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I can jump?

3 years and counting....

March 8th 2008 6:01 pm
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So its been three years since I came to live with Mom and Dad, and since that time I've had some amazing adventures. Once I chased a rabbit right through a small hole in our fence. That was great fun, but Mom got really worried. I probably should have come back home sooner, but I just had to get that rabbit. The rabbit got away but mom rewarded me with my favorite dental bone when I got home. It sure makes it worth it to come back home to that.

I've also enjoyed various snacks off the kitchen counters over the years... a whole pumpkin pie (Dad was really upset about that), two lovely raw chicken breasts marinated in mesquite sauce, 12 blueberry muffins wrappers and all, almost an entire macaroni casserole, yum!

My favorite thing in the world is to take a long walk with mom or dad. Its most fun when they both go along and I get enjoy a variety of aromas left behind by other four legged creatures. I also love tug-of-war with my rope and doing obedience drills with Mom. She gives the best jerky treats!

I also love going to the vet clinic with Mom. The girls there are so nice. I even get to run free at the end of the day once the office closes. So many things to smell and people to greet!

Life with these people is pretty darn good. I've got 5 blankets to sleep on, multiple bones and toys and a Mom and Dad that give me more loving than a dog ever dreamed about receiving. Yep, life is good.


I can jump?

July 12th 2005 6:57 am
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Wolf! What a day I had yesterday! I finally realized I can jump up on mom's bed using my hind legs! It used to hurt real bad because of my injury, but now I can do it. Oh boy, oh boy!! This means maybe I can sleep on mom's bed?

Grandma and Deacon came to visit today. I was so excited to show them how I can jump I landed right in Grandma's lap on the couch! I don't think she thought it was as cool as I did. Neither did Mom, because she made me get down and lay down at her feet. But, its just so exciting a dog can't help herself! Now I can get on the bed anytime I want to and snuggle close to mom and dad.....that is if dad will let me....until tomorrow, we'll see what happens. Mom and Dad are the best!

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