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September 5th 2005 6:37 pm
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A couple of weeks ago I had to get some teeth removed. I broke them while I was chewing a bone. I wasn't feeling so good, didn't want to eat. But now I feel so much better, I'm bounding around again, playing w/ my younger brother.



October 23rd 2004 11:47 am
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All week Dad kept saying "we are NOT keeping him", "he's going", "I'm contacting Aussie Rescue". Mom kept saying "look how bonded he is to us" (it's true, he was ridiculously happy waiving his tail nub when he saw us sisters, Mom & Dad, and our human brothers), "we should try to work with him" (I think she likes to take him on leash walks - I'm not a leash walk kind of dog, I like to explore ahead, and I listen, I wait & come when asked).

Today, you are not going to believe this! I heard Dad talking to Kay from ARPH today. HE TOLD HER WE ARE KEEPING HIM!

well that's cool. Guru was telling me he really didn't like where he was earlier this week & on wednesday. He said he was trying to be good so he could stay w/ us. He said even Kharma seemed to more want to play with him instead of snapping at him.

Maybe he'll be my boyfriend. I'm definitely cuter & smarter than Rani or Kharma (don't tell them I told you that). Besides no one can resist the 'paws' thing. Just give me a little more time, I'll have him wrapped around my little dewclaw.



October 23rd 2004 11:39 am
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Strange. I thought Mom was just taking Guru for a walk, but she came back without him. The crate is still here. I'm not sure what's going on.

Guru came home w/ Dad tonight. It was crazy, Guru was insanely hyper. I don't think he went on any walks. Oh, Guru told me he was at this place & locked up and then they gave him some medicine which made him very very tired. When he woke up, he kind of hurt down there, plus he was swollen. And no, no one would take him for a walk.

Well, despite Guru telling me this, He's still insanely humpy. Must not hurt that bad! He won't go to sleep tonight, he's driving everyone insane. Mom put him in his crate around 3:30am & then had to run downstairs at 4am since he was barking & howling like crazy. Then Dad got up way before his alarm. I don't know, I was comfy in my bed & didn't feel like going downstairs to check things out.

Mom & my human brother Darrell took him for a long walk this afternoon. Also Mom brought home some new toys & treats. We all got beef hooves. MMHMM they are so stinky but taste soooo good. I keep stealing Guru's which gets Mom & Dad all riled up. Hey, He's low dog on the totem pole.. besides it's not like he says anything when I take it. Hmm, maybe he's falling in love with me.



October 23rd 2004 11:28 am
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OH NO! Guru is back! He seems even more hyper than usual. Though I did kind of miss him... yeh, I flirted with him again. He likes me too!

You should have seen Kharma's face when she saw him. Man, was she startled.

I heard the lady say she took him for a 1 1/2 hr walk today. Doesn't seem like it. The kids were cute, but they said they didn't like Guru & their dog Jazz hated him. Rani scared the kids. She was just trying to jump up & give kisses, but they freaked out when she jumped up. Rani loves kids & would never hurt them... at least never purposely. Me? I just roll on my back & do the paw wave & everyone just falls in love with me. I'm always the favorite when kids come over because I'm the smallest & I'm adorable since I have 2 different breeds in my genetics.

So, anyway, Mom took him for an hour walk & he was a heck of a lot calmer when they got back. Mom was happy, she got to play Burnout: Takedown on Xbox and then watch her TV. He just slept.



October 23rd 2004 11:21 am
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Weird, Mom & Dad were acting kind of funny today. Then they made us go outside & when we came back in the Crate & Guru were gone! I'm kind of torn because he is such a cutie and now there's no one to chew on my ears. But then again, it's kind of peaceful around here.

Anyone can tell that Kharma is a lot happier. She's cuddling with Mom & Dad & purring like she does (sometimes I think she was raised by cats!). Rani doesn't really seem to care one way or the other, though Guru didn't seem to want to do her... though Rani is a lesbian it seems.

This is cool, we got to lick off their plates after breakfast this morning. I lllloooovee eggs & I even got a little bit of sausage. Just me & my sisters, back to normal.

Mom has been staying up so late playing that stupid game on the computer. She's been ignoring my barkles... doesn't she realize that I just want to go up to my bed instead of sleeping down here! (I can't just go up there because there's a gate blocking the stairs-- though I won't disturb Dad, but she won't listen!) Then she complains about being tired the next day. JEEZZ!



October 23rd 2004 11:12 am
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Mom & Dad were moving stuff around today. We thought they were just cleaning up, but then that wild brown dog came over! Kharma does not like him. I really do think he's cute... yeh, I guess I'm a bit of a flirt. I think he is staying! There's this huge crate in our family room.

Dad also put up a zip line in the back yard... I think we have a brother! They call him Guru Shiva. Sometimes they call him Gooey.

I don't know how long this will last though, since Kharma doesn't like him and Mom & Dad keep yelling at him since he keeps getting into stuff, chewing on the chair & their shoes, and not letting them watch TV.

Mom stayed home w/ us yesterday & today. And she took him for a long walk & that seemed to help calm him down. He keeps trying to 'do' me; I don't mind that he chews on my tail or my ears. I can't help but flirt with him, he's adorable and he's got this naive personality. He is a little young for me though, I think Mom & Dad said he was 7 months old.

Dad stayed home w/ us today. Wow, this is nice, though we're not getting our afternoon nap.

Mom & Dad won't let us lick their plates anymore, what a waste of good food. Must have something to do w/ Guru being here. This kind of sucks. *sigh*

Though we seem to be getting more treats with the new dog around. And I'm not shy, I love barking at 2am when Mom gets home from work, she always gives in & gives me a cookie because she doesn't want me to wake up Dad & the neighborhood. I'm such an instigator. At least I only bark when I want something, not at every little leaf that floats by like my sisters.

Mom & Dad are keeping Guru on a leash and the leash is attached to their ankle. Rani, Kharma & I are getting mad because he's getting all the attention. Why does he get to have all the pets? I want MY belly rubbed. At least we get to still sleep upstairs with Mom & Dad while Guru stays in the family room. Then before Mom gets out of bed, she calls us onto the bed & cuddles w/ us for a while before we get Guru from his crate.

Hey, Guru gets different dog food then us... what makes him so special? And darn it, they keep putting his dish on top of the crate when he's out & I can't reach that high to get some!



October 23rd 2004 10:52 am
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This wild brown dog came over for a visit today. He's bigger than Rani already. Thank the dog heavens that he was here only for a short time. He was afraid of everyone, very skittish and jumpy. The people who brought him called him Shy. He is kind of cute.

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