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I have just been tagged by da Prince!!! Now I am tagging- you!

November 4th 2008 11:31 am
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Here's what to do tell 7 things about yourself (only 7 ) Than tag 7 of your friends email them & tell them to go to your diary to find out what to do.


1) I AM A cutie patootie.
2) I don't likes playing TAG grrrrrrrrrrrrr BOL.
3) I love my family. ( yes even da cats)
4) I am da protector of da house
5) I have a cute son named Junior
6) I hate getting baths.
7) I love treats yum yum yum

The 7 friends I am tagging NO TAG BACK are:

3. Sasha
4. KoKo
7. Lady


The Poop Family Name!

August 7th 2007 1:52 pm
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Several have asked about our family name..POOP.
So here is how it came about.

When mom brought Penny home to join our family her full name was
Penelope ..quickly shortened to Penny well actually Lucky Penny and mom would give Penny hugs and belly rubs and call her Penny Poopy Dawg..then she got to where she'd cuddle her and kind of sing Penny Poop Penny Poop Penny Poop PooP Poop. Mom has always had a tendency to call us all poopy dogs so it wasn't long before she was calling us the Poop Family. Even our Vet has us on record as the POOP Family.. so while it may not be real exciting that is it the story to the best of our memory of why we are called the POOP Family ...there ya go the Poop the Whole Poop and Nothing but the POOP!




June 13th 2007 10:20 am
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Mom has been tossing treats to our Annie dog ever since I arrived!
That treat will fly over my head and Annie will line up her mouth just perfect and catch it and gulp its gone. Mom would always hand me a treat too..but not toss it!

Well today it didn't work! Mom tossed a little treat at Annie and I jumped up and snatched outta the air before either of 'em knew what happened. YUM!

Well mom was just thrilled...Annie wasn't real happy she wanted to know where her treat went so mom tossed her one saying ANNIE DOG's and then she said "CISCO" and tossed one at me ..which bounced off of my nose and Annie scarfed it up real quick...guess thats what mommy calls PAYBACK!

Anyhow mom cut up some hotdogs into itty bitty treats and tossed me 4 more treats...and I CAUGHT 'EM ALL!!

So does that make me a HOT DOG RETREIVER??? Maybe a Wienner Retriever??

Yippity Yappy I'm so Happy!


Cisco goes Missing Memory from Oct 17, 2004

June 1st 2007 5:59 pm
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Intro...this was an email mommy sent a friend of ours on 10/18/04.

What a day we had yesterday!

I was up at 4AM and drove 130 miles to Lincoln IL for a board meeting.....left it at noon and decided to scoot on over to a BIG DOGS clothing outlet about 40 or so miles away in Bloomington IL. I had Annie (the black lab) with me, she is my protector. Basically I can leave my car unlocked, keys in the ignition, purse on the seat, heck money on the dash if I wanted ...with her in the car....she'll tear you up before she would let you in the car! She isn't very friendly if she doesn’t know you or if I don't say your ok. Anyhow I left Cisco (the Chihuahua) home because it was going to be a long day ...stuck in the car...and he goes nuts every time you get in and out. Acts like your beating him or breaking his itty bitty heart by leaving. So I left him home with Frank.

Frank got up at 7AM and called me...he's going to shoot over to his buddy's house (40miles away) and work on the duck boat.
"Okay" says I ....let the Cisco and Baby (yellow lab) out to go potty before you leave. Now the dogs are let out of our back door which has a latch on it knob. You have to unlatch and Latch it to open and close it. Anyhow he let them out...then brought Cisco back in, left Baby in the pen..she is happy there...and left.

Fast forward to 2:45PM I'm on my way home but 140 miles sister calls. Annie and Cisco are out! Glenn(sis SO) saw Cisco and across the street and he wouldn't come to him...he tried to call you and Frank!

"Liz I'm on my way home but I'm a long way away. are you sure Cisco isn't in the house?!?!?!" she walks over to my house with her hand held phone and goes all through it ...No CISCO....she says he must have got out a window....I say no all the windows are closed .. then she says "The back door is OPEN! and where is Annie?" I tell her I have Annie with me. She writes up a $100 reward sign and sticks it on the door of the one gas station/convenience store in town. While there there are a few of the town kids and she tells them look kids ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS...all you have to do is find this puppy! The kids are enticed they are off and is my sis.

I continue home with tears in my heart breaking......I can't handle losing another dog. I take deep breathes to calm down before I call Frank. I can guess what's happened ...Frank let the dogs out and didn't latch that back door before he left....Cisco scratched at the door till it popped open and went exploring. Frank loves that puppy as much as I do...I know he is going to feel bad and guilty enough without me yelling "YOU LEFT THE DOOR ON LOCKED>>>>>CISCO IS GONE BECAUSE YOU DIDN"T TAKE TWO SECONDS TO MAKE SURE IT WAS CLOSED! Because YOU can't take the time to NOTICE the little details that it takes to keep him safe!" Oh I wanted to but I couldn't do that to him. Anyhow I called him and told him Cisco was gone.....he of course said don't worry. I told him Liz was putting up the signs and looking for him. I was supposed to meet Frank where he was but I told him I was heading straight home. He said ok, told me not to worry.... hung up.

I called sis back ....No sign of Cisco. I continued home......called every 15 minutes .....No sign of Cisco. An hour out from the house when I called Liz ....Glenn her SO answered....Liz was outside talking to Frank....he had come home to find Cisco. I was so relieved.

As I drove into town I started calling Cisco CISCO CISCO .....and I can hear kids calling Cisco SISSSSSCO Cisco. I roll the passenger window down so Annie can stick her head and shoulders out... she’s helping look for him.....Every time I call his name she looks for him.....if she spots him she'll let me know.

I cruise town ...up and down the streets calling .....asking everyone I see if they have seen him. We start getting reports he was spotted south of town on the beach....about a half mile away....he was spotted 3 blocks from the house on the levy.....he was spotted 10 blocks from town running in the ditch! We chased each spotting Cisco..... BUT NO CISCO SPLATT in the road either...that was a bit of a relief. Frank sat in front of the house and called him. Liz and I drove around. It’s getting dark. He's gone I just know he's gone. It’s full dark now! I can't stop crying ...He's gone. He's gone. Frank takes the truck .....I pace the front porch calling Cisco.....its getting cold.... the kids have gone home ...called inside by mom and dad...its quiet. Cisco Cisco.

I cover the parakeets up ....I've got the front and back doors open and its getting cold.

Frank pulls up into the drive...right in front of the porch and there in the passenger window is CISCO!!!!!! CISCO!!! Frank had taken one more run down the main drag before he was going to come home and there was CISCO trotting down the side walk...four blocks from home........but headed in the right direction. YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE CISCO IS HOME !

So how was your week end!?!?!?!?!?




My Tail of Devotion for Cisco The Kidd

August 29th 2006 7:35 pm
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We had lost our little Bandit and my heart just ached for him so. I saw an add in the paper "Chihuahuas For Sale" Did I really want another dog? Oh it wouldn't hurt to go see would give us something to do on the week end off we went. 125 miles later we sat in the living room of the breeder with 4 little pups running around us..cute as can be. But one little guy came in and calmly layed at my husbands feet and placed his head on his shoe as if to say " I know your here to get me ...but I'll wait here patiently till your ready to go"

He just seemed to so want to go with us that I couldn't resist...we gathered him up and took him out to the truck to meet Annie Dog...any dog going home with us had to meet with Annie Dog's approval. Annie gave him a few sniffs and more or less indicated that this little guy would do.

So we started home ..getting to know each other and trying out names....before we knew it we'd chosen CISCO...CISCO THE KIDD.

Cisco helped heal my broken heart and as he did so he wiggled and squirmed and dug his own little spot in my heart. He's my Giant Chihuahua, My barking protector and Daddy to my little Junior~Petunior. When I'm sad he's there doing something silly or offering to share his toys with me. When I'm happy he runs and scampers along side me sharing my joy. Bored or Just in a quiet mood and there is Cisco right in my lap entertaining or enjoying the quiet. He's my sweet great big full of Love dog wrapped up in his furrry little body. He's my solid ..always be here for ya little pup!
I love my Cisco the Kidd he's my disco daddy dog!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

See All Tails of Devotion


01 01 06

January 1st 2006 7:46 am
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Happy Birthday my dear Penny
I'm so glad your the Mother of our pups.

I buried that nice new chewy ya got for you birthday so you don't have to worry about it!


Today is my Birthday...Happy Birthday to ME!

December 12th 2005 6:27 am
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WEEEEEEEEE today I am 2 years old.

Mom took me and Annie for a walk and we strolled on the beach. Its cold out and Mom wouldn't let us walk on the lake but other than that I had a great time. When we got home I had some CANNED dog food....Chicken FLAVORED YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Its gonna be a WONderFUL day!



Hi There

September 22nd 2005 6:37 am
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I'm Cisco. I came to live with my mom and dad when I was 4 months old. I was a little scared. When I got to the house I met Annie and are they big. But they were very gentle with me. Now that I'm all grown up I chase Annie all over the house and then she chases me. Babydog isn't into running but she is great to hide behind when I'm in trouble or just wanting to take a nap.

Earlier this year Mom brought home a good looking gal named Penny...Her and I hit it off and before ya know it I'm a Daddy. My kids were born in Feb of 2005. I'm so proud of them. Chico lives in town, Nellie lives in Ohio, Spunky 40 miles north of us and JUNIOR my pride and joy lives at home with us.

I'm real good at this Daddy stuff. When all the kids were home I used to take my chewys and toys and put them in thier box. I wanted them to know the good things in life. I also gave my gal Penny a break from watching the kids by cleaning thier ears and well their butts too...LOL. I'm a real good daddy.

Well thats my intro ...catch ya later
Cisco Poop
MessAgain Chihuahua.

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