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Kupu's Diary

Sunday, September 25 2005

September 26th 2005 7:46 pm
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My best friend Conrad and I went to visit our Auntie Blossom today. We had fun playing in her yard and we caught a rat! I guess our hunting instincts kicked in and we did what we were bred to do. Happy Hunting!


Thursday, September 21 2005

September 23rd 2005 12:49 am
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Today was an exciting day. I was playing with my basketball near the shore and it bounced into the water. It started to drift out into the SF Bay. My best friend Conrad jumped into the water and swam after it. However, he is so small that he could not push it back. I was a little afraid for him, but he managed to swim back to us. I was so sad because I thought I lost my ball forever. It was drifting really far away. Then a lady came kayaking past us and we asked her if she would get the ball. Cathy readily agreed and she got my ball back! What a nice lady! I want to Thank her again ! I am so happy that I got my ball back!


Saturday, June 24

June 25th 2005 10:46 pm
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Oh, it's a sad day for me. First, my best PAL left for a short trip back East. I'll miss her and I can hardly wait until she gets back. She always had a kind word and a yummy treat for me. The coming week is going to seem so long.
Later in the day I went for a walk and lost my favorite basketball. That was the one I liked to play soccer with! I was playing with it and it bounced into the Bay! Before anyone could get it, it drifted away!
What a sad, sad day for me!


Tuesday, June 21

June 21st 2005 7:52 am
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I had great fun the other day. I found a dead fish on the shoreline and rubbed myself all over it! Boy, my
Mommy was angry and she made me take a bath! What a life!


Sunday, June 19 2005

June 20th 2005 7:31 am
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Another Great Day in Marin! I finally met another Jack Russell that was taller than me! I thought I was the biggest Jack Russell in Marin. Oh Well, back to chasing my soccer ball.

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