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Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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Lucy Goosie, Goosie, Stinker

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:

January 8th 2005

Playfuly chasing our cats, Knocking the pillows off the couch, Wrestling with Chico, walks, mud, dirt

Not being allowed to chase the neighborhood cats, big hats, anything covering your face

Favorite Toy:
tug ropes, Chico, things that are usually not dog approval.

Favorite Food:
Canned food, kibble, peanut butter with her kong

Favorite Walk:
Public Parks, Neighborhood, the closest dog park which is about an hour from our house,Visting Mission Peak in Fremont CA

Best Tricks:
Playing puppy piano

Arrival Story:
Little Lucy came intill our live somewhere between March, I had found her breeder while I was surfing the net. When I came across a breeder from Arkansas selling a litter of 8 Bichons, 6 boys and 2 girls. I knew I just had to a little girl. Ever since Lucy had be a ball of engergy runnin around and making people all around her happy.

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Moosehead Bar


I've Been On Dogster Since:
May 29th 2005 More than 11 years!

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2006 Valentine's Day Party!
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Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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ce Rose
CodyAndy~ Lucky ~

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Tails' of a 1 year old Bichon Frise named Lucy♥

Dogster's sweetest pup

August 9th 2007 8:47 pm
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Dear Dogster(s),

If we were to pick a "Dogster's Sweetest pup" it would have to be Bambi the Chi. Bambi is such a special friend and she's one of the reasons we love to visit Dogster once in awhile. She has such a good heart! She makes pictures for pups, she greets us with such wonderful rosettes every time were back, and much more. plus she has such a creative mind also, if you've seen her page it literally makes you want to jump and dance, the colors are so pretty and SPICY! hee hee. Well, I thought I should get that out of my brain because I can't fit that on a rosette, or in a message because no one would be able to see it. We love you Bambi!



How do I get my dog(s) to come when there called?

June 10th 2006 12:50 am
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Dear Diary,
Mommie asked some people around the net on how to get my dogs attention when he's called.. Maybe this will help you also! Below is mommies question.

Q:How can I get my dog to come when he's called? He won't listen to me at all! When I let him out he runs off and acts like he doesn't even hear me. I'm at the end of my rope what can I do?

A: I understand your frustration! Many people have the same problem with their dogs. "Come" is probably the most basic command every dog needs to learn. A dog that won't come when he's called is a danger to himself as well as a headache to his owner.

First, until your dog has been properly trained, do not let him run off leash even for a minute! Dogs aren't smart enough to look both ways before crossing the street. They have no idea that cars can kill them. Accidents happen in the briefest of moments and it only takes one mistake to lose your dog forever. If you love him, put his safety first and keep him on his leash!

Most puppies have a strong instinct to follow and stay close to their masters. They readily come when they're called. As they grow up, they start to think for themselves and become more independent. Busy exploring or playing, the dog ignores his owner's call. Why, he has better things to do!

Do you remember the first time this happened? What did you do about it? If you're like most people, you probably called to your dog over and over until the dog finally decided, in his own sweet time, to obey you. Did you know that you taught your dog a very important lesson that day? Without realizing it, you taught him that it was okay not to come when he was called! Don't worry, you can fix things by starting over from the beginning.

Well known author and trainer Mordecai Siegal says "No dog will run to a human if he has experienced something unpleasant for his trouble".To get your dog to come to you, this time and -every- time, you have to make it worth his while. "Come" needs to be the sweetest word your dog ever hears; it should always mean love, hugs and rewards. Never, ever call your dog to you to punish him, to give him a bath or for anything he might think is unpleasant. "Come" must always mean that something good will happen to him, something far better than whatever he's doing at the time."

For the first lessons, invite a friend or family member the dog loves. These lessons should take place in the house or within a fenced area. Both of you should crouch down on opposite sides of the room. Using a happy, loving, cheerful tone of voice, take turns calling the dog to you. If he doesn't want to pay attention, encourage him with whistles, funny noises, toys or extra special treats. When he reaches you, act like he's done the greatest thing in the whole world! Hug him, praise him, pet him, love him and reward him with treats. Bits of hot dog work very well!

Throughout the day, stop what you're doing for a minute and call your dog. Reward him handsomely when he comes. It doesn't matter if he's three feet away, in another room or a different part of the house. Call him and love him to death when he comes! Practice often and make coming when called the most enjoyable thing in your dog's life.

When your dog is coming happily to you the first time he hears you call, it's time to move your training outside where there are more distractions. This is very important: for now, keep your dog on a leash! You must be able to enforce the come command if your dog doesn't obey. Without a leash, you have no control over the dog and he knows it. Always use a leash until your dog is more reliable.

With a pocketful of treats, go for a walk with your dog on a loose leash. Using a cheerful voice, stop and call him to you. Praise him to the skies, give him a treat and hug him when he obeys. What if he doesn't come or pretends he doesn't hear you? Tug sharply on the leash and walk backwards, calling him merrily the whole time. Reward him generously when he reaches you even though you had to make him do it. Return to your walk, stopping periodically to call your dog.

As your dog improves, practice with a longer leash. You can buy "long lines" at a pet store or make your own using materials from the hardware store. Nylon roping and even clothesline works well. Let him explore, chase a stick or play with a ball, then stop and call him to you. If he doesn't come, tug on the line and run the other direction, calling "Come, Come, Come!" Let him chase you and when he reaches you, reward him with praise and hugs. Make the training a game and make him think that coming to you is a much better game than he could think up on his own!

When your dog will come each and every time, you can start working off leash but within a fenced area, the smaller the better at first. Do not trust him off leash in an unconfined area! Let him play, sniff, explore, then call him. He didn't come? Don't try to catch him, instead resort to trickery. My favorite method is to sit down right there on the ground and pretend to cry. If he doesn't hear you, cry louder, sob your heart out! He'll come running back to see what's the matter. Don't scold him for not obeying, just snap the leash back on and keep practicing. He's shown you he's not ready for freedom and needs to go back to the basics. Start his training over from the beginning and don't remove the leash again for at least a week.


Little White Bandit (Poem)

April 22nd 2006 9:52 pm
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Little White Bandit

She’s a little white bandit

If she can’t steal it, she’ll demand it.

If she can’t have it, she just can’t stand it.

And she’ll do whatever she has to, to land it.

She’s a French breed of a dog – a “bichon fries”.

That means “fluffy lapdog”, easy to say.

And she’s plump spoiled rotten,

just like all of daddy’s pets.

Whatever daddy’s got, little bandit gets.

When daddy has a snack, he’s right by his chair,

Barkin’ and cryin’ to get her share.

When daddy’s at the dinner table, she’s right there.

Momma doesn’t like it but daddy doesn’t care!

If there’s carrots on the counter,

you know it is not safe;

She can jump like a kangaroo and run like a thief.

And she’ll get away with the dastardly act.

‘cause she’s got an “accessory after the fact”.

Momma may holler, but the dog won’t unhand it

‘cause she knows his daddy will understand it.

She’s his little bandit.

~ Poem for little Miss Lucy

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