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I'm the birthday boy!!

I appreciate every birthday!

February 10th 2013 3:40 pm
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Today is my birthday and I'll be spending it without my mother around. She's not dead, she's on a business trip to Amsterdam and she's not happy about missing my birthday. Maybe I'll get a few more presents.

This has been my most challenging year. Almost a year ago I got a new brother after my other terrific brother, Buster Elmer, went up to the Rainbow Bridge. This pest, Elmer Gus, has gotten on my last nerve. If he drops a toy or treat on the floor when I'm walking by, he thinks I'm stealing it and he picks a fight with me. Glad Mom and Dad are always around to save me and he's always in his "special room" when they have to go out. I know he's so darn cute but give me a break! I've also lost most of my sight due to glaucoma but I can still see a little bit. I get drops in my eyes all day long and I'm okay with that. But the most challenging thing was the pancreatic cancer. I seem to be holding my own and I will be seeing Dr. Clifford in the next few weeks for a follow up. I'll be having a special celebration when Mom gets home!


Saturday was my birthday!

February 14th 2006 11:34 am
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Well, all week long all I'm hearing is birthday, birthday, birthday. Mom wanted to make a big deal about this probably because I've been doing a lot of barking lately. What does she expect. I was in a nice house before and was the king doggie. My former dad got sick and I'm here now with 2 brothers and a sister with attitude. Not used to this sharing thing but the cuddling is pretty good. So are the toys, treats, special gourmet doggie food, constant tummy rubs, behaviorist, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, fenced in BIG backyard, running on the beach.....Okay, it's a pretty good life.

So, on my big day, Mom took me (and ONLY me) to Petsmart for a little shopping trip. Got lots of treats, more toys, compliments from people on my "handsomeness"!!! Yes, it's a good life and Happy Birthday to me!

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