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Louie in rainbow bridge

2nd xmas without louie

December 28th 2008 11:34 pm
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I am still sad that louie is gone...luke had a good xmas..he got a santa toy and love it and xena just slept ....


2 months at RB

February 28th 2008 1:11 am
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it been 2 months at rainbow bridge...I been playing with lucy and all my new friends..I really miss my mom..I know my mom is still sad....I wish i was laying in that big bed and eatting cheeseburger but i see sissy xena in that big bed...I hugs and kisses to all my friends


I miss louie

January 19th 2008 11:55 am
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yeteresday i went and adpoted xena..a dog that need some love..i am still hurt and sad over losing louie...but i know louie not coming back..I know he would want me to save a life and give some other dog a good home...louie will always be in my heart..I will never replace was the best dog ever...but i now in my heart i did some good by getting xena..she never had love and she never seen a bed..but now her life will be good ...I love u louie and if i could have one wish it be to have u back with me ...


From heaven

December 28th 2007 7:54 am
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To all my friends ..I am settle into this new place called rainbow bridge good...I got to see my friend lucy and she was excited to see me..I got a soft bed and alot of cover and i get to sleep all the time ..what new lol ...i just dont got rosco to pick on me and my momma loving on me..I miss my mom and my friends alicia and pebbles , luke, sable and daisy and those cats....but i see u all soon...take care of my mom i know she been crying but i am fine up ya all your friend forever louie xoxoxoxo


Xmas is over

December 26th 2007 3:56 am
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IT was a ok xmas after losing louie i thought my world had ended...i know louie will be always with me...i know louie was devoted and loved me ...we had a bond that will never be replaced and no other dog will take louie place..I will alwasy miss that little boy...but i know louie want me to go on and i been thinking about in louie memories to adopted a new that need forever home...i got alot of love to offer a new one...Louie will always be in my heart


Louie was a good dog

December 22nd 2007 9:28 pm
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louie came to live with me from a puppy mill breeder his life started out bad and he enjoyed life...he like to go bye bye and go to mcdonald and eat chesse burger..and get under the warm bed and sleep all day ..he was lazy...on dec 21 i found him under a cover and he had passed away ...he is now in heaven with lucy his friend ...all i can do is cry cause he was my best friend...when i was sad he was there and he lay real close to you couldnt ask for a better friend momma love you louie and miss you will never be replaced in my heart

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