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Lexi's Special Days

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Dog Dancing?

July 13th 2009 11:59 am
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You may have heard that tonight is my last agility class. Which, of course, means my mom had to find something else for us to do. She went to a doggie free-style dance competition and is telling me we are going to start dancing together. I used to go to help mom and Jeff teach ballroom dance, and I am pretty good at rumba and vienese waltz. I hope I can dance one of those. In any case, Mom said I will dance the sox off all those other dogs. I know she is right. Because I am...

Lexi, the dancing dog



July 14th 2009 2:09 pm
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I passed my agility test yesterday and got a paper certificate. It wasn't a big deal like my Annie Award. I love my Annie Award. Mom seemed really happy, though, and gave me and Lily and Ivy doggie ice cream when we got home. Now she says we are going for the advanced class. I want to go do dance, and she says we can do that too.

I love being busy and doin stuff with my mom. :)

Lexi, the graduate


Agility II

August 11th 2009 4:45 pm
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I just finished my third Agility II class. I ran faster than anyone and did everything right. I LOVE my agility class. I love jumping and running through tunnels and up and down boards. I especially love all the treats. Wow, it is sooooo much fun. People are starting to watch me, and I love that too. Mom says I am her superstar.

Mom took off my leash and said, "Are you ready?" In answer, I shot forward, leaped over the hurdle and on to the next obstacle, with Mom trying to catch up. (he, he, he). In the distance, we could hear the trainer saying, "I guess she was ready!"

Lexi the agility dog


Therapy and Agility

August 25th 2009 7:16 pm
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Hi friends, especially all my new friends at T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital. I got to visit with some cool teens yesterday. You guys really know how to pet a dog and scratch the best places. I wanted to stay and visit longer, but Mom only had an hour, so we had to leave. Although I want to come back soon, I have to wait until September 24. I really like Fifi, too. She gives me good treats. I saw where she got them, so I jumped on the chair next to the treat jar to try to save her the trouble of getting me more. I stretched as high as I could, but couldn't quite reach it. She saw me trying and helped me out. She's a good one, that gal. I like her, too.

I went to my agility class last night. I keep my eyes on where the treats are so I can skip the table and jumps and stuff and go right to the treat. Mom says I am not supposed to do that, so I try to do all the obstacles in between. Sometimes, though, I just can't help myself!
Next Monday is my final class in this series, and my dad is going to come watch me run the course and get my certificate. I hope this time I get something better than a tasteless piece of paper!

It's pretty boring around here tonight, so I think I will go to bed and wait for my night-night treat.

Lexi the sleepy dog


Running around plungers for treats

September 4th 2009 1:04 pm
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Hi fellow canines,

I think mom has officially lost her mind. She has me running around toilet plungers she has set up in the living room. Mom got this idea from my agility class. Yeah, there are a bunch of these plunger thingies set up in a row right down the middle of the living room. She puts a treat in her hand and weaves it through the plungers for me to follow, while she keeps saying, "weave, weave, weave." I think she is trying to teach me something, but I am concentrating so hard on the hand that has the treat, that is all I can think about.

OK, you may say I am the one who has lost my mind for actually doing it, but what you don't know is that I follow the treat. Yes, always follow the treat.

Lexi, the plunger dog


Are we going away?

September 5th 2009 11:11 am
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Something is definitely going on around here. My travel bag is out and mom is putting some of my food and favorite toys and a ball and my bone in it. I think we are going somewhere. I bet mom is taking me to a hotel again, where I get to sleep in a big bed and eat scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then there are all the new, nifty smells. I hope I get to dance and eat lots of treats, too. Oh, wait, I didn't see her pack any t-r-e-a-t-s. (He, he, she thinks I can't spell!) Iwill have to remind her about the treats.

Hmm, now it is starting to make sense that mom and dad were counting on their fingers how many different states I have been in (7) and how many I have stayed overnight in (5)--which, of course, is different than how many I have slept in. :} I will let ya'all know what happens.

Lexi the traveller


Vacation fun

October 15th 2009 5:18 pm
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Hello fellow woofers. As usual, I was right. Mom and dad and I went on vacation. My step-sisters didn't get to go (yahoo!). We went to a motel in Chicago where I had my own big bed to sleep in, and, as usual, got scrambled eggs for breakfast. I was a very good girl and didn't bark or leave poopy presents. Then we went to a cabin on a lake in Wisconsin. I liked going down to the lake and hanging out with my mom and we even went on an old pontoon boat. It wasn't as nice as my boat, but I still liked the ride. Later in the week we moved to a place called a bed and breakfast. Some bed! I had to sleep in a kennel. I did get a good breakfast of leftovers from the night before. Yummmm. I heard that my dad used to own the house a long time ago and that is the only reason why I was allowed to stay there. I don't understand why they don't allow dogs. Bud lives there, and he is a dog. At least I think Bud lives there and I think he is a dog. I never really saw him until the morning we were leaving, and, from across the yard, he looked more like a hairy footstool. He's something called a Puli. Ever heard of that, my fine furry friends? No, me either. Travelling was a lot of fun, especially all the new smells. There just isn't enough time in the day to take them all in. It is still good to be home in my own kennel every night, drinking out of my own water bottle. "There's no place like home."

Lexi the travelling dog



December 5th 2009 8:47 am
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Hi doggie friends,

Mom and I are now doing Freestyle dancing. We go to a fun place where a teacher shows mom how to dance, then I do it with her. It's a little different than ballroom dancing. I don't stand up on my hind legs and move around like when we ballroom dance. Instead, I follow mom and sometimes she follows what I want to do. There's cool music, like Dan Landrum and his hammered dulcimer. My friend Pam and her schnauzer Sophie and her daughter (and my friend) Savannah were there. Pam and Sophie were dancing, too. Once again, I get lots of treats. Life is very good.

Lexi the Freestyle Dog


Snow! Greenies! Visits!

January 4th 2010 6:27 pm
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I am back from the great North! No one told me about the snow, and, being a Georgia peach, I had plum forgotten. Me and mom and dad headed out in the car, and, after several hours, I had to do you-know-what. So dad stopped for gas, then put my leash on me and walked me around. Only I couldn't find any grass! No, not even any dirt! Next thing I know, dad had dumped me in this cold, white stuff. When I recovered from the shock, I bunny hopped around in it and found I could turn it yellow, then back-kick lots of it on top to make it white again. What fun! When I leaped back into the car onto Mom's lap, I was white all over. She squealed, grabbed a blanket and wrapped me up in it. For once, I didn't fight the blanket wrap. It felt good to be in a warm blanket while the white stuff they call snow melted all around me.

We stayed in the same hotel where I sleep in the great big huge bed and eat scrambled eggs in the morning. Dad said I had to be very quiet in the room while they went out to catch the chicken so they could get my eggs--otherwise, I might scare away the chicken and then no eggs. It took them awhile to catch that durned chicken, but I was rewarded with a plate of nice warm scrambled eggs. Later, mom said she doesn't know why we get a king sized bed, when she and dad and I all sleep so close we only take up about 1 foot of it. I think my mom is funny sometimes.

After breakfast we went on up to Illinois to visit my grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles and all their pooches. We had Christmas all over again, and wouldn't you know it, someone bought me clothes. I could have barked for joy when mom said, no, Lexi hates clothes. Then she tried one of them on me to prove they were too small anyhow, and took it right back off. I did get some tennis balls, but I got hit in the eye and on top of the head with one because I was too distracted to play. I was kinda scared of the balls for a while after that, but I am over it now. I don't know why no one bought me treats.

I want you to know, I made up for the lack of treats after I got home. Mom and dad went to work the next day after getting home, and I headed straight for the big bucket of greenies. Wasn't it sweet of them to leave the greenies where I could reach them with no trouble!? I ate about half of them. Then I took one upstairs to the bedroom so I could eat it later. But my tummy was too full, so I just carried it around that night. In fact, my tummy was so full that I didn't eat my dinner that night or my breakfast or dinner the next day.

Then I went and stayed with my auntie Jennefer, my bestest friend. I was so embarrassed when she told mom that my poop was bright green! Now, I wonder what could have caused that? While I was there, my schnauzer buddy Milo said it would be fun to attack the cat that lives with them. He said the cat hasn't been feeling well, so we should have a pretty easy time of it. Auntie Jen broke that up really fast, and didn't she go and tell my mom! Mom was mad at me for 2 whole days and wouldn't play with me or give me treats. Wow, I don't think I will do that again. Actually, mom made me promise that I wouldn't, and then she forgave me and we made up.

Now my sisters are here and she's sharing my greenies with them. If you know anything about schnauzers, you know we don't like to share. It's bad enough I have to share my house and yard with them every other week. Well, it's bedtime, and I want to go get in my kennel so my sister Lily doesn't try to get in it first. I am going to go wait in my kennel for my night-night treat.

I hope you all had good holidays and got lots of treats, cause I don't want to have to share mine.

Lexi, the selfish schnauzer


Toto again!

February 7th 2010 3:06 pm
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I'm Toto again!! This time I'm with Kandis instead of Dorothy. Mom said, "Here's Dorothy," and I looked all around for my Dorothy. I don't know why mom said that when Dorothy wasn't there. So Kandis is fun and gives me lots of treats and says a lot of the same things Dorothy said. We are doing something called rehearsing every Thursday night. We have to drive farther than we did before, but I love riding, so that is ok with me.

People wonder if I get confused when they call me Toto instead of Lexi. Heck no...I know it really means, "Lexi, you are going to get lots of treats and attention!" So I always answer to Toto. Wouldn't you?

Wishing you lots of treats.

Lexi the Toto

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