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Home:Las Vegas, NV  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 16 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Cassandra, Baby, Stinky, Kitty-fish, KC-boo, Kelly Clarkson, Fuzy Butt and of course Super Dog.

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:
-mutt-pound dog-service dog
-dog rescue

November 20th 2000

FLYBALL, frisbee, agility, herding, and my Mama of course. I also love going to the beach or the lake, anywhere I can SWIM!

Fleas and people who don't pet ME.

Favorite Toy:
Chuckit, frisbee, tug toy, treat ball and my life size stuffed dog named Soccer *blushes* (I have been known to hump my Soccer).

Favorite Food:
Food? Did some one say food! I love food, lets see I love peanut butter, cucumbers, chicken strips, bullysitcks, cookies and any human food. My everyday B.A.R.F is okay too.

Favorite Walk:
Anywhere that does not require a leash. Runyon Canyon and Arbor Dog Park are a few of my favorites.

Best Tricks:
I am, of course the smartest dog ever (or so my mama thinks) so I can do whatever you ask of me. I also love eating cookies and for some reason my mama gives me a cookie when ever I do something "Super Dog-ish".

Arrival Story:
Hi, my name is Casey. My mama wanted to get a pet while she was in college so she decided to get a cat (eek!). She asked her landlord for permission but he said NO, but you can get a dog if you want. My mama was ecstatic, she had really wanted to get a dog in the first place but didnt think her landlord would allow it. So the search for the perfect dog started. She decided that she would rescue a dog because she wanted to help a dog in need. She searched the animal shelters on all her free time and just could not find a dog that she connected with. She was looking for a small, non-shedding, potty trained dog. She looked for months at all the local shelters but just couldnt find the right dog. Mama went online and saw that there was going to be an adoption fair in the next town over about an hour away. So off she went, in search for the perfect dog. My mama finally found me at the Monterey Bay Animal Shelter. She had been walking up and down the rows of doggies and finally stopped to pet a little cute brown puppy. She thought the puppy was the cutest little thing. She read his bio sheet and it said he was sort of shy but he came right up to my mama so she thought that maybe this was finally the connection she was looking for. As she was thinking how cute this little puppy was I rudely interrupted the by barking and whining and scratching in the next cage over. I told that little puppy, Im sorry, but I'm going home with that lady! My future mama finally looked over at me to see what all the commotion was about. She thought I was very cute and I looked like I really wanted to go out and play. So she decided to take me out to the meeting yard. She opened my cage door and before she knew it I was off. I ran off with my mama still in shock, I was trying to tell her okay lets go home, Im ready to be your furbaby. Someone finally caught me so my mama could take me out to the yard. I was so excited I just ran around, ran around and ran around some more. I wasnt really on my best behavior but I did sniff my mama a few times, enough to know I wanted to go home with her. After some deep though and a call to her roommates my mama decided to take me home. As I mentioned before my mama was looking for a small, non-shedding, potty trained dog. She read my info sheet before she adopted me and it said I was paper trained. I looked to be about 25 lbs and was probably full grown because I was already 7 months old and she ran her hand through my coat and I didnt seem to shed at all. Boy, was my mama in for a surprise because as soon as I explored my new digs I peed two times and pooped once upstairs. My mama was very surprised because my info sheet had said I was paper-trained. So she re-read my info sheet and realized that the box she thought that was checked next to "paper trained" was actually checked next to the "sometimes has accidents" box. It also turned out that I had worms, which freaked mommy out. But as cute, lovable and smart as I am my mommy soon fell in love with me and wouldnt trade me for any other pup in the whole wide world. Now Im a robust 42-pound dog that sheds on everything. But I tell my mommy one out of three is good..... At least I am now potty trained!

I was born in Monterey, California. We don't know much about the first few months of my life, all we know is that I was returned to the shelter because I was too energetic for my first owner and my name was Tiva (yuck!). When my mum adopted me I was 7 months and I moved to Santa Cruz. I loved it there, my mom was a student at the time so she had lots of time to take me out and her roommates where always home to take me out and keep me company. We enjoyed going to the beach, the park and playing with all my doggy friends. Then we moved to Cerritos, it was sad to say good-bye to my all my doggy friends. But then I lived with the Grandparents and they did whatever I wanted and give me treats all the time. All I had to do was bark at the cookie jar grandma would come and give me a cookie. Two when my mama wasnt looking. Then we moved to Fountain Valley. That was fun because we were close to the beach but I didn't have a yard. So we moved to Garden Grove where I am today so I could have my very own yard!! I am a moving dog and now I'm 5 years old. I hope next time we move I get a pool.

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Super Dog, Ta Da!!!!!

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My Tail of Devotion for CASEY the Super Dog! TF-I, TDI

July 28th 2006 10:42 pm
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Casey is definitely my Super Dog. She is the best dog ever. I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to have adopted her. She makes me realize how fun life is with her daily zest and enthusiasm for life. She brings joy not only into my life but to all others around her. She is the easiest dog to train. When I first got her I thought I was an excellent dog trainer with a natural ability. (BOL!) Not until I tried to train other dogs did I realize how smart and quick Casey is. At the dog park she is known as the “smartest dog at the park”. Hence the nick name Casey the Super Dog. Whatever activity we have tried she has been great at. We have done agility – she is way better at this them I am. We have put agility on hold right now so we can concentrate on flyball. We have tried herding – I am the worst sheep tender there is. I am always worried about being run over by the sheep. So her herding abilities are only limited by my horrible handling skills. We have done frisbee – we were actually going to compete but Casey had some problems with her knees and I don’t want to risk a life long injury so although she loves frisbee we will have to only play recreationally. There will be no high flying Super Dog, for that we will always be sorry for. So for now we are concentrating on flyball. Casey definitely loves flyball. I think this is the most fun I have had too. I love that it is actually a team sport. Casey is very competitive so she loves it too. Casey is also a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. Her biggest passion in life is people. She loves people even more then the ball or frisbee. I don’t really know much about her puppy hood and cant even imagine what she had to go through but for her to keep her loyalty and love for people so strong is just a testament on how great a dog she is. I tell Casey everyday that she is the best $50 bucks I have ever spent. When I adopted her she was discounted because she was a return. Can you believe someone returned a Super Dog to the pound! Their loss was my greatest gain.

I love my Super DOG!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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I love kids and they love me!

May 21st 2006 4:45 pm
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Yesterday I had the most special adventure ever! One of the reasons I got my therapy dog certification was so I could help kids. My mama once saw a dog helping a child read and she thought it was the most special thing ever. Well yesterday was the first chance I had to work with children. It was a foster child fun day. It should have been called a therapy dog fun day because I had the time of my life! There were many different activities for the children, they things like a craft booth, game booth and we were the therapy dog booth. I think we were the most popular booth, I might even go to say I was the most popular dog. That just might be my big ego talking because I did hear a few kids telling my mama that I was their favorite dog. But I heard others kids saying they had other favorites too. These foster kids were great, they petted me and I was in heaven. I did all my tricks and they laughed and giggled. I gave them doggie hugs and rolled over so they could rub my tummy. I gave kisses – even thought I’m not supposed too but the kids loved it. I love kids and they love me! It is amazing that all these kids are so well adjusted and have such a great outlook on life when they must have been through some really hard times in their short life. It is sort of near and dear to my heart because each of these kids was “rescued” just like me. I have always thought I was lucky because my mama found me at the pound and rescued me. Even though if you asked her she would say that I rescued her instead of the other way around. I can’t wait until the next time I get to work with kids. I love kids! I told my mama that maybe she should have one so I will have a baby brother or sister and she gave me a weird look. I wonder why?


Whoa, today I went swimming in my new pool!

May 13th 2006 4:32 pm
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This is how it all began. I went to the physical therapist this week and she told me and my mama that I am showing the beginning signs of a torn ACL. My mama was very sad because she thought I was just getting over my knee problems. I am just starting to get good at flyball and we were both very sad because we thought I would have to stop playing the sport that I love. The physical therapist told my us that if my knee was going to tear it would do going to no matter what I do. If I stopped playing and jumping it would probably prolong the actual tear but my quality of life would go down. So she told us to just let me be a dog and have fun. If it my ACL was going to tear it would be better sooner then later because having surgery is much easier on a young dog then an older one. The best advice my physical therapist gave us was to strengthen me up as much as possible so if I ever did have to have surgery I would be able to recover quickly. The physical therapist also told us that swimming is very good for me because it is low impact but a very good work out. Here is where the adventure beings. My mama thought about this long and hard. She could take me to the lake every week, it is sort of far, 40 min away. The physical therapist told her that I would need to swim at least twice a week for it to actually help me. It would be very hard to take me to the lake twice a week because it is so far and because gas prices are so much these days. But if she had to she was willing to do it. Then she thought about taking me to hydrotherapy but looked into the prices and OMD it is like $50 bucks a session and your session could be anywhere between 5-30 min. Hmm… back to the drawing board, what else could my mama do!

She bought me my very own pool!! It was the deepest pool with the shortest diameter pool that she could find because we don’t have a big backyard. It took her a very long time to put together even though on the box it said 3 easy steps. When she was done she thought it would have been much easier if she had Grandpa do it. Then it took forever to fill with water. I patiently waited for like 45 minutes. Dang!! It must have used a lot of water, good thing it’s the one utility my mama doest pay for. So finally when everything was set up she put my life vest on and in I went. We didn’t know if it was going to be deep enough for me to swim in but it was! The water was a bit cold though. My mama will have to put some hot water in it next time. I had a blast though! I saw circles and my mama threw my ball for me. I was having lots of fun until my mama grabbed the handle on my life vest and made me swim in place for 5 minutes. What a mean mommy! I guess I got a good work out but that should be considered doggie abuse. I got such a good work out I’m very tired now and can barely keep my eyes open to finish this. I just want everypup out there that they should get a pool to swim in. It is very fun and a very good way to keep in shape. Until next time pups, Super Dog is going to take a nap.

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