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We Miss YOU so much!

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Merry Christmas at Rainbow Bridge

December 24th 2011 7:14 pm
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My Beautiful Boy....

Now four years you are gone and not a day goes by that I don't think of you, or miss you and wish we could be together.

I know you are free of any pain, and you have Grandma to take care of you...but still, I want you with me. Some day we will all be together again, I promise you, my love.

Please know that I carry you in my my heart and no other can ever take your place.

With love from your Forever Mama....


It's Near That Time

October 20th 2011 11:43 pm
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My Dear An'GUS...

Another year without you and not a day goes by.....I am just about at the anniversary where you got so sick so fast..this is a very hard time of year for me. You know how much you meant to me, and nobody can ever take your place. I have never been the same since you left, but I know you are saving a place for me....and one day you will again, sleep on top of me, and make me laugh. There can only be one Forever Scottie for me. Roger, Magic and Riley all miss you, too!! I am so thankful for trained them well to be a lot like you! It's little Elliott who didn't have the pleasure of your company -- you would have had such fun with him! Please take care of Grandma for me because I expect to find both of you waiting for me. You are BOTH always with me, my SonShine.

With love from your Forever Momma


Happy Birthday my Sonshine!

January 22nd 2011 10:15 pm
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Hello my precious boy! Here I am having 'our birthday' but you aren't here! I do miss having our birthday 'parties' and pictures of you and me. But I know you are well and happy where you are, even if I miss you. You kept me smiling through a lot of very dark days and for that time I spent with you, I am truly lucky. You are never forgotten, and I carry you in my heart. I will never have an An'GUS shaped hole in my heart; so it is in my heart you must stay. Rest well, my love.

Your Forever Mom


Merry Christmas at Rainbow Bridge

December 24th 2010 8:36 pm
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An'GUS, my Love... I am still missing you, my Scottie SonShine... but I know you are happy, healthy, and that Grandma is taking good care of you. This is always a hard time of year for me because you got called back to Heaven on Decemer 27th -- 3 years ago. But I'm doing o.k. Now I have to focus on Roggie because he is 6 now, and this year HIS Daddy went to the Bridge!! Plaidie Lad was only 7 years and 2 months. So I have to make sure Roggie stays with me, and take really extra care of him. Remember when you always went twice a year for your Senior Checkups? Well, Roger goes next week for his first Senior Check up. Roggie really adored you!!! And you were so good with him and Christmas Magic! I guess you knew nobody could ever take your place in my heart. Every where I go, you are with me. Always. Please tell Grandma how much I miss her, and our cookie baking days...but we will all be together again, one day. She made Christmas special for me all her life, no matter how little we had. She is always with me, too. I need the two of you to wait for me and we will be happy together again when that day comes!

I love you both more than you ever knew.

Your Forever Mommy


It's That Time Again

November 12th 2010 10:18 pm
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My Precious Angel...

Once again, I am going through the anniversary of the weeks you were so ill. I never ever forget you and all the hard work you did to keep me happy! You dedicated your entire life to keeping my spirits up. And you always managed to do that.

Magic and Roger who knew you, are doing their best to fill in --but that was a big old hole you left in my heart. Tiny Elliott helps, but you know he's so small that the hole you left will never be closed.

At last I am home all the time and spending as much time as I can with Magic, Roger and Elliott. I was never able to do that for you...I wish I had been able.

You will always be #1 in my Heart, my Love. And remember to please take good care of Ernie George Bailey!! He just arrived at RB...and I promised his Momma you would guide him, because he's such a young guy!!

We love you, our Forever Scottie!

Mom and Dad


I Love You Free!

May 28th 2010 1:32 pm
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My Precious An'GUS....

I have known the answer to The Riddle for a long time...The Reason for the World......YOU and I!

Have a wonderful holiday there, and tell your Grandma that I miss her and wish she could be here...But I know she is well and happy there and taking care of all of our Bridge very many we have. She knows how much all of you mean to me.

The hardest times are when I am out walking Roger, Magic and Elliott. I remember how you loved to roll on your back in the morning dew-filled grass. Such a beautiful memory of you!!

Good night, my love, sweet dreams. Always remember, we will be together again.

Your Forever Mom


I Love You

April 22nd 2010 10:41 pm
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My Precious An'GUS!

My 2nd Spring without you begins. You would have loved this one. Cool enough to be comfortable! There was a never a Scottie who was such a joy to walk as you. Every one else pulls me and little "E" -- he doesn't want to walk at all! You were the first Scottie to convince me to go for walks! I was so sick one summer, and it was you who got me up on my feet and we walked daily, even in the winter, for the next 10 years! Remember the times I carried you home because it was too hot for you to finish, and the times you got snowballs in your toes, so I carried you then! I loved carrying you, An'GUS. And I still carry you in my heart. You are as light as a feather and having you there makes me feel as if you are still present. I hope we can find some Sunflower fields this year. The most beautiful field was the year we took you out to the Field of Dreams and I was so proud of you, such a good boy, with all those people around! You posed with me for pictures. It was one of the happiest days of my life, An'GUS, my sweet boy. Thank you for that beautiful day!

I love you always,
Your Forever Mom


Westminster Day 2010

February 16th 2010 6:35 pm
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Hello my Love!

I'm watching the annual Westminster Dog Show, remember you always watched with me waiting for the Scottie to win! But the Scottie never won! Tonight Sadie has a good chance, and I hope you are watching from your comfy cloud of blue....I want Sadie to win the Big One for you and all the Scotties who never got to see the Scottie win. She's beautiful, and has a wonderful personality too! I have been thinking of you so much today and wish you could be right next to me, once again. I always felt blessed that I had you and not the Scottie at the dog show. You will always be my Best in Show of the Heart.

I love you, An'GUS and you are always with me, never forget that!

Your Forever Mom


We have not forgotten you, Sonshine

January 28th 2010 9:13 pm
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My precious boy,

Mommy had a very bad Christmas season. You know we always have a hard time since it's the season you left us over two years ago. I was so tired from working and Daddy lost his job right before Thanksgiving. Still, not a day went by that I didn't think of you. I kept up your page, and your little brothers' pages on Dogster, and made them happy Christmas places to visit for other people. We had our Scottie Christmas Tree, and our Scottie DogHouse, and Scottie Train.... but for some reason, it was all I could do to get out of bed.

Your baby brothers kept good company with me. We always have a puppy pile on the bed, and I'm on the bottom. But it is you I want sleeping on top of me. It will always be you I need because you are the one who got me thru all the worst parts of my life, and -- now you're not here to do that job.

Even my birthday was so sad that I didn't get a birthday cake with both our names on it. Next year I have promised myself to take 'our' birthday off, and celebrate with you, again.

For now, I have to take one step at a time, and try to muddle thru without your long, beautiful face to make me laugh.

Today, for some reason, your little brothers started howling all at the same time, standing on the floor. It was almost like you were here again. Hearing you howl was one of life's greatest joys.

Please tell Grandma how much I love and miss both of you, and give each other a hug.

We all love you, An'GUS.

You Forever Mommy


An'GUS, You are not Forgotten!

October 1st 2009 10:32 am
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Dear Sonshine,

You raised $415 for Lollypop Farm this year! Remember them -- they took you in, and kept you safe just for ME. I will never forget that first day as long as I live. The first sight of you walking outside the shelter gym....into the gym where you ran and chased Cassy and Beardsley!! You were made for our family, Handsome Stranger. When I took you home, I took you on our patio, and the wind blew the fur back from your eyes. I do believe my heart stopped for the beauty that was you!

And you spent all of your nights right next to me, even on top of me. Dr. Kuntz adored you! He and Dr. Wiser took such good care of you, even when there was no hope. They got you thru one last Christmas for me....

We will be together again, Beautiful Boy. You keep waiting patiently and enjoy all the other Angel Babies who are there with you at The Bridge. When Mommy arrives, there will be nothing to keep us apart ever again.

I love you!

Your Forever Mom

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