peanut Butter

Stuff about me...naturally...

April 15th 2008 6:25 am
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*First, 4 jobs I have:

1. Groomer - mum and dad require a lot of cleaning every day.

2. Watchman - I sit at the window and watch my alley all day.

3. Bodyguard - making sure nobody comes within 10 ft. of mum or dad when they walk me

4. Chief Snuggler-in-Residence

*Second, 4 places where I have lived (or stayed at):

1. North Attleboro, MA

2. Blue Hill, ME

3. Back Bay, Boston, MA

4. Brighton, Boston, MA

*Third, 4 places I have been:

1. New Hampshire (I locked myself in the bathroom of the hotel room by accident while mum was away at dinner)

2. Boston, MA

3. North Attleboro, MA

4. Maine

*Fourth, I have to name 4 places I'd rather be:

1. In a peanut butter factory

2. Somewhere that is always warm

3. The Kalahari Desert - I hear it doesn't rain much there...

4. Anywhere where 30% or more of my body can be in contact with you...e.g. your LAP!


Tired Mama

March 20th 2008 3:59 am
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Oh dear...

None of us are getting very good sleep. See, poor mum has to take this awful drug called Bactrim as a precautionary measure against infection because of her kidney transplant. Well, they took her off it for a while, and she was doing great. But back in December, they put her on it again, and things started slowly going downhill from there.

She began experiencing weird symptoms of depression and anxiety and panic...and day by day (or night by night) her sleep was getting eroded.

It has gotten really bad. In six days, she has gotten a total of 8 hours of dozing. She hasn't been able to get any deep sleep at all. She is restless, shaky, dazed and confused. Milk doesn't help. Baths don't help. Reading doesn't help.

She tried to sleep on the couch last night, and I manfully snuggled in the crook of her legs, but her feet were twitching uncontrollably and she fidgeted and whined...kinda like me when I was a puppy. Then, she went to the big bed, and tried to lie perfectly still...but she still couldn't sleep.

She's going to call the doctors again today and make them take her off Bactrim...whose side effects include depression, anxiety, panic and's that for coinkydink???

Send good thoughts to mum for a good night's sleep soon before she collapses!!!!!!!!!!!

Barrrrooo to all my friends!


Basenji Property Laws

March 5th 2008 2:26 pm
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1. If I like it, it's mine.
2. If it's in my mouth, it's mine.
3. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine.
4. If I can take it from you, it's mine.
5. If it's mine, it must never be yours.
6. If it looks like mine, it's mine.
7. If I saw it first, it's mine.
8. If you are playing with it and you put it down, it's mine.
9. If I chew it up, all the pieces are mine.
10. If it used to be yours, get over it.
11. If it's broken, it's yours until I take it back, then it's mine.



March 3rd 2008 1:48 pm
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It has been a while since I pupdated everyone.

Well, I'm doing well. I go for my checkup at the vet on Saturday. Yuck. But, aside from that and the fact I hate winter, everything is good.

Mum and Dad love on me lots...and I accept it with wiggles and barrooos. I could always use more treats and food. But, other than that...I've got everything a pup could wish for...



My Tail of Devotion for Denny Basenji

July 10th 2006 7:32 am
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Litte Boy,

They said I held you too much when you were only a puppy. But you were so cold on those snowy February days when we would get up at ungodly hours to take you outside. You were only six pounds...and all paws and ears. And, you were insistent on snuggling with me until you stopped shivering.

I never knew how caring for another living creature could be such a joy. Watching you grow and discover your first spring - how pleasantly surprised you were! Being born at the end of November, you thought the world was a cold, snowy place...hardly the right place for an African dog! But the sun warmed the earth and you discovered the joy of eating grass...

You have so many nicknames, baby. Secret Snuggler, Mr. Insistent Snuggler, Dennykins, Denny Puppy, Baby Boy, Gremlin...we still have some work to do with that aggressiveness of yours, but we'll get there.

You sleep with me, always making sure you're touching me. You keep me warm and wake me with kisses in the morning. I love your snoring. I love your grunty sighs of happiness when you finally curl up in a little ball in the crook of my body. I always sleep better with you there. Your peace spills over to me, and for that, I thank you.

I love that you are an evil genius, plotting to take over the world, or at least rid it of squirrels. I love the way you talk and yodel. I love the ultra-innocent look you give me when I have a treat in my hand, even though there's evil in your heart. I love the look of despairing genius you give Camy when she does something silly.

You have made my life richer, more joyful, more disciplined and more purposeful. And I think I've made you happy, too, Baby Boy.

I love you, Denny Basenji. I always will.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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I will not poop redux

June 7th 2006 5:29 am
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It's raining. Again. I've got a twitchy bum, and I know I have to go. But I just won't do it in the rain. I'm teaching my B-sis, Camy, the fine technique of poop refusal.

Eventually, I do it under protest, but it has to be in a certain spot that isn't in the grass and isn't in the sidewalk. It's under a tree with cobblestones. It's close enough to acceptable. Camy, sigh, still surrenders and goes in her usual spot even when it's raining.

At least mum gets wet in the process.

Camy's a bit of a disaster, as far as I'm concerned. Don't get me wrong, I love her. But she's definitely in the high risk category right now. First she got spayed, then she lost a toenail, now she has a skin mite infection. Sheesh!

Oh, and did I mention she's several sandwiches short of a picnic?

She falls off the bed. She falls off the chair. She falls up the stairs. She falls down the stairs. You get the idea. She jumps on things she shouldn't, chews things she shouldn't, etc.

Mum expected that I would teach her my perfect house manners. Ha! It's much more fun to watch her get in trouble.

But I do like her, even though she's not what I would call an ideal sidekick when it comes to having sidekicks for taking over the world. When it's raining (like today), I clean her and lick all the water off her. I have licked her stitches and injured paw to help her feel better. I love chewing on her, and she loves pouncing on me.

Now, when we go for walks (when it's not raining), I have two girls to protect. It's a hard job, but some B-boy has to do it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to resume my plotting on how to take over the world.

Denny B.


My new pet

April 5th 2006 11:06 am
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I got a pet last night!

Camy came home with me. I think the B mafia efforts at mastering telepathy with humans may be paying off. Mum and Dad seem to think that she's something like their pet and my sister. SOOOO wrong!

It's all about me! And she's my pet! Better than a squeaky toy!

We had two fights, but it's just because I have to teach her her place in the pack. Course then, Dad has to go and teach me my place in the pack, too.

I've got a new nickname, too! "The Nutless Wonder." I think it might have to do with the fact I got snootered a few weeks ago. I do feel a bit lighter in the back.

In any case, Camy's home!


Doubting myself

March 7th 2006 12:15 pm
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I was talking to my mum this morning, and I was telling her that I was worried that I'm not a true basenji. Why? Because I'm shedding!

I've always done a little shedding every spring and fall, but it always unnerves me. We B's don't shed. Mum called the breeder, and the breeder said that a little shedding is normal. So I guess I'm normal. But it makes a handsome B-boy stop and think, ya know?

The upside of shedding is that I get brushed. I looooooove getting brushed. Brushing rocks. It's almost like peanut butter. Except that it's not made from peanuts, it isn't ground up, and you can't eat it. Come to think of it, brushing is nothing like peanut butter. Oh well.

I've been getting lots of "shnug" time with mum and daddy. It's good. I love "shnugging" with them in bed or in a chair. "Shnugging" is almost as good as peanut butter. Yes, I know it's not peanut butter. I said "almost" as good as peanut butter.

I wonder what I can do to get some peanut butter tonight?


I will not poop.

February 17th 2006 7:38 am
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I now have a new nickname - Picky Pooper.

I guess I deserve it because in general, I am a picky pooper. I sniff and sniff and sniff until I find JUST the right spot. Usually it's where there is something interesting to smell - Mom calls it my "bathroom reading" (whatever that is).

But I just HATE going to the bathroom when it rains, or worse, when it snows. We had a blizzard last Sunday, and I went only after massive protests. My paws get cold, my butt gets cold, and there's nothing good to "read" when it snows.

Even worse when it snows is all the salt that people put out in the city to melt the snow on the sidewalks. Don't they know it burns dogs' paws? And since I refuse to wear boots (Mom has tried 3 pairs so far...the score is Me- 3, Mom-0), it just makes taking a walk and finding a place to go even worse.

I stepped in salt by accident the day after the storm and it hurt soooo bad! I started screaming and crying. Mom picked me up and carried me home all four blocks. I love my mom. She held me and kissed me and calmed me down, even though my paws hurt, and I'm heavy for her to carry (I think she must be a runt in the human litter).

When we got home, she washed my paws off with warm water - and I let her! Of course, I hate water, but I knew she was doing it to help me.

And I got a "look."

I don't know the word for cookie or treat. I know that those lovely little peanut butter biscuits and chicken-flavor biscuits are "looks" because when Mom and Dad first got me, they encouraged me to eat by showing me food and saying "look"!

Anyway. The snow is melting, the salt is almost gone, and I'm a much happier boy.

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