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Lexi's Special Days

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Being Toto isn't easy

August 11th 2006 4:46 pm
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Man, easy street is over for LexiToto (me). I have to go to rehearsals and get dragged out to Dorothy where she always picks me up. I'm not liken that at all. But then Dorothy came to my house! and she played ball with me! and she played platty hand puppet with me! and she took me for a walk! and she gave me new treats! She even understands dog-speak!! And she sang to me too! I heard her tell mom she's not going to pick me up any more because I don't like it. Ya know, maybe she's ok after all. Then we went to the meat market and the butcher came out to see me and brought me a big bone. It is so big I can hardly lift it, and boy oh boy is it good!

Mom got me this super yummy treat that is soft and tastes like peanut butter. She keeps making me roll over on my side before she will give me any. I don't like that. It doesn't feel right. She said something about poppies and looking like I am asleep. Right now, I am hoping she gives up on this "over" thing. What are poppies?

My people cousins from out of town came to visit my grandma today and mom took me over so they could adore me. They were all very nice and pet me lots. I heard them say they were going out to eat, so I gave mom my best poor me look, but she made me stay home anyhow. Just wait until I am a big star--the restaurants will be begging me to come eat there!

Woof, woof!



My audition

July 28th 2006 6:31 pm
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I had my audition today to be Toto in the Wizard of Oz. It was no big deal. No, really. Mom just asked me to do some stuff I do for her all the time anyhow, like sit, down, stay, heel, twirl. Then she gave the good bologna to the guy there and he asked me to heel. He was real impressed, but what did he think, that I was going to let him walk away with my bologna? No way! Anyhow, I have to go back on Wednesday to play with the rest of the cast. He said something about they would all want to feed me cookies. I don't care if I have to sit or lay down for cookies. I sit and lay around a lot anyhow, so again, no big deal. Cookies and bologna...I knew this Toto thing was going to be good.

Oh, and better yet, this guy wants mom to let my hair grow out. You know what that means don't you? No grooming!!!! It only keeps getting better and better. Now, if only I don't have to take baths, either...

"I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz" What's Oz?

Woof, woof!



I might be Toto

July 26th 2006 4:39 pm
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Oh boy, I have an audition to be Toto in the local production of the Wizard of Oz. I am not quite sure what that means, but Mom said that if I get the part, a lot of people will love me. I like that, so I am going to work real hard with mom before we go so I can be Toto. (What's a Toto?) Now I know all my commands with just hand signals. I can sit and down and here and stay and heel and twirl. Now mom is telling me to bark, which is really confusing since she is always telling me to NOT bark. I wish she would make up her mind.

I went to Grandma's this morning but the screen door was locked so mom took me back home and I had to stay by myself all day and I did not get my toast with jam. I made up for it by tearing something up and pooping upstairs. So there! It really seemed like a good idea at the time. But when Mom came home, I felt bad because I knew I had done bad things and I was afraid she would yell at me at call me a "bad dog." I hate that. She didn't yell or anything. She just picked it all up and then worked with me to get ready for this Toto thing. I got lots of treats, too. Hmmm. I think I like this Toto thing better all the time.

I will let you know when I find out what Toto is. Woof! Woof!



Grandma hurt her head

June 28th 2006 7:11 am
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Grandma fell down last week in her living room and hit her head and it bled a lot. She is all bruised on her front and still hurts a lot. Mom wouldn't let me go get my toast from her last week for a couple of days, and I really missed that, especially the good peach jam she puts on it. I missed my grandma too. She must have missed me a whole lot because she kept me all day Saturday. I don't really like staying all day. It gets boring. But at least she gives me a lot of good stuff to eat. Things are back to normal now. I get to spend the morning with her and eat my toast. I am careful to be real gentle with her and not jump on her where she is hurting. I lay at her feet more, too, because I know she likes that. Mom said we need to pray for her. Maybe other people will too, when they read this. I love my grandma.
Woof, woof,


Screen house

June 8th 2006 1:56 pm
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I have a new screened in house for when I am outside. Mom thinks it is hers (he, he), but I have figured out how to scoot under the screening to get in and out of it whenever I want. Now it is mine. One of the new neighbor dogs got through the fence and mad a big hole in it and mom had to sew it back together. Then the dog got in again and made more holes. I thought mom would be mad (I know I didn't like this happening to my screen house) but all she did was get some boards and fix the fence so that bad dog couldn't come in our yard anymore. That'll teach it. Sometimes birds get in my screen house. That gets me very excited and I bark until someone comes out and gets them out. I like my screen house. It is shady and no bugs biting me in there. I will let people come visit in my screen house as long as they don't rip it and as long as they bring me treats (that's only polite now, isn't it!).



tub misadventure

June 7th 2006 1:55 pm
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Now I know for sure who is in charge...

When mom puts me in the bathtub for a bath (shower, actually), I have gotten in the habit of jumping out before she can squirt me with that nasty water and get my beautiful coat all wet. Saturday mom put me in the tub and told me "don't jump out" but I promise you all I heard was "jump out." So I did. Thought I finally had her trained! Mom whipped around and looked at me and I looked back and she said in her most mom-like voice, "Get back in that tub." I know my eyes got big, I couldn't believe my ears. Hadn't I just done what she wanted??? I stood there all confused until mom said it again, this time with a bit of a growl in her voice. What could I do? I turned around and jumped back in the tub. Mom just sat there on the floor for a minute with her mouth hanging open. I don't understand people sometimes. But at least I got a "good girl" for it. Then I got a bath. She's going to have to work on these rewards.



Eye better; market good

May 23rd 2006 2:33 pm
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My eye is all better now. No more horrible collar thingy. I am free! Life is good again.

I went to the downtown market Sunday and got to see lots of people and dogs. The band was playing and Grandma made me stay with her while Mom danced. I wanted to go out on the dance floor too, but no one would let me. So mom took me out on the dance floor when it was all over and asked me to dance with her, but I didn't want to anymore because the band had quit playing. I saw a couple of my favorite people but no one seemed happy when I jumped up on them and got them all dirty with my paws. I still had a good time and was exhausted when I got home.

I am learning Bolero. Mom has a tape, and I watch it with her and watch her practice. I think I can do this. She is going to have to take smaller steps, though.

More later from the "dancing Scnauzer." (Has a nice sound to it, don't you think?)



My poor eye

May 17th 2006 2:19 pm
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Mom said I have a sick eye and that's why she took me to the vet. The vet said I have conjunctivitis. It was really itching, so I kept wiping it with my leg and cleaning my leg. I thought that was a smart thing to do, being the smart Schnauzer that I am. The vet said I could hurt my eye doing that, so now I have to wear this e-collar thing. I am absolutely devastated. I am so torn up over this collar thingy that I can hardly walk. I sure can't go up and down stairs. I got up 2 stairs and gave up. Just sat down and waited for mom to come home and carry me. Mom made me go out to potty, and I felt so defeated. I just dropped my head down to the concrete and stood there. Why is she doing this to me? It's the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. I want to just get a shot. That isn't bad. Or just scold me. But take this horrible, terrible thing off from around my head!!!! It scares me. I run into things with it. I am afraid to walk. I don't think I can eat or drink. Who is going to feed me? Somebody help me!

Now mom says I have to go to help with dance lessons tonight. I don't think I can bear it. Everyone will see me with this thingy on my head, and I think they will laugh at me. I will be humiliated. Maybe someone will take pity on me and take it off me. I am pitiful. Mom keeps saying so. I would go and pretend it isn't on me, but it is on me and it is so scary. I hate my life. Mom says just 4 days of this, but I think that means forever. Help!!!!!!!!!


Birthday weekend fun

May 11th 2006 12:05 pm
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Wow, what a great birthday weekend. It started on Friday when I went to help teach dance. We had cake and everyone sang to me and I got a huge pig ear. I danced and ate all my pig ear.

Then I got to have cake again for breakfast on Saturday, and Mom took me shopping. We went to a fancy downtown dog store and I got 2 bling and a free treat. Then we went to Petsmart and I got 2 more bling but no treat. All day Mom sang to me about my birthday and I was so excited!

Then on my actual birthday on Sunday I had cake again for breakfast and hot dogs for lunch and pizza for dinner!!! I went to get the pizza with mom and when she said it was for me too, I got so excited I shook all over and wagged my tail as fast as it would go. We had ice cream for desert cause the cake was all gone. I know, because I got to lick the icing off the bottom of the plate.

Birthdays are really great, but I want a cheeseburger now. I thought this was just the start of something new, like not having to stay in my crate anymore during the day. I thought I was going to get to eat like this every day. You know, something that happens now that I am 3. I must admit that I am a bit disappointed. Guess I will have to stick with my grandma to get the toast every morning. Things could be worse. (I wonder when I will have another birthday....)


My birthday weekend

May 5th 2006 1:40 pm
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I am so excited (except for the bath part!) This is my official "birthday weekend!!" and it starts tonight.

I have been going once a week to help Mom and Jeff teach dance to some teens and adults about an hour drive away. They just love me :) and tonight we are taking birthday cake and candles and we are going to have a party! I just love parties. I hope I get ice cream too. I really love ice cream. And they all know I love bling bling, so maybe I will get presents even though Mom had to go and tell them not to bring any.

This teaching dance thing is a blast! I run up and down the line of dancers and leap up in the air to show them how to dance. Sometimes I even have to bark to get them to do it right. They smile and pet me a lot. Then I run over to mom and stand up on my back legs so she can take my hand paws and dance with me. She picks me up and dances with me and I like that too. I am absolutely exhausted by the time we are done, what with all that running and supervising and being adorable. That's hard work. But I get to sleep on the ride home.

I can hardly wait to find out what else we are doing this weekend for my birthday on Sunday!

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