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I Can't Believe I Am Saying This....

September 16th 2006 5:50 pm
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...and if you tell anyone, I'll deny it....but sometimes, having Flecken for a brother is totally awesome! He has pals that send him great treats. And toys. And treats and toys for Flecken means treats and toys for me!

Like a while ago....Flecken's friend Willie sent him some treats and toys. I not only got to share the treats (which were homemade, and great by the way) but out of the four toys the Willie sent, I got...let's see.... all four! And they are great squeaky toys, too...because they still squeak. Usually, I like to de-squeak my toys. But the Willie toys refuse to be de-squeaked. I have to admire them for that. I did my best to destroy them, and they held their ground. Great adversarys, those toys.

Then, Flecken's friend Bowie send him some buffalo treats and salmon treats. I had never even had buffalo or salmon before, so I have to thank her for picking out something new and different for us. I like the salmon....but the buffalo is quite possibly the best treat I ever got my teeth on!

Then, a few days ago, Flecken's new girlfriend YiPpY sent him some duck jerky and some beef strips, and an ostrich bone, and a little squeaky basketball. Once again....all great selections! The day they arrived, mama even let us have an all-treat dinner with the duck and beef. That's never happened before. I guess it's because mama thought those kinds of treats are not just treats, they are actually good for us. It was the best dinner ever! Then today, mama gave Flecken his ostrich bone and I tried to steal it, but mama wouldn't let me. But when Flecken had finished his chewing and walked away, mama said it would be OK if I chew on it for a I did! I never got to chew on a real bone before.

But the best part of the YipPy stuff was that little squeaky basketball! I stole it right away, and have never looked back! Or put it down, unless mama made me (for eating dinner, going potty, etc.) Mostly, for the last two days, that ball has been in my mouth all the time! It squeaks really good (another toy that refuses to die) and bounces even better. I love chasing that just never know where it is going to bounce next!

That Flecken....he sure knows how to pick his pals.

On a side note....I haven't seen or heard from my Snuggle Dog in a few days. Where is he? Last time we woofed at each other, we were talking about doing another date....and then he disappeared! I hope he's OK. He has allergies you know. Bad allergies. I hope he isn't having another allergy episode. Snuggle...if you are reading this, I hope everyone in your family is OK, and I miss you!


Cloud 9

September 8th 2006 10:40 am
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Wow! It's been almost a week since my first date, and I am just now getting around to putting it in my diary! That's because for the past 5 days, I have been floating around on a cloud!

I had the most wonderful time! Snuggle is such a great guy. We chatted for over two hours, and I learned about his allegies, and his brother Jax (now at the Bridge) and that he likes to play fetch (just like me!) and why he wears clothes most of the time, and when his birthday is, and lots of other things! We ate peanut butter cookies and had lemonade. Snuggle drank four glasses of lemonade! And because of his allergies, he can't go outside to potty! I hope his mom had some extra filling for his litter box!

Me and mama went 0ut that morning and took a whole bunch of new pictures of me, so I could look really cute for my date. She even made a picture of me and Snuggle "snuggling" on a tree stump together! And now, Snuggle has the same picture on his page, too! You should see us. We look so good together! Like we were meant to be together!

I got to chat with him again last night, too. Just for a little while, before we both had to go to bed.... We talked about having another date sometime. Soon, I hope! I just like him more and more everytime I see him and talk to him. I think he likes me too. So that is good. Maybe he won't run off to Vegas and marry someone else (like Flecken's first girlfriend! BOL!)


Date Day!

September 3rd 2006 11:20 am
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It's my date day! OMD!! It's my date day! In less than an hour, it will be time for my date with Snuggle! OMD! I'm not ready! My hair is a mess....and I don't have a thing to wear! I still have to make the lemonade! And the coookies! OMD! I almost forgot the cookies! What kind of cookies should I make?! My poor little Snuggle has allergies....but I don't know what kind! What if I make cookies that he is allergic to?! OMD! I would just DIE!

Oh my! I really don't have time to talk anymore right now. There's so much to do, and so little time to do it! I really have to go!

Wish me luck, OK? I'll tell you all about it later. Right now, I have cookies to make!


Opposites attract

September 1st 2006 5:31 pm
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I go to bed early.....Snuggle Dog (my boyfriend......*giggle*) goes to bed late....even though we are both in the same state and same time zone. Just when mama is trying to get me to sign off of Dogster.....Snuggle is just getting online. We only get to chat for a few minutes before I have to leave. *whimper*

The good news is that I think me and Snuggle have a date on Sunday! In the afternoon. So neither of us will have to go to bed! Plus, Flecken will probably be taking a nap, so I can chat for as long as I want! The only problem is....Snuggle has all these great clothes, and always looks so handsome....and I really don't have anything to wear! Except a poodle suit. And that's just not appropriate for a first date! I hope he doesn't think less of me because I'm naked.

Anyway.....I haven't told you too much about Snuggle yet. Really, I don't know much about him myself, except that he is cute, and very sweet, and always a gentleman, quite fashionable and very sophisticated, but still likes to have fun. I'm getting to know him better all the time, and the more I know him, the more I like him. He "could" be THE ONE! Maybe. I'll let you know more after my date on Sunday.


Worth the Wait

August 29th 2006 5:02 pm
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Sure. I could have had a diary a year ago, when I first joined Dogster. But, I'm not really the writer in the family....and nothing exciting ever happens to me. I wanted to wait for something really special before I wrote a diary.

Then yesterday, it was the most wonderful day of my life. So, I think now is a good time to start writing.

Yesterday, I snuck onto the computer while my brother Flecken was sleeping. Usually, I can never get on the computer because he is on there all the time.

I saw that this really cute boy that I had been "eyeing" was online, so I sent him an IM.....and he wrote back! And we chatted for a really long time, and got to know each other and found out that we have so many things in squeaky toys, and ice. And he said he likes my eyes, and I told him I like his nose. And before the night was over.....he asked me to be his girl! I gave him a bit of a scare by playing hard-to-get.....but I didn't wait very long before agreeing to be his girl!

I have a boyfriend. I waited and waited for the right boy to come along....and I'm so glad.

His real name is Jumpin' Kody Bear Snuggle Dog....but I just call him Snuggle McDreamy .

He's my boy....and I'm his girl. I think that's something worth writing about.

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