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Lexi's Special Days

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August 25th 2007 6:13 am
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I won a Miss Annie Award at the Chattanooga Theatre Center for my role as Toto in The Wizard of Oz! I am so excited! I licked the award a lot last night and watched it closely when mom let someone else hold it. I won, I won, I won! Mommy put it on a shelf on the wall with my headshot as Toto and the program for the play. I won! Yeah! I ran up on stage when Mom told me and everyone clapped for me just like when I was in the play. I love being on the stage. Since I can't really hold the award with my paws, mom came up on stage too and accepted the award for me. I leaned into the microphone to say something and everyone kind of giggled, then I changed my mind and let mom talk.

I got to help Dorothy present an award to someone else, too. I ran up on stage on my cue, just like always, and everyone said, "Ahhhhw" and laughed like when I played Toto. Dorothy held me for a while, then I just stood there with her and my director Geoffrey and followed her off the stage as usual. Did I say I love the stage? I love Dorothy too. I love treats, too, and I got a lot of them last night--cheese, crackers, cake--all yum!

Mom will post a picture when we get them. Until then, keep dogstering! Woof!!



Grand Illumination

December 27th 2007 1:24 pm
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Hey ya'all,

I got to be on-stage again. I am such an on-stage type of Schnauzer! I led the cast of performers onto the stage at the riverfront for Chattanooga's Grand Illumination performances. Then I got to walk out on stage again with my mom and Santa held and petted me while she danced. When the show was over, the Christmas light were turned on all over the city.

While I was on Santa's lap, I asked for good chew bones. I think I will get them, because I have been a very good dog this year.

Merry Christmas to everyone.




January 4th 2008 11:37 am
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Wow, this Christmas thing is really nice. It sneaks up on me every year, but this year I knew there was something in one of the pretty bags just for me--I could smell it and mommy kept telling me to leave it alone. Sure enough, it was a new chew bone filled with rawhide! And I got a new Quack-quack. The quacker broke in my old one, but this one works really good. I was so excited when I got it I wiggled all over.

Christmas Eve I went to the nursing home to see my grandma. We had pizza. It was good. I love my grandma.

My people brothers stayed all night on Christmas Eve and I got to jump on Adam Christmas morning to wake him up. He was sleeping on the couch and didn't want to get up. So I wiggled and stood on him and dug in next to him until he finally succumbed to my charms. In the middle of it all I had to stop to run in and tell my other big brother Andrew that I was busy with Adam and I would be back to get him up, too. He didn't wait for me, though.

The day after Christmas I went to Siskin Hospital to work. They call me a pet therapy dog. It's really lots of fun. I sit next to people and let them pet me. I like some people more than others, and when I find them I won't let them stop petting me. They smile and I wag a lot. Mom says it's good work if you can get it.


my grandma died

September 16th 2008 10:14 pm
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Mommy said my grandma died. I am not sure what that means, except it is very sad. She said we can't go see her at the nursing home anymore. That make me very sad too. I am always so happy to go visit with her. It makes her very happy too. I won't even stop to do pet therapy stuff on my way to her room, I am always so excited to know I am going to see her again. I really don't understand why we can't go any more...I love my grandma.




"Good work if you can get it"

March 20th 2009 2:47 pm
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I have started my work again as a therapy dog. Mom says I should tell about how my first session went almost 2 years ago. So here goes:
A big man who worked there asked if he could pet me. He pet me a lot, which I thought was the patients' jobs, but he seemed to need that. When we walked away, I heard the boss tell Mom that this therapist had never before touched a dog there. Then another therapist, a woman, came up to us and asked Mom if she could take me over to her patient. As I was walking away with her, I could hear the boss tell Mom that this therapist avoided the dogs and had never done this before. On our way out, after I was finished spreading the love, the big man stopped us again and asked if he could hold me. He said there was something really special about me. Duh...we all know that!

Anyhow, I really liked doing this, but didn't get to go back for several months. I will tell you about my second trip there tomorrow. Gotta go help Mom fix some chicken now.

Be good, and if you can't be good, don't get caught!

Lexi the Therapy Dog


Still therapizing

April 14th 2009 4:42 pm
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Hi ya'll.

I have gone and done therapy twice now at this Siskin Rehab Hospital place. You want to hear something funny? When Mom tells people what I do, sometimes they ask if I am getting therapy. And this is even after she has told them where I am doing it, at a people hospital. So she said next time, she will say, you know dogs can have health insurance now, so the hospitals have to treat them. It's part of Obama's stimulus plan. Then she'll sit back and wait for them to get it.

I think she needs to say I am a therapy dog. That would clear it up right away. She thinks the other way will be more fun.

Anyhow, I didn't mean to go down a bunny trail. Although usually I do mean to, 'cause I can smell them.

Since both sessions were really uneventful, Mom says I should tell ya'll about the second session I did a year or so ago. It was at Siskin, too. There was this young fellow who couldn't seem to move real well. I sat on a stool next to him and made him pet me. You know what I mean--I kept scooting my nose under his hand so he didn't have much choice. Every time he stopped, I scooted my nose again. I did that for about 15 minutes, and would have gone a lot longer, but Mom said that was enough. As we started walking away, I heard the guy's therapist say, that was really good--you lifted your hand! Wow, he must have really like me!!

Keep barking!

Lexi the Therapy Dog


My sisters are on Dogster

April 29th 2009 8:40 pm
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Oh great. (You know I am being sarcastic, here.) Why can't I have anything all my own anymore? Lily and Ivy come over and I have to share my toys and share my mom and share my step-dad and share my house, and share my yard, and share my screen house and share, well, you get the picture. Now I have to share Dogster with them. Oh great (that sarcastic thing again).

Let me tell you, it's not easy having them here. Ivy attacked me (can you believe mom said it was my own fault!). I didn't get hurt, but I screamed a lot. Now I am much more respectful of Ivy. I sorta, kinda, admire her, too. I am thinking about trying to be more like her. She is the boss.

Then there's Lily. She just wants to play with me all the time. That gets on my nerves. I try to keep her in her place, but sometimes she doesn't put up with that. Hmmm. Just so she doesn't go in my kennel or eat my cheese. My kennel, my cheese. Mine, I tell you!

At least this week they are not here and I have everyone and everything all to myself, just the way I like it.

Lexi, the Encroached Upon


Therapy for kids

May 29th 2009 3:00 pm
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Mom took me to a hospital for really sick kids yesterday. They didn't look all that sick, not puking or coughing or anything. But they were in bed with their jammies on and needles with tubes stuck in their arms and all that. So I will just believe mom when she said they needed a lot of Lexi love. Their moms were all with them, and they all smiled and seemed really happy to see me too. I went from room to room and jumped up on the bed with the little person (sometimes mom had to lift me up cause the beds were really high). They went from looking sad to happy when they saw me, and most of them pet me a lot. One even started to cry when I left, so I went back in to see him. Gee, he wasn't much bigger than me.

I liked it lots and want to go back soon, but mom said I can only go once a month--that's the rule because there are so many other dogs that want to come get pet by the kids. I wish some of them would find somewhere else to go so I could go more. Oh, and mom got a calling card made with my beautiful picture and information about me on it. She gave one to each of the kids, and they smiled when they looked at it. It said I love treats, so maybe next time....

Lexi, the Therapy for Kids Dog


Agility training

May 29th 2009 3:04 pm
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Mom came home last night stinking like other dogs. She was at a place where they train dogs. She said she was just looking around, but I could smell the other dogs on her and I don't like that.

Then she told me she will start taking me there in about a week. I am going to learn something called agility. We are going to run and turn and jump and laugh and have fun. Wow, I can hardly wait. I will let you know if it is a good thing.

Lexi, the Agility To Be Dog


Agility Classes

July 11th 2009 5:13 pm
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Hi friends,

Last time we met, I was wondering about this agility class my mom signed me up for. Now I am going to my last class (class #6) this Monday. It has been a blast! I get more treats there than anywhere. It's been wonderful! All I have to do is stuff that is fun to get a treat. I run through tunnels, sit, stay, walk, jump over sticks, run up and down boards, and always, at the end, there is a treat. Sometimes I get treats just because people like me. Treats, treats, treats!

Mom says I am precocious. Dad says I am an over-achiever.

I knew I was supposed to weave through those sticks and did it. Why did they want me to just run down the middle to start? That was stupid. Mom gave me a treat anyhow, cause she says I still did it right, even if it wasn't what they wanted.

Then there is the thing of following Mom's hand around her in circles. She had a treat in each hand. She told me to walk, so I stood up on my hind legs and walked, just like she had taught me to do at home. And I waved my front paws while I walked, because it helps me keep my balance and everyone thinks it is cute. Cute winds treats. That also puts me closer to the treats. I made her happy. She laughed and gave me treats.

I expect to pass my test on Monday and gets lots more treats. I wonder what Mom will have for me to do next to get lots of treats...

Lexi, The Agility Dog

P.S. I see my schnauzer friend, Sophie, at class too.

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