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Lexi's Special Days

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Poor baby has a boo boo

October 20th 2011 6:44 pm
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Mom found this little pea-sized lump under my arm so what does she do but take me to the vet. I start shaking now every time she takes me to that place. I don't like it there. They are always sticking something up my behind. Next thing I know I am waking up and I am all shaved under my arm and there are things called stitches sticking out of me. What the...?

The next day my Auntie Jen came all the way from somewhere called Indiana to see me here in Tennessee. I love my Auntie Jen. I threw up my arm so she could see my boo boo. She didn't notice right away so I had to do it again, and then she gave me lots of sympathy. That was good. I went on to do other things as soon as she finished poor babying me. I wanted everyone to know what happened and feel bad for me, so everytime I saw someone else I did the same thing. Some people were slower than others, but I was patient and kept throwing up my arm until they understood. One night I was showing my dad again and he cleared his throat kind of embarassed like and said, uh Lexi, wrong arm. So I did a quick switch and raised my other arm like nothing had happened. How was I supposed to keep track of it now that they took out the stitches? It really wasn't my fault. Then a new lady I am told is Aunt Rhonda came and stayed with me while mom and dad were away for a night. She understood right away when I showed her my boo boo. She was so sweet about it that I decided I really liked her and let her sleep in the bed with me. Mom says I am milking this for all it is worth. I say, when you find a good thing, use it.

Lexi the poor baby


Don't tell me what Riley did

October 20th 2011 6:35 pm
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Now Riley is working on Freestyle. Talk about invading my turf! Mom's taking him to the OCC with us and everything. So one day mom took Riley somewhere - I know it must have been a fun place where he got all the attention that is mine - and then mom had the nerve to come home with him and say, "Lexi, let me tell you what Riley did." I got so mad that I head butted her right on the bridge of her nose. Gave her a headache for 2 days. She hasn't tried to tell me what Riley did since that. Guess she's trainable.


4 dogs in the house

October 20th 2011 6:29 pm
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Mom has been so busy she hasn't been keeping up with my diary. Shame on her! I have been a buys schnauzer and so much has happened since summer. My schnauzer buds Piper and Milo came to live with us while their mom went away to school. I thought they were just visiting, but then they didn't leave. In my opinion, this is just too much of a good thing. I felt like they can go any time now. Then my Auntie Jen came and got Milo -
I'm so glad cause all that barking was giving me a headache and making me grumpy. Piper seemed to really like Milo gone too and the house seemed much emptier with just him gone, even though there were 2 other dogs here, sometimes 4 when my sisters come every other week. Only a month later, here she comes back with him. I guess she got a headache too with all his barking. Now he's living here again. He really gives Piper his brother a hard time, but what do I care?

Riley is still here. I have come to accept he is staying for good (or bad). He's almost 1 1/2 years old now and isn't as annoying as when he first came, but he still tears up everything. Mom has my toys safely put away. She said she will give them back when Riley stops chewing. Today mom gave me my squirrel and Riley took it and I barked so ferociously that he went to mom and gave it to her. Ha! I showed him!

The good thing about the boys (Piper and Milo) being here is that Riley picks on them and leaves me alone. (Big schnauzer smile)

Mom found a new (to us) dog park and we've been going there a lot. I don't play with other dogs - that would be way beneath me. But there are lots of smells that keep me busy while Riley greets everyone and generally acts like a fool. I pretend I don't know him, let alone live with him. I hear people say how beautiful I am and that's enough for me. I have admirers everywhere I go.

I should go now and make sure everyone is behaving themselves before I go to my kennel and wait for my night-night treat.

Love to all my many admirers,

Lexi the beautiful


A case of mistaken identity

June 26th 2011 6:58 pm
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My day started off really weird. I don't mind riding in the pick up truck. And I don't mind being in a kennel. But I never knew I could ride in a kennel in a pick up truck. Mom put me in with my buddy Milo who is visiting from Maryland. She tied the kennel in good and made sure the tailgate was secure. What a rush! She and my dad took us to my old house where they mowed the grass. Then they took us to a new dog park. What fun! There were so many smells and lots of room to run around. I pooped and ran and drank water out of a big metal bucket.

After they brought us back home mom got cleaned up and went to the garage and opened the car door. Milo and I jumped in and she backed out of the garage and started down the driveway when she suddenly looked over at me and stopped the car. What? Get out? No way! Then, to add insult to injury, dad came out carrying Piper, the other schnauzer who is staying with us. He put Piper in the car and mom made me go with dad back into the house. Sheesh. I am told it was just a case of mistaken identity. (Yes, Piper and I do look a lot alike since we came from the same breeder.) Then I heard something about shots and fecals and stuff, so maybe it is better I stayed home after all.

Lexi the truckin schnauzer


Titled in Freestyle

June 24th 2011 11:00 am
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I went to my first Freestyle competition in April. Mom and I worked on our routine for something like a year, which would probably be 7 years in dog time. On Saturday, the first day of competition, I got a little too curious and ran outside the ring. No one told me how bad that would be for my score. I really pretty much ran all over the performance area because it smelled so curious of so many dogs. Mom told me I had to do better on Sunday. So I did. I stayed with her and we did our much-practiced routine. I got enough points (not the same as treats, darn) to get my first Title. And I came in 3rd in my class, 2a. Everyone is really proud of me. Mom has a picture of us on her nightstand and she has a video of us performing. Of course, all the other dogs are on the video too, but that doesn't count. I really hate when she looks at the other dogs performing and makes nicey nice comments about them - especially the giant schnauzer! Hey I can't help I'm small. I was born this way. I have a really big self-image, though, and that counts for a lot!

Now Mom and I are working on our next competition performance. She said I am getting too fat from all the treats, so she is making me work for my supper. How fair is that! Well, truth be told, I do love to work on the figures and I do love to eat, so it works out ok for me.

My big little brother Riley is working on Freestyle too. I think that is a joke. He has just learned the basic stuff, like sit and heel and down. How can he do Freestyle? I guess I will wait and see. He will never be as good as me! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Lexi the Titled


Sweetie gone and where's Milo?

February 2nd 2011 7:18 pm
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Small victories are better than no victories. The old dog Sweetie went back to her foster home. Mom and Dad talked all morning and I kept hearing the words Sweetie and Riley. Looks like Riley won. Too bad, he is the most annoying. And Sweetie got good smelling canned food that I was sure I would be able to swoop in and eat one of these days when she wasn't paying attention. Did I mention she is really old? Anyhow, Mom explained that since they decided to keep Riley unless they found him a really, really good home (hey folks don't you want him?)that it wasn't fair to Sweetie to make her put up with him. She said Riley made Sweetie's life miserable. So back she went. Wow, maybe I shouldn't let on that he makes my life miserable sometimes too. You don't think they would send me back somewhere, do you?

I've been hiding out in my kennel a lot and Mom said it made her feel bad that I haven't been spending time with her. So the next night I cuddled on the couch with her all night.

I heard one of the schnauzer imposters barking tonight, and I looked all over the house for him. It was Milo--I would know that bark anywhere. Mom said she Skyped our friend Jennefer and that's why I heard him barking. I don't understand what Skyping is or how that would put Milo back in the house barking or why I couldn't find him? I barked back and heard him barking back at me, but I still couldn't find him. I think I will go to bed and think about that for awhile.

Lexi, the victorious


Imposters gone, puppy still here, old dog arrived, awards- ceremony

January 28th 2011 4:42 pm
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Hi there all my fans and admirers! Boy, do I have a lot to share with you today. Let me see if I can get this in the order it all happened.

First, the imposters (the 2 boy schnauzers) moved out. Hurray! They went with their Mom to somewhere called Maryland.

Second, the big puppy Riley is still here and just keeps getting bigger. He is very annoying, but I think I have him under control. Mom said she is trying to find him another, forever home. How about it, he's really a good dog (gag!)and would love, love, love to come live with you.

Next, Mom and Dad got another dog. Have they lost their minds!? I hear them call her Sweetie. She is really old and doesn't like Riley either. He is always after her. I even feel a little sorry for her, kinda. At least she doesn't bother me or expect me to play with her or like her or anything. But I smell good canned food in her bowl every morning and I want it!! Mom shuts her in the bedroom to eat so I can't get any of it. She keeps pooing and peeing everywhere, and I heard Mom say she can't stay if she keeps that up. So there is hope...

Now, about me because, after all, isn't it ALL about me? I went to the Star Awards ceremony at the Colonnade where I starred in the Wizard of Oz. I was Toto. (He, he, I bet you didn't guess that!)Sure, I could have been anyone in the play like the tin man or the wizard, but I had experience as Toto, so at the risk of being stereotyped, I played that role again. I fully expected to get another award, but those people forgot all about me. I made my point by running up on stage while Kandis [Dorothy] was singing Over the Rainbow. Would you believe she had her eyes closed and didn't even see me! So I trotted backstage, lickity split, where they were setting up the food for after the awards. I came back out as she was finishing the song and this time she did see me cause people were chuckling. I slipped her and went back to the food. She came after me, though, and was sooooo glad I was there. We went in the lobby and she wanted me to run with her and play with her, but I just wasn't into it. No award and all, and I just wanted to get back to the food.

Today I went to work with mom because it was my day to go to the children's hospital and therapize. It was a really good day with a bunch of great kids. Some were especially good petters. Then we went to the pet store and I got a treat. I am pretty worn out from my big day, so that's all for tonight.

The star,



Not another dog in the pack!

December 5th 2010 5:32 pm
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Mom came home with another dog. She says he is a puppy, so I tried to be nice to him. But he is bigger than me and so very annoying. I tried to correct him and he jumped me. That was so completely unfair, especially since he is bigger than me. Mom says he would have been killed on the road if she hadn't picked him up and she is trying to find his for-real owner. I hope his for-real owner shows up soon because I am pretty sick of having him around. He bites me all the time. Mom says he is just wanting me to play but I don't like it. He doesn't seem to understand that I am in charge around here. Grrrrrrr. I am trying to ignore him and not get upset at him since he is supposed to be a puppy. He is also bugging the heck out of Piper and Milo. Now my step-sisters have come for a week, and Lily is actually playing with him. Then she gets tired of it and puts him in his place. She is bigger than him and he mostly listens to her. As long as he is following her around he isn't bothering me.

The bothered schnauzer,



Kawabunga, dude! (or my most excellent plan)

November 30th 2010 4:54 pm
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Mom said my plan was doomed to fail from the start. But I get ahead of myself. Let me digress. It all goes back to my buddies, the squirrels. Squirrels are cool, you know. Back at my other house before we moved, my squirrel buddies and I would hang out in the back yard. I would be like, whatcha doin? And they would be like, just huntin' nuts, so did you get any treats today? And I would be like, yeah, but not enough, let me try some of your nuts.

So, when Mom got me a toy squirrel that looks sooooo real, it reminds me of my buds and I don't want to hurt it. That's the set up for what happened this week.

Do you remember in my last entry that I told ya'll about the 2 imposters living with me? These boys really get under my skin sometimes. So I hear this squeak, squeak, squeak (you get the point) and I run and look, and there is Piper chewing on my squirrel. I had to think quick, so I grabbed the nearest teddy bear and started running back and forth with it to make it look real enticing. Mom says what I didn't count on is I was dealing with another schnauzer. He didn't fall for it. So I get up on the couch next to where he was laying on the floor, still squeak, squeak, squeak. I flew off the couch onto his head. I was so sure that would work, but he just backed out of it and kept squeak, squeak, squeak and looking at me like ha, ha. That really ticked me off, so I tried a frontal attack. He just ran off, all the while squeak, squeak.

I am going to have to think this one over.

The kawabunga schnauzer without the squirrel,



Those other schnauzers at my house

October 17th 2010 6:48 am
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Hi friends,

I have 2 other schnauzers living at my house now. My Auntie Jen moved in (I think just for a while) and they came with her. Sure I knew them before they moved in, but it wasn't like, "in your face" all the time. Now I am kept busy telling them who is boss. They eat their food so fast that I have to stay by my bowl and eat it all up or they will get it. They sit on my couch, and play with my toys. Sometimes I don't let them. There have to be rules and an understanding about who is in charge around here. They are boys, so they always listen to me. I don't think they should get any treats, either, but mom says it is only fair. At least they don't get to go to doggie dancing!

Doggie Dancing-it's great! Mom and I are getting ready for an exhibition in Nashville. We practiced by going to Dogs in the Park at McCallie School. It was really hot and we performed outside in the heat and on the grass. I got pretty distracted with all the smells, and did I mention it was hot? Mom said it will be different in Nashville. I don't care--I liked smelling all the neat stuff in the grass.

Later, dudes!


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