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Today is My Gotcha Day

March 31st 2010 2:11 pm
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Today is my Gotcha Day. 6 years ago today I met my momma. I was actually taken out of that horrible house on 3/30 and stayed one night at the people's house that got me out of there. On 3/31, they brought me into Manhattan to my new home. I had my tail tucked between my legs and was petrified of this tall woman. She brought me in her house, set up my crate, scrubbed the whole thing while I roamed around sniffing. Within an hour, we were snuggling on the couch. This was great as I was locked in a crate in a basement for almost a year (my whole life at that point). Well, I do not have to tell you the rest but we both think we are the luckiest. Momma tells me everyday how loved I am and that I was the smartest thing she ever did in her life. It was meant to be!!!

I turn 7 on 4/5. That should be fun too!!!!


I was Tagged by Bean

January 20th 2009 12:25 pm
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I'm it again! 7 more things about me...
1. I love when mom has friends over.
2. I steal something and run when I am not getting enough attention
3. I sleep in the center of the bed and annoy mom
4. I headbutt mom all the time I need her to lift the covers
5. I love going to visit family and friends
6. I hate my neighbor Charlotte (French Bulldog) - she always mutilates my toys - but mom only leaves out the old ones while she is in the house (Mom - keep her out of the house!)
7. I like to be carried to bed in the evening

Your turn...
make a diary entry with 7 things about you. Then pmail 7 of your pals. Tell them to read your diary and then they write their own diary entry with 7 things about them and they sent it to 7 of their pals and so on.


Exciting Announcement!!!

November 5th 2008 11:30 am
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I wanted to let you all know that my Poppy (mom's stepdad) won yesterday. He is now a New York State Supreme Court Justice!!

**Foz spins in excitement**

My new theme song (which I intend to bark on my way into the new courtroom - yes, I will get in there somehow):

Here comes the Pug!
Here comes the Pug!

- of course, the instrumental from the song "Here comes the judge" is playing as I strut into the courtroom.

All will stop and admire the new Grandpugstice (Mom, hey mom, get me a matching robe to Poppy's so I can sit and make decisions!)

Criminals to jail!!

Pet abusers to suffer the same treatment as the pet you abused!!! (I will try and talk to Poppy about this one - if he disagrees - I will start pooping in his house again - BOL!! - we all know who is really in charge!!)

Thank you for reading!


I ran away...but I was found...

July 18th 2008 7:41 am
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My mom had to go to London on business so I was with my Tante Suzie (aunt in yiddish). She took me to the country house in the Catskills on July 3rd. Mom did not leave until July 7th. Anyhow, it was after the fireworks and there were about 12 people at the house when I made a break for it. I plotted how to get over the porch...they thought I was well secured. I knew how to get under the main gate and off I went. Now, I wear a harness with my tags but when home, they are off. I flew up the country road - all were looking for me. I was away for 6 hours in total - from the house that is...

About 1 1/2 miles up the road, a man stopped and scooped me up. He drove me to the animal control lady's house as it was a holiday. Small town, they all know each other. The next day, she took me to animal control with her and there was a message from Tante Suzie looking for me.

She called, we pretended it was my mom as Tante Suzie did not want to tell my mom. She got me all safe and sound. The animal control lady told her how lucky she was to get me back. I need to wear tags full time (now I do) and that I am too spoiled. How about that...too spoiled. She said I was not scared at all. I was walking around like I owned the place, inside and out. I took over her house as well and made myself pack leader.

Well, bad night for Tante's family. She thought she lost her best friend (my mom) and her best friend's best friend (me) all in one shot. The little kids were up waiting for me and Tante's chow chow, Hiccup, layed by the front door all night. When she heard a noise, she got up to see if I was home.

Tante left the next morning with Hiccup and I for the city. She said I could not be trusted up there so back we went. I am a city dog! The rest of the time, I was a good boy.

Tante was not sure she would tell my mom at all. But within 10 minutes of mom's entry into the apartment, it was out. Mom was pretty angry at me, upset for Tante and the whole gang that was worried all night.

I now wear my contact tag (mom's number) and my microchip tag on my new collar all the time. I have my rabies tag, city registration and pet assure on my harness for when I am out of the house. I am living under a new regime. Mom is strict. I must listen or I get a squirt from the water bottle. She says it is for me and that this will never happen again. We were extremely lucky I was not killed or stolen.

One thing we both know...we were meant to be together!!


I was Tagged

April 18th 2008 1:57 pm
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My crazy, fun loving pal Pious tagged me for his new game! Here goes!

Name four jobs you have:
1) Apartment Watch Pug - bark at every nose that I hear coming from outside the apartment.
2) Greeter - whenever friends come by to visit, I always run in circles and bark to welcome them.
3) Taste Tester - I help my mom by tasting all the chewable and edible treats she brings home.
4) Pug of Reason - I stay in bed until as absolutely have to get up to go to daycare or because Mom wants coffee.

Name four places where you have lived (or stayed at)
1) Yonkers, NY - where I was locked in the basement.
2) Gramercy Park, NYC - Mom and my first apartment together.
3) West Village, NYC - Mom and my current apartment.
4) Nana's, Pop-Pops, Tante, Uncle & Auntie, Aunt Lynn & Uncle David' got lots of houses to go to!!!

Name 4 places that you have been:
1) Berkshires to visit the summer camp Mom grew up in and loved
2) Maryland to my tante's
3) Tri-State area for family and friends
4) Connecticut Shore (I love the sand!)

Name 4 places you would rather be:
1) In a big room full of a never ending supply of treats.
2) Romping about at a house with a lush lawn of green grass.
3) Sitting on my humom's lap.
4) Around people with food

I am tagging the following four:

1. Sophie Amore
2. Meisje
3. Bonnie
4. Maja

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