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Mom says its our responsibility to spread the word

June 9th 2005 9:15 am
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There a thousands of animals abused and neglected each day, and thats just in your TOWN! Help prevent animal cruelty.



June 8th 2005 4:52 pm
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Today I was hanging out in the foyer, guarding the door (or napping on the cold tile), when I hear a knock at the door. Of course Mom comes down and tells me to sit so she can open the door. So I sit for about .00009 seconds, just until there is enough room for me to run out and see who knocked. Well it was this man named Groegory, and Mom says he is here for Buster's training? What the heck is training anyways?! So he and Mom talked for a while and we went outside for a walk, I got to walk with Mom. As usual things were fine, and they usually are until my nw bro see's absolutely any animal smaller then him. Then he alll stands still and wags his tail, I dont know why he wags his tail though, he wants to eat them! So next thing you know we come to a field where a egrette is. But this time, his trainer let him look for a while, but then when he went to tug, the trainer corrected him and made hi sit and stay. He howled so loud at the bird, it made me laugh!! Then Mom made me SIT! I guess I shouldnt laugh at my brother. Well, Mom is putting in Rush Hour, and thats my favorite movie, so BYE!!!



May 29th 2005 8:31 pm
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my brother is STINKY, I can barely breath sometimes! Moms face turns green everytime he farts. Mom says ladies dont fart. So whats that sound that mom makes in the morning sometimes? OOps, gotta go she cant believe I just wrote that, look like its the dog house for me!!



May 26th 2005 10:01 pm
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Dear Diary,

There is some new strange dog in the house! We went to Atlanta to meet him 2 times before Ma brought him home, I thought they were just "play dates'! He has a big head, and his coat is so dark. He lets me boss him around, which is uncommon Mom tells me. He isn't pushy though, mostly he drinks alot of water and finds Moms thing to chew. Sometimes when I feel like playing I just lay down and let him play with me, but when he gets to rough, I hook him up with a little reminder who's Boss. Sometimes my gets mad and tells me to be nice, How would she like having a mouth his size on Her head...jeeeez. anyways, he is fun to go on walks with, he likes to chase things, just like me. Mom says she never wanted "sled" dogs, but thats what she got. whatever that means?! Well, Mom says I need to hurry up so she can write about Buster, my brother. Bye!

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