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Scary Thunderstorms

August 26th 2006 10:56 am
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As if the thunderstorm at lunch time was not enough we had a second one during the night last night. I missed out on some turkey at lunch time because who can eat with all that scaring thunder going on. Well, my sister, Georgie did not let it bother her but what does she know.

Last night I was really sleeping. I had jumped into bed with mommy and daddy and then that thunder starting shaking the room and making loud noises. I got into my crate for protection and then got out and laid next to the bed. Mommy woke up and stroked my back because it is supposed to relax me but then she fell back asleep. I was alone again with the scary thunder. I went and laid at the end of the bed and just kept shaking and mommy woke up again and picked me up and daddy took me from her and laid me next to him.

It helped some but everything was not okay until that noise stopped. I just hate the thunder and also those darn fireworks too. I really am a brave boy but I just don't know where that loud noise is coming from.


Jackson, CGC, TBK


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