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Lexi's Special Days

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Boating on the Tennessee River

June 25th 2005 6:32 pm
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Today I swam eleven laps around my pontoon boat - a personal best (perhaps because no one was watching when I wanted back in after the fourth lap). Burrr! The ice cream made me very cold when I had my pup cup of vanilla ice cream (my favorite flavor). It was worth it! I'll make up for it tonight by puking on mom's bed. Won't she be surprised?!


No New Pictures!

June 27th 2005 10:13 am
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I looked at my page last night and am mad because there are no pictures of me since I was a pup. So I followed her around the dance floor when she was trying to ballroom dance with her friend at the dance studio and barked at her the whole time. She really should have been paying attention to more important things, like me and my pictue problem. Mommy promised to take care of this picture problem very soon, since I am such a beautiful girl, and all grown up now. Sooo..... new, beautiful pics of very beautiful me will be coming soon. (Don't worry, I will bug mom about it until she does it.)


Haven't felt good

July 1st 2005 10:51 am
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Mom still hasn't taken any new pictures, but she says she has to groom me first Hmmm, maybe I can do without the new pictures.
I haven't been feeling well all week--I didn't get to puke in Mom's bed, but Mommy had to wash the love seat cover, and there was more stuff mom says isn't polite to talk about. She wanted to groom me again last night, but this not feeling good thing seems to be working for me.
Maybe I will puke in her bed tonight. Won't she be surprised!
(I'm really feeling better, but don't tell mom!)
(Do you think she will still take me to my boat this weekend?)



July 7th 2005 5:18 am
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I'm groomed. No use playing sick anymore.

But I had a really good 4th of July. I went to a picnic where a full band played in the yard for over an hour, and everyone pet me and said nice things to me. There was a golden retriever mix there, but she was scared of me and wouldn't play, not even when I stuck my behind up in the air and got down really low in the front. That usually works. Poor doggie. And mom wouldn't let me play with the Yorkie. She said I would squish it. They have good food at picnics!

Then I got to go to my boat and I swam a lot because it was a hot day. I slept on the big bench seat a lot, too. I got more yummy food there.

I've been having so much fun chasing the joggers at the park. Mommy gets mad at me though and says I will have to stay on my leash if I keep doing that and don't listen. I don't want to stay on my leash and I want to chase the joggers. :( Not today, though--it's raining. I am going to see how big my bladder is!


STILL no new pictures

July 15th 2005 6:17 am
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STILL no new pictures. What's wrong with Mommy? I don't want her to wait until she starts looking at me and squinting and saying "I think you need groomed again before we take pictures." She PROMISES this weekend we will get pictures and put them on the website. (Just so she doesn't try to put clothes on me--I HATE clothes!!)

My friend Legolas (who also has a dogster page) is coming to stay with me this weekend. I am so excited. Mommy rearranged my room so I can look out the other window during the day. She said it will be better for me and Legolas, too.

I hope the weather is good so we can go to my boat together this weekend, but mommy said there is a hurricane making bad weather. We'll see.



July 25th 2005 1:18 pm
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YES! I've got new all grown up pictures now on my web page. I am so proud of them. And I didn't even have to get groomed first (although Mommy snuck up on me and gave me a bath first--yuck). I think I should be clean enough after swimming in the Tennessee River. Speaking of which, Mom let me swim a little without my life vest on Saturday. It was a little scary, but Mom says I am an excellent swimmer! Now she is seeing big turtles where I was swimming and says I have to wear my life vest all the time again "just in case."
I didn't get off the boat on Sunday at all, because I am still trying to figure out what this just in case is all about. Then my boat started not working so good, and we went home. Drat! I was getting to eat cheese twirls, and I was doing what Mom called self-serve in the boat bag because she had my special biscuits just lying loose down in there.
Maybe I will throw up in Mommy's bed tonight. Won't she be surprised!


My brother's birthday

August 11th 2005 1:01 pm
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Last Saturday was my 2 legged brother's birthday. It was great! We went to my boat and stayed out there almost alllllll day. I swam around my boat a lot, cause it was hot outside. No one made me get on the float this time. I hate that float. There was a lot of water in it last time, and I was leaning way over the side to get out of the water in the float (too much like being in the tub) and I fell head-first into the lake. Wasn't I suprised! My life jacket saved me and I popped right back up. Whew, that was close!

Then we went home and ate lasagne and ice cream cake. Yummy, I just love birthdays.


Summer's gone

October 24th 2005 1:53 pm
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Wow! What a great summer. I got to go to the park almost every day and run, run, run. Sometimes I had to learn stuff, but I learned to "heel" in only 2 days so I wouldn't have to work at it any longer. I really HATE having to "down." How can I be in charge if I am laying flat on my tummy! No more boat until next spring, but these really creepy jumpy flying bugs were taking it over and it wasn't as much fun.
Mom wouldn't take me to the park today because she said it was too cold outside. But I bet I can get her to take me when she gets home tonight--I will whine, whine, whine until she does. Won't she be surprised!
When I come in from potty in the morning now I jump into mom's bed and crawl under the covers to stay warm. It's funny 'cause she says, "Where's Lexi?" and I just hide under there and she can't find me! Sometimes I don't even come out until after she is gone!! It is warm and cozy and I just fall back to sleep.


New friends

October 25th 2005 8:03 am
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I got to go visit my friend Legolas on Saturday. I also met his brother Sam and sister Swoosh. They are on Dogster too. I was scared at first cause Sam is so big, but Mom kept telling me he is really just a puppy still, so I gave him a chance and found out he is really nice and fun to play with. We played ball a lot and jumped up on his dad's lap when I had the ball so they couldn't get it from me. So now I have another dog friend and person friend.


Great Weekend

November 6th 2005 5:18 pm
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What a great weekend. I always know it is the weekend because Mommy doesn't go to work. She stays home with me or takes me out lots of places. We went to White Oak Park just down the street from our house on Saturday and walked the whole park twice. Mom says it is a small park, and the weather was just right and maybe I wouldn't whine anymore today if she wore me out. I am supposed to be on a leash, but Mom lets me run there if no one else is around. We went back there this morning and I ran and ran really fast. It is so much fun smelling all the places where other dogs have been and then squatting over them. In the afternoon we went to another park way out Hamill Road. (I didn't even whine to get Mom to take me!) Mom said it is too pretty outside to stay inside. I had to stay on my leash, but I got to say hi to another speckly looking dog that had a really dumb looking rubber chicken. I made fun of a couple of little poodles, but then I saw a poodle that was way bigger than me, so maybe I won't make fun of poodles any more. We walked a long way and I got hot, but Mom shared her water with me. Then we went for pizza and I got some of that, too. It' sure been a great weekend! I wish every day was a weekend!

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