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A year ago today...

October 9th 2011 2:39 pm
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A year ago today I came to the Bridge. It seems like just yesterday, but yeah, it has been a full year. I have been playing like a fool with all of my pack here, and keeping an eye on Mom and Micah from up here. I miss Mom, and I know she misses me like mad, but the most important thing for her to know is that I am happy and I love her and I will be waiting for her when her time comes. She is a little melancholy today, but is handling things well, all things considered. *licks Mom's hand gently*



August 4th 2011 8:32 pm
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Today Mom almost cried. She saw some puppies being given away at a yard sale that looked JUST like I did at their age. She just wished she could hug ME one more time when she played with them. I licked her hand and told her that she already had Micah to love and that soothed her. Time helps, but she will never forget me. I know that, and so does she.


At the Bridge

October 8th 2010 12:50 pm
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Mom just returned home after releasing me to God's hands and the loving care of the Bridge angels. I wish I could be there to let her know I'm OK, but I'm busy settling into my new home. There are angels tossing balls and frisbees- and plenty of pups to race around with. Even cats that don't mind my "TLC". I've already beaten Seva in a short footrace, and am sharing a bowl of kibble with Little Bit. My cousins are coming over later to hang out, and tomorrow I will go hiking with Smiley. Dog this isn't as bad as I was afraid! *Licks everyone and races off to play like she hasn't in ages*

Thanks everyone for your support. Morg went to the Bridge Angels this afternoon, and I am holding up alright so far. Every little thing might set me off, but I am comforted by knowing that it was the right thing to do and that it was the right time. She went very quietly, which helped immensely, and I was able to be there while the sedative kicked in before they gave her the final shot. The last words she heard from me were "I love you, Baby Girl". The best way it could have happened since it had to be.



October 6th 2010 5:28 pm
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*Paces slowly around the room, gathering her things. Treats? Of course. Favorite pink checked coat? Probably won't ever NEED it, but no way am I leaving it behind. Chewie? OH HECK Yes. Toys? Yup, though I hear the angels have plenty.* *looks at Mom* Mom... are you SURE I need this? *Mom smiles* No baby... you don't need them. The Bridge will have everything you could want- up to and including that unlimited amount of steak you always wanted me to cook especially for you. But you want them, so of course you can take them with you. *Mom pats her gently and then kisses the wisdom knot on top of her head, fighting back tears*

*Mom speaking*
Morg will be going to the vet on Friday, barring any changes in time or such, for the very last time. When exactly depends on when the vet has an opening. I am crying just thinking about it, but her cancer has gotten to the point where I am comfortable saying that it is the best thing at the best time, so I am going to do it. She, of course, doesn't care. She's currently chewing on a rawhide chewy, despite it all- first time she's done that for more than a few minutes in years- so she's at least comfortable for now, which is the best I can hope for. Micah will be thrilled, even though I am already heartbroken.


My new brother, and sad times coming.

September 21st 2010 3:50 pm
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Mom had to do it!! I've been "Blessed" with a little brother. His name is Micah Josef and he will be entered here on Dogster soon. He's a biting, silly little man whose very presence offends me greatly. He's a wonderful salve for Mom's heart though. You see, Mom knows I'm sick. In fact, I have cancer on my neck. I have been generally fading this summer because of that, so much so that she's afraid she might have to make a very sad decision soon. I don't much care, though. I still love my long walks- though I don't beg for them as much as I used to, and I don't walk nearly as long- and I still eat reasonably well, so until that changes, I suspect she will help me along. I have had a good life, and never wanted for much- besides the most expensive food, anyway. When my time comes, just make sure I've had a good hamburger and a romp at Grandma's field, then lay me down in a field of flowers and comfort me until it's done. That's what Mom intends for me when the time comes, so I'm not scared.



January 31st 2010 5:39 pm
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Wouldn't you think that Mom graduating would mean lots more FUN for me? Not so much. It' s been frigidly cold here since New Years pretty much... not good, because it means it's not going to really be a long walk a lot of times, unless Moms' working, in which case she sees a long walk as defending herself against a bad bad day when she gets home. Seems like a wise decision to me.... *Grins that her NPC cred is still intact*


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25th 2009 6:25 pm
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Wanted to wish all of you a LOVELY Thanksgiving, full of amazing tasty turkey and delicious sides, with lots of time with the humans to top it all off! I am so thankful for all of my pals here- y'all are fantastic! *Hugs around*


Fall... oh, my beloved Fall.

September 25th 2009 10:50 am
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The leaves are turning... soon to fall! There are kids for me to watch and fret about in the playground across the street. Frogs are coming out of the walls every night for me to watch when I go for my night time walks... yeah... it's definitely an awesome time of year!


My Birthday!! WHOO HOO!

August 26th 2009 5:07 am
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Today's my special day! Hard to believe I'm 6 now- pushing old age, Mom says. I wish I knew what Mom had in mind though... I know she has SOMETHING planned just for me... maybe Mc Donalds? Oh DOG! That would be AWESOME! And a LONG LONG walk? Maybe???? *Wags tail excitedly* Oh I can hardly wait!!! *Paces frantically at the door, leash in mouth*


Prayers for Meaty

June 7th 2009 8:58 am
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I just got the news that my dear furiend Meaty has been struck by that awful Cancer. I am not here nearly enough anymore. *Glares at the secretary* Meaty and pack- you know that you have our support and prayers from Ohio for your quick and complete recovery. Die cancer DIE! Feel the Power of the Paw!!!

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