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My Diary by Dexter

Goodbye my friend

January 2nd 2012 8:31 am
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Today we had to make the most difficult decision a family member ever has to make. Dexter had been having more difficulty with his spinal stenosis and lost both bowel and bladder control as well as the loss of his good leg. We couldn't let him suffer any more so we decided last night to have him put to sleep.
The people at Concord Vet were so kind and helpful and caring. THey didn't rush us in any way and were so gentle with Dexter. When the time came, he passed away very peacefully and without any obvious struggle.
Today is a pretty rough day for all of us, especially Levi who is grieving too. I think he knew what was going on as he stayed by Dexter's side most of the night. When Vicki and I were sitting with Dexter, we were both crying and Levi came over and was licking off the tears. Now, he is just laying on the floor mourning as well.
Dexter, we all love you so very much and you brought so much hapiness into our lives, as I am sure we did for you too. You have always been such a loyal, loving, caring and smart dog and we will miss you terribly. But we know that you are in Heaven now and there are plenty bunnies and squerrils to chase.


I see a rainbow on the horizon

December 8th 2011 7:29 am
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Things haven't been going well for Dexter lately and we are afraid that the time is near to ease his pain and suffering.

Dexters diabetes has been controlled for the most part with strict diet and insulin. His insulin curves have always been good but his hip dysplasia is really starting to take a toll on him. His left hind leg is totally parylized and although he gets around pretty good, he has been falling more and now waits at the bottom of the stairs to be carried up. I'm beginning to think that its affecting his other leg now. In addition, his tail is parylized and I think he has started to lose anal sphincter tone...which is a more ominous sign. He is not havin accidents in the house but he is starting to have a lot of difficulty defacating and isn't able to completely empty so there is always some stool left that has to be removed before he comes in.

We also had to change his pain meds back to NSAID's rather than the gabapentin which was working but making him crazy. The metacam works but we had to cut back from 50mg to 30 because he was getting nosebleeds often.

I was really worried earlier this week when he quit eating. I tried everything to get him to ear and all he would do was nibble on some treats. One of the problems with that was deciding what to do about his insulin. Finally, on Tuesday he started eating again and has been eating regularly since then.

One of my thoughts is that he may be sensing my stress over finishing grad school and sharing in that with me. His moods seem to fluctuate with my levels of stress - even though I don't appear stressed - and I think he can sense that. He has also been very clingy lately...more than usual...and stays by my side constantly. I'll be finishing school in a week and I'll see how he is after that and decide what to do. Right now he's laying across my feet as I type - when I should be studying for finals...



Very bad news today

June 19th 2009 7:40 pm
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Dexter hasn't been himself lately and after battling a sinus infection with him for a couple weeks, we went to the vet yesterday.
Besides the stuffy nose, Dex has been drinking excessive amounts of water and has lost a lot of weight. The healtcare professional in me tells me "diabetes". Unfortunately that feeling was confirmed by the vet today when the blood tests came back. His blood glucose was 500 and in addition to that, his pancreatic and liver enzymes were sky high, which confirmed another diagnosis - acute pancreatitis. Not good for a dog. His glucose levels have apparently been high for a while because he had an excessive amount of ketones in his urine, and I missed the classic "kusmol" breathing pattern of a typical diabetic in crisis.
We went back to the vet today for IV fluids because in spite of his excessive drinking, he was dehydrated. He was given a bolus of fluids sub-cutaneously which seemed to perk him up. However, the pahrmacy did not fill his insulin prescription so we have to wait another day to get the vet to call them back.
Between the vet visits, medications, blood tests and everything else, I'm out a house payment. I love my dog though and I'm not giving up on him. Even Levi senses that something is wrong as he has been overly protective of him.

David - Dexters "Dad"


We had a new visitor for a few weeks!

November 8th 2007 5:37 pm
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Daddys step daughter and her friend moved out of their apartment and daddys step daughter had to leave her little puppy named Dakota at my kingdom. I really didn't like him much because he always wanted to nip at me and play. I got really jealous too because he and Levi got to be really good friends and would gang up on me. Mommy and daddy said he woudn't be her long but three weeks with the little bugger is long enough.
Levi actually got very depressed when he had to go, so I decided to play with him some and chase him around the yard.
Dakota comes to visit every once in a while too. When he first came here, he was only 9lbs and Levi was like a little mother to him and was VERY protective of him. When he left, he was 20 lbs and now he is 29 lbs and growing fast. Oh yeah, hes a Boxer/Beagle mix and I must admit is really a cute little puppy. I guess some day I'll get used to him.



I have a new Cousin

August 13th 2007 2:12 pm
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I think I'm supposed to call it a cousin but anyway, my daddy's step daughter just adopted a 1 month old Fawn Boxer puppy. I haven''t met it yet but I'm really excited and can't wait. Dad said we have to be really careful because he is real small and young so he his going to let me meet him first and then Levi. Levi gets really excited about new friends so we'll have to wait and introduce him a little later.



Boy is Levi Growing FAST!

February 7th 2005 3:36 pm
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Levi has been growing so fast. He is about 2/3 my size now but is very SOLID. He has learned a few tricks that knock me off my feet...literally. He likes to nip at my heels (that must be why we are Heelers) and he likes to get under me then stand up to try to throw me off balance. But his favorite way of getting on my nerves is to run at me full bore and head butt me in the side.

We like to play tug of war too. Dad give us his old socks...and the ones that levi steals from the calls him a goat because he eats everything. We will pull the socks back and forth until there is nothing left of them or he wears me out.

I'm getting really really protective of levi too and have been nipping at my dad when he scolds levi (usually for eating something he shouldn't have). But, We are best friends and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Well, um maybe a really cute Red Heeler...female of course.



Me and My Brother

December 6th 2004 7:43 pm
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Me and Levi have been getting along really good. I'm getting quite protective of him too. When mommy and daddy yell at him for doing those silly puppy things, I have to step in and remind them that he is my little brother and they better watch out. I even wrap my arms around daddy and try to pull him down when he puts levi in his kennel at night.
Levi and I pretty much play all day. I've even lost some weight from all the exercise that I have been more jokes about being an "australian couch potato". We really like going to the park too. Seems like daddys arms are getting longer form all the pulling that we inflict on him when he walks us. He did say something about bringing a skateboard next time. Well, gotta go for now.



I miss my old friend.

November 9th 2004 8:00 pm
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I was very sad to learn that my friend of almost three years, Griffin was struck and killed by a car a couple weeks ago. Griffin lived about a half mile away from me and every day at 3:00 he would show up at my fence to play. If my owner was home, he would let Griffin in to play with me. At about 7:00, griffin would go to the door and bark to tell my owner that it was time to go home. Griffin was my best buddy and we would always have fun playing together. I guess the timing of my new step brother levi has helped to ease my sadness. Levi and I really have fun together but I miss Griffin.

Owners note: Griffin was a terrific little dog. He was basically a "Heinz57" dog but had some Border Collie/Heeler characteristics. He came to our house a few years ago covered with brambles and was very dirty. I called the number on his rabies tag and found out that his owner lived about a half mile away. When I called them, I found out tha they were on vacation. Griffin stayed with us for a few days until they turned out that the person that was supposed to be taking care of him was in a panic looking for him. Anyway, the seed was sown and Griffin became a friend of Dexters forever. Since Griffin lived so far away and along a main road, I was concerned for his safety and spoke with his owner several times. She told me that she had tried everything to keep him in the yard but he just kept getting out (he was able to jump our four foot fence to get into our yard when he wanted too). Nonetheless, Griffin was a smart dog and took a trail through the woods to get to our house. However, at times he would venture out onto the main road. There were several times that I would stop and pick him up to take him home. We got to know his owner pretty well and she soon learned that if Griffin was missing, he was probably at our house playing with his pal Dexter.
Griffin was a special little dog and will be sadly missed. Even though Dexter really enjoyed playing with Griffin, I wish there was a way that he could have been better kept in his yard.

With owners note by David


My new adopted brother

November 7th 2004 4:08 pm
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Mom and dad brought home my new brother Levi last week and I am really happy about him. Until he came home, I was pretty much a couch potato but now I'm getting all kinds of exercise chasing him around, playing with him and trying to keep him out of trouble...unlilke me, he is in trouble ALL the time. At first, I was kind of cautious because he is a lot smaller than me but don't let that fool you like it did me. He can really throw his body around. I was really careful because he had a broken leg, but that didn't slow him down at all either.
At first I wasn't really sure what his name was. Mom and Dad called him "Levi" but they seem to call him NO! NO! a lot too.
I remember when I was a puppy a few years back, I had to chew on things because my teeth were growing. Well, let me tell ya, Levi has SOME teeth and he chews on everything including me...but I put him in his place with a very special bark just for him. I have this special face that I make too with my teeth and all and he really doesn't like that much either. But, he's my little brother and my friend and I'd never hurt him or let anyone else hurt him too.

See Yall next week,


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