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Chica Counts Her Blessings

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A lovely visit

April 9th 2006 6:10 pm
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We had a lovely visit today from Mom's other daughter and her sweet little doggy, Biscuit. For those of you that don't know, Mom has two 2-legged daughters. The younger one is our favorite babysitter, but Mom says that both may be babysitting from time to time. This is very fine by long as Biscuit comes along. Biscuit is a very sweet Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix. She is mostly white, but like me she is red headed. She is very sweet, polite and fun to play with. Mom was very careful to introduce us in a safe way so that we all had time to talk before we had time to sniff. After we settled down in each of our four crates, Mom lets us out. First Biscuit and Rascal, because Rascal is so easy going. Then Mom let me out. I immediately assumed the mother role and protected Biscuit when Mom finally let Spinner out. Spinner is a bit excitable and he barks loudly. I let Spinner know quickly that yelling was ugly and he had to stop. Before long, we were all lounging around the house together. I snuggled with both the 2-legged sisters and found their snuggle most excellent. So to all you dogs who have visitors, be nice. Visitors are fun to have and a blessing to know.

Blessings: New sisters, new friends, old sisters, old friends, Biscuit, Rascal, Spinner, BRAT, Mom & Dad, snuggles, smiles, warm hugs, time to play, time to rest, Friends on Dogster, having many many blessings.


If Basenji Divas ruled…

March 9th 2006 9:23 am
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If Basenji Divas ruled…

If Basenji Divas ruled the treats
Treats would weigh a ton
And all would replenish instantly
To begin again, the minute they’re done

If Basenji Divas ruled the table
The table would be low
We’d climb upon and sniff around
And no one would say “NO”

If Basenji Divas ruled the couch
The couch would be snuggly and soft
It would sit in the sun, we could dig and run
And we’d never be told “OFF”

If Basenji Divas ruled the yard
It’d be clean and free of rain
The grass would be self cleaning
And never leave a stain

If Basenji Divas ruled the neighborhood
All critters would defer to us
And let us make our Mohawk
Without so much as a fuss

If Basenji Divas ruled the world
What a great world it would be
For all pets would have happy, safe homes
Just like Spinner, Rascal and me.

Blessings: Cookies, sun spots, safe and happy homes, friends and family.


The Holy Grail of Cookies

March 7th 2006 8:00 am
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Mom sent Dad to the store for cookies. Dad always buys the bestest cookies. Sometimes we get Milkbone or Scooby Doo, but this time Dad brought home the Holy Grail of Cookies. Mom says he bought them by mistake because they're the same brand as our food, but I say Dad knew what he was doing. Dad brought home (brace yourself small dogs of the world) COOKIES FOR LARGE BREED DOGS. Oh my goodness, it takes forever to eat one of these things. You nibble the corners, break it into pieces and hide all over the house. You can share a bite with your brother and not miss it at all. I even left a few pieces for Hazel (that's my Roomba vac). This is the life! You sit nicely for one cookie and you can ignore Mom's commands for the rest of the day. I highly recommend them. If you go to the store with you Mom or Dad, beg, cry and plead for the large breed cookies. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Blessings: Dad who knows how to pick a cookie, Mom who gives us the cookie, the cookie for being so good, the cookie box for sitting on the edge of the table cause I'm gonna get it, Spinner for being a sloppy cookie eater, BRAT for finding me a home with the best cookies, all my friends in Basenji's Rock--Thanks for the Rosettes, Dogster for giving me a place to share my adventures.

Don't forget to count your cookies--OOPS, I mean Blessings!


Wow, Thank you Dogster

March 6th 2006 4:53 am
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I'm honored to be a Dogster Daily Diary Pick for a second time. Thank you Dogster for giving me an outlet for my basenji antics. Basenjis are often misunderstood. I hope that by sharing my thoughts and blessings those who read this diary will get a picture of what a basenji can be. Mom tells me I'm not exactly a good representative of the breed because I lack the general aloofness. Me and my buddy Cheyenne know that part of being a Basenji Diva is is being loved by everyone, which leaves little time to be aloof.

I hope you'll continue reading my diaries. In the coming days, we will be welcoming into our home a new basenji boy, Rascal. We are all excited to see how we will interact. Spinner, my silly non basenji brother, and I hope that Rascal loves to play as much as we do. We will show him our favorite game: the Basenji-Catalab 500, fence monstering and sitting for cookies.

I am a very thankful basenji diva. Will you count blessings with me?

Blessings: Dogster-for giving a basenji diva a place to express herself, my buddy Cheyenne, my friends in the Basenji's Rock group (especially Dawn-Ri and her mom who set it up), BRAT who rescues basenjis like me and gives them good homes, Spinner my Catalab brother, Mom and Dad who love me unconditionally, my new brother Rascal, my human sister and her boyfriend who are my favorite babysitters, Bread, Cookies, counting blessings.


Fun with Robotics

March 3rd 2006 7:30 pm
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I told Patan about this already, but my Dad got me and Spinner a robot vac. It cleans up all the hair that Spinner leaves on the floor while Mom is away at work. I, of course, do not leave all that much hair so I have to do other things to keep the robot's tummy full. Last night, I heard one of those couch critters inside Spinner's favorite bed. I thought to myself "Chica, I can get rid of the couch critter and feed the robot vac all at the same time". I'm so smart I surprise myself. Anyway, I chewed a hole right in the middle of that bed and started pulling out the stuffing. Spinner is mad at me, Mom fussed at me and that darned robot got choked trying to clean up my beautiful mess. Mom even got out the big mean scarey vac and it got choked. Mom had to get on her hands and knees with a bag and pick up all the chunks of foam. Mom got the vacs unchoked a few minutes ago and she even laughed about what a thorough job I did.

I'll wait a few weeks for Mom and Spinner to forget about being mad...and I'll do it again.

Blessings: My Roomba, my basenji friends, BRAT, Spinner to take the blame when I do naughty things, Mom to clean up my messes, Dad for buying me my Roomba.


An Ode to Bread

February 20th 2006 5:03 pm
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On the edge of the table
Tempting my basenji nose
Soft, chewy, delicious
Fills my belly
Trouble well worth the risk
Make it look like Bunmi took it
I'd rather be dead that give up Bread

Blessings: Bread, yada yada yada, Bread, yada yada yada, Bread, not getting in as much trouble as I thought, Bread, yada yada yada, Bread, getting dinner anyway, Bread.


Chica the Basenji Ambassador

February 19th 2006 8:25 am
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I recently had the opportunity to do a home visit for Basenji Rescue & Transport. It is my job to check out the house to see if a basenji would like to live there. Of course, I had to take Mom and Dad along to drive the truck because they won't let me have the keys to Dad's Z3. Anyway, we went to a really nice home where a man lived alone. Can you imagine...a human living alone? Well, we just have to do something about it. A home cannot be complete without a loving critter.

The man was really nice and he scratched my ears. Mom and Dad told me "NO" when I tried to jump up on the couch, but the nice man said it was okay. I checked out the kitchen next and found nothing to get into. What is this guy thinking? Basenjis like paper and trash and goodies dropped to the floor but there was none to be had. Mom thought this was good...silly Mom. Then I checked out the hole in the wall. It was a cold day, which is rare in south Texas, and he had a bright red warmness glowing in the hole in the wall. It felt good to curl up in front of and I wasn't able to get too close. Mom thought that was safe enough and I thought it was pure heaven. Maybe Mom and Dad will put a warm glow in our hole in the wall (fireplace). I showed my good manners by asking politely to go outside. Dad took me out and then we came back in so I could warm up by the warm glow. When it was time to go, I let the man scratch my ears again to show him how fun it was.

Mom and Dad took me to Petsmart afterward, we bought dogfood and cookies. As always, there were noisy barking dogs. Barking is an annoying language to me so I yodel to show them how better to speak.

I was a tired Diva when we returned home and promptly took my place on the couch...after chasing Spinner around the back yard for a bit. The man had a nice home, but I'm glad to be back in mine.

Blessings: Warm glows in the hole in the wall, meeting new people who want a rescue basenji, visiting Petsmart and teaching barkers how to yodel, Mom, Dad and Spinner...and the hope of Rascal, my extended human family, cuddling on the couch, loving and being loved, a nice bowl of kibble when my tummy growls, a cool drink of water when my yodeller is dry, the sun to warm my skin and the moon to lul me to sleep, the nice people of Basenji Rescue and Transport who helped me live to count many many blessings.


Thank You Dogster

February 8th 2006 8:41 pm
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Who would have thought that less than a year from being on death row, I would be in my forever home and have my diary chosen as a Dogster Diary of the Day. I'm truly honored.

They say that its always darkest before the dawn. Death row was pretty dark. Heartworm treatment was darker still. Yet here I am to count my blessings. If you don't count your blessings, you're missing a lot of blessings.

Blessings: Dogster and Dogster friends, my Dogster Diva Bestest Friend Cheyenne (and her family-Marlowe and Apache), my Bestest Goofy Basenji Wannabe Brother Spinner, my soon to be Basenji Baby Brother Rascal, of course Mom and Dad, the 800+ volunteers of Basenji Rescue & Transport, my favorite vet at Portland Veterinary Hospital (and his kind staff) who keeps me barooing happy tunes, my Human Sister and her Boyfriend who keeps me safe when Mom and Dad are away, cuddling, warm beds, healthy food, fresh water, Jay Leno to put me to sleep at night, having more blessings to count than will fit in a Dogster Diary.



February 5th 2006 5:28 pm
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Mom and Dad went away for the night and my human sister stayed with us. My human sister is my favoritest person besides Mom and Dad. Her boyfriend came along too and he's pretty nice. He once caught me when I accidently got past Mom at the front door. Anyway, Spinner and I had a nice time, but it sure is good to have Mom and Dad back home today. I've glued myself to Mom's leg and she's had a hard time getting the laptop to balance on one knee. Cuddling is good!

Blessings: Humans that come to the house to stay with you when Mom and Dad go away, Mom and Dad coming home again, Spinner to keep me company, being loved by all the above and cuddling.


Its a Boy!

February 4th 2006 6:01 am
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I'm getting a Rascal (that's a baby brother). He's a good boy coming from a good breeder in Virginia. Mom and Dad have been talking about getting a puppy for a long time.

Rascal is a runner, running with the big dogs at 8 weeks. Dad thinks he might like to try lure coursing or agility. I, of course, will be the cheerleader. I just know Spinner would love to run but he's too goofy. If there were a doggy goofy contest Spinner would win hands down.

We're all getting excited to finally have Rascal home.

Today's blessings: Mom and Dad, good food, warm bed, healthy heart, goofy brother, new baby brother on the way.

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