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The life of Bellaboo

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I am still here!

April 27th 2006 11:29 am
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My Mommy is really bad about keeping up my diary for me. She hasn't entered anything in so long!

I am getting to be a very big girl now. I just turned two and Mommy said that I weigh a "ton". She can't lift me around anymore, so Daddy has to lift me up to places that I need to get if I can't jump.

I have been going to the beach a lot, and to the park. I also got a bunch of new toys.

Mommy is cleaning since Nana is coming to visit again! Gotta go spread some fur around to help her!


Catching Up

October 21st 2005 9:43 pm
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Well, my Mommy has been super-slack in writing in my journal for me. I will have to chew some of her socks for that.

I have been going through a "stage" as Mommy calls it. Daddy calls me his little stinker. Since I haven't been behaving as well as I should I am going back to school. I just hope I don't get stuck in time-out!

I have had to spend the past week resting since I got beat up a little bit a the park. A big dog knocked me down and wouldn't let me up, and I hurt my leg. Mommy had to carry me out of the park and bring me to the doctor because I cried when I tried to stand on my own. I feel all better now and want to play, but Mommy said I still have to take it easy a bit. This is no fun.

I should be able to play again soon, so I think Mommy is planning a day at the beach! Yeah!

Hugs, Bella



August 9th 2005 1:31 pm
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Mommy, Daddy, and I went camping! We went to Los Padres National Forest,and then to Oceano Dunes to camp on the beach.

It was a blast!!! I got to be really dirty and Mommy couldn't even give me a bath (ha-ha-ha). Plus Mommy had never been camping and didn't know how to potty outside, so I got to teach her. She's not very good at it.

I really enjoyed the mountains, but it got pretty hot in the valley .

Now we are back home to quiet life, and I am resting up for our next adventure!


Been a while

July 21st 2005 12:28 pm
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It has been a while since I last wrote in my journal. Serena has left for her furever home and Mommy has been travelling a lot on business. Everytime she takes out her blue suitcase I get upset and lay on it.

Daddy bought me a new toy while Mommy was gone so I am really excited. Daddy said if I chew it up, I won't get a new one. It is an arm that throws the ball really far. Daddy and I tested it in the ocean while Mommy was out of town. It works really well.

I am going to go take a nap now-- it is pretty warm and that makes me sleepy.


Serena is still here

July 3rd 2005 11:24 pm
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Serena and I have been playing nicely, Mommy said. Mommy posted a few pictures of her-- she's the white GSD in the photobook. I like her.

We went to the park today. I played ball with Daddy while Mommy worked with Serena on getting to know new people. Looked like I had more fun, but Serena seemed happy too.

Serena has to go to her new home on Wednesday. I will miss her, but Mommy said she is going to a good home that will love her forever. They already bought her a bed, so maybe she will leave mine alone. I don't like to share my bed.



June 27th 2005 1:02 pm
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Mommy brought home a new dog yesterday. She told me that Serena is our "foster" doggie and she is staying with use for almost two weeks.

I am not too sure about this. She likes to play with my toys, even if I bark at her. She also hogs my Mommy. Mommy said that she has "seperation anxiety". Also, while she is here Daddy and I can't play soccer because Serena is scared when Daddy kicks the ball. Mommy and Daddy said that something bad happened to her as a puppy, so she scares easily with men.

She is fun to run and play with. She likes to chase the tennis ball with me, and am sharing my bones with her.


Lazy Days

June 14th 2005 1:00 pm
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Hi- I haven 't written in a while. I have not done much lately. Mostly just the park to play ball. I have been kinda bored in the house with Mommy all day, since she works most of the time. She does take some time to throw my ball for me, though.

Daddy is sick right now, and Mommy won't let me go by him. I keep wanting to check on him by sticking my nose in his face, but Mommy said he needs to rest. That is no fun.

Gotta go-- looks like Mommy got the cookie bag out.


Big Trouble

June 7th 2005 10:20 pm
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Well, I haven't written in a while since my Nana was here (that is my Mommy's Mom). She kept me so busy. She wanted to play all the time! She took me to the beach and to the park.

Nana had to go home today. I wasn't too happy. I pouted and laid around most of the day. Mommy said that I must be tired.

Well, Mommy had to go out and she left me in the house all free. She does that a lot now that I am a big girl. But tonight I got bored. I found a brush and chewed it up so that I won't get brushed for a while. Then I found some stuff on the bathroom sink and tried to chew that up. It tasted bad, so I didn't chew the whole thing. I also got some sticks from the sink that had little fuzzy things on the end and chewed those up too.

Mommy was really mad when she got home. She told Daddy that I chewed up her "makeup brushes" that were on the sink and that I ate some "lipstick". She seemed suprised that I could reach them. She must think that I am smaller than I really am. I am pretty tall now.

I am going to hang around Daddy tonight since Mommy is mad. Maybe if I lay around and look cute she will forgive me...


Memorial Day Weekend

May 31st 2005 8:14 am
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We went to the beach again this weekend. This time we went to Ocean Beach. It was so fun-- I went swimming again, and ran around a bunch. Some nice guys let me play football with them. They thought I was cute.

For lunch, Mommy and Daddy got some hot dogs. Mommy couldn't eat all of hers, so I finished it off for her. I gobbled it up in about two bites. They don't make hot dogs big enough.

I took a quick nap in the sand next to Mommy, then ran around some more. We went to a horrible place after the beach. It was something called a "Dog Wash". They have big torture chambers called "bathtubs" and I got a bath. I don't see the point in getting all wet if I am not able to swim in the water. I made sure that Mommy got a bath too. Everytime she'd spray near my head, I'd shake water all over her. Ha-ha-ha.

I smell funny now, so I have to keep rolling around in the floor.


The Island

May 28th 2005 9:35 pm
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We went to Coronado Island today. There's a big beach with lots of other doggies. I went swimming in the waves, and then ran to the shore and shook water all over Mommy. She didn't laugh, but Daddy did.

Daddy brought my tennis ball and the long arm-thrower-thing. It makes the ball go really far. I bit a hole in my ball and it sunk after a while so I couldn't play ball anymore ...I dug a big hole instead.

Then a puppy named Fletch decided to share his ball with me (he looked like my cousin Sampson) and we played ball for a long time.

When we were done, I dug another big hole. Daddy tried to bury Mommy in the sand-- I didn't like that. I thought she might get stuck, so I whined and tried to dig her out.

We played for a really long time-- Daddy said it was 4 hours- and then I came home and took a long nap. I'm still pretty sleepy, so I am just going to lay around the rest of the night and chew my peanut butter bone that Mommy made for me.....

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