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Dallas Extraordinaire

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RIP little Boogie!!

November 7th 2009 5:29 pm
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our little Boogie was hit by a car today and killed!

RIP little Boogie


Dyson (Monster)

June 3rd 2009 11:27 am
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We (or rather mom) was one of the ones selected by Dogster and Dyson to Product Test the new Dyson DC28 Airmuscle vacuum, goes on sale June 7th, 2009.
Product Testing for Dyson
We got one a few weeks ago and mom was a cleaning nut. Then she started having problems with the monster, didn't hurt our feelings at all. I would chase mom and that DC28, while the other went in hiding! I thought maybe that airmuscle monster was afraid of me and just stopped. BOL !! But no, mom, Dogster HQ and Dyson talk, next thing I know there is another one being delievered.
Well now I will tell you mom's side. You would not believe the way this machine picks up dog hair and dirt. Mom knew the old vacuum wasn't picking up the hair like it should but I had no idea how bad it was until she used this. She said the air even seems cleaner. you should hear her on the phone with family and friends. She even told my human aunt that when she goes to Texas to visit she will take it with her and vacuum her house. She said she would do the aunts houses and nana's house. Told them after they see how great this Dyson DC 28 AirMuscle is they will buy one. Even had a friend of a friend that mom doesn't even know call and mom told her about it and she is going to go buy one next week when it hits the stores. Mom was telling her things like, it has 2 filters, that you just rinse about every 3 months and let dry, it is a little heavy but not to bad. Mom said if everyone else had 5 dogs that shed you do have to empty the canister a lot and it would help if that was a little bigger but she doesn't think after using it regular she will have to empty it as much as the first few times.
Mom said now if she can get us to sit next to it with out me trying to bite it and SassyGirl being scared of it she will put a picture of the monster on our page!
Thank you Dogster and Dyson! (mom's words not mine!!)


I am the Boss!!

March 4th 2009 8:54 am
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All the furs (even the fosters know it right from the start) in this house know, the house and the yard (mom too! even though she doesn't always go along with me) that I am the protector and ruler!
If we are all out in the backyard and someone goes by the outside of the fence, I make them get on the deck and stay until I think they are safe to get back in the yard. Well!! that little furball Rascal decided he would try to keep me off the deck! What was he thinking! that little white rascal, started barking and jumping at me like he could keep me from getting on the deck! I let him get by doing it a few times, when I decided he was serious!!! So I decided to take charge, I start to get on the deck (after the 5th time) Rascal barking his little head off and jumps at me, I growl and bark and jump back at him, BOL !! he jumps back and starts running to mom! BOL !! runs and stays under mom and starts barking at me. He must have thought mom was going to take his side. She kinda did, she told me to leave him alone but she also told Rascal to hush!
For about an hour he just laid there, didn't bother me. Well a big truck pulled up to the house so I made all of them get on the deck so I could peek through the gate and see what it was. checking back to make sure they were staying where they were suppose to. But here comes Rascal! What was he thinking!! I checked the gate to make sure it was ok for me to leave my post and went after Rascal! SassyGirl didn't like that so she joins forces with Rascal, they both start barking at me and run at me!! SO I show some teeth, they both stop, Rascal looks at SassyG like what do we do. SassyG takes a step forward, I jump at her and bark, she wised up and ran back to the deck, that just left Rascal in the yard alone with me!! he realized he was all alone and took off, straight to the door, where mom was standing! She has been telling me for a long time, that I am not the boss of the backyard. she made me and Rascal come in an lay down for a "break" while Boogie, who the whole time listened to me and did what I said and SassyG got to play.
This is all that furball Rascal's fault. If he would just do what I say we could go play too!!


Today is my 5th Birthday!

December 19th 2008 10:34 am
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Woohoo!! Today is my birthday, been here 5 yrs. Mom said she is so happy too, cause the first few years she wasn’t sure I would make it to be 5. Not sure why, something about me eating the concrete, eating the hall wall, eating holes in the carpet. I chewed up mom’s Birkenstock shoes and dress shoes for work; I remember she wasn’t happy about that at all because she hadn’t even taken them out of the box.
Then there was the panty hose!!!! Mom said it is a good thing they game out! She doesn’t know I got them and ate them but at least I pooped them out! BOL !!!
Then there is the 2 sofa’s I’ve destroyed, I only say 2 cause the other 2 SassyGirl helped destroy them! Then there is under the bed! Did you know that there is this tasty material stuff under the bed and when you rip it off there are these silver springy things that you don’t want to get your nose caught in!
There is that noisy lawn mower that I hate so I chewed the tires on them, I have tried my best to get rid of the vacuum but those things don’t chew up to easy!
Of course there are the 1000’s of stuffed toys that have been de-stuffed, mom has stuffed them again and sewed them up just so I can take all that stuffing out again!
Think I will take a nap cause I’m sure later on mom will have me a steak and cake for my Birthday!


'Twas the night before Christmas

December 7th 2008 11:55 am
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'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except wild-eyed Boxers named (me) Dallas and Sassy Girl;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
Not knowing the fawn and furry Boxer duo would soon be there;

Mom was nestled all snug in her bed,
While visions of secret treasures danced in mine and Sassy Girl's head;
Mom had no idea that me and Sassy Girl were getting ready to play,

When downstairs we heard such a clatter,
Mom sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Down the stairs we flew like a flash,
But the me and Sassy Girl had already tore open the presents and were having a bash.

We lay their proud of themselves as we chewed the fake snow
As mom looked down at the damage we'd done,
When, what to her tired eyes should appear,
But the me and Sassy Girl had decided to get up and eat our plastic reindeer,

With a hint of innocence, we were so lively and quick,
Mom thought it was a dream and gave herself a prick.
More rapid than a bear, their terror had already came,

"Now, Dallas and Sassy Girl! Mom asked us to listen, but off we went!
Around the house mom chased us until she was totally bent!
To the top of the stairs! Around the wall!
We dashed away! dashed away she was laughing at us both!

Our eyes full of joy-- how they twinkled! how merry!
Our cheeks puffed out from the mouth full of paper, mom so mad she turned red like a cherry!
The drool from our mouths dropped down in a steady flow,
And our chins white with toy stuffing looked like snow;

The ornaments we held tight in our teeth,
Was just a preview of the damage as we tore down the wreath;
Glancing into the kitchen mom saw the eaten Santa doll with the little round belly,
We even ate our Christmas grape jelly.

It was just so much to take in, a right jolly night itself,
And she laughed when she saw us, in spite of herself;
With a wink of our eyes and a twist of the head,
Soon let mom to know she had a lot more to dread;

We barked not a sound, but went straight to work,
Ripped down all the stockings; with one jerk,
And laying their paws aside their noses,
And giving a nod, up the Tree they rose;

We tore down the tree, making a sound almost like a whistle,
And down it came, breaking our crystal.
Then mom heard them exclaim, ere they ran out of sight,


Let's play a game!

November 5th 2008 8:51 am
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My friend Maebe tagged me in this round of Tag. I have also been tagged by Giz (Gizmo) & Tiny & Bryan

I get to tell you all 7 things about myself and then I get to choose 7 pals who will tell you 7 things about themselves. I'll send them a rosette so they know they are It. When they each tag their 7 friends they can send them a pmail or a rosette to let them know the game is on! It's a fun way to learn more about your pals. So here goes!

1. I am 90 lbs of pure muscle lap dog! Have to sit in mom’s lap every night!
2. I have a special ability, I always let mom know when one of the other furs is sick. I let her know before SassyGirl and Brandy have seizures, when any of the others have an ear infection
3. I’m a big protector of my mom and other furs here at our home! Don’t you (dog, cat or human) come near them if I don’t know you!!
4. I will eat anything and everything (just ask about the concert floor and the hall wall) BOL !!
5. I make sure SassyGirl, Rascal, Boogie and the foster at the time, know and remember I am the boss. If someone walks by our yard, I make all of the get on deck until I check it out!
6. I can tell you if mom, pops or the mailman’s vehicle is within 2 blocks of my house
7. I am the one that gets along best with the foster furkids

So now I'll tag some friends and I hope you all have fun!
Kokoa Girl
Stormy B Goode
Sasha (a boy)
Cocoa – CC


What have I done now!

September 8th 2008 9:45 pm
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I was pestering SassyGirl (that's what mom calls it), trying to get her to chase me. I finally won, YEAH!! but it wasn't a good thing for me! SassyGirl isn't near as fast as me. I was running and SassyGirl was was cheating like usual and cut across the deck trying to catch, so I jumped the (use to be) flower garden that I had dug up, I made it all the way across the holes and the corner of the deck and landed on the ground but it was muddy, I go sliding across the yard. Go to get up, my right front leg was hurting bad. being the tuff guy I am, I decided to keep on trying to run but that leg wasn't working at all. course mom gets all wigged out and runs to me, makes me lay down, filling all over my leg, as if she can tell if something is wrong. I know something is wrong I can't walk and run like I was on that front leg. Thats what wrong!!

Well, you know what is next, off I go to see Dr Greg! Iam laying there he starts touching my leg, of course I don't like that at all, so I gave him a warning with a growl and curled my lip up, then kinda did a little snap, just to get him to back away. Of course mom gets on to me. Well he tells mom she is going to have to hold my mouth and head away from him. (guess some other dog didn't like him examining him last week and took part of Dr Greg's thumb off) Everyone knows I will not growl or snap at mom.

He finishes examining my leg, says its swollen, and is just a sprang. What a relief, we were afraid it was going to be worse.
Then he goes, he can't run or jump for 7 days!!! Has he lost it??? Just what am I suppose to do for 7 days, without running and jumping and playing fetch. I will drive mom nuts! He gave me some pains meds.
It has only been a few hours and I am already doing pretty good at driving mom nuts. Every noise I hear I have to run investigate, or I use to, No!!, every word out of mom's mouth is Dallas No, Dallas Sit, Dallas Lay down. She did throw in a few SassyGirl leave him alone.

I think this is going to be a very LONG 7 days for all of us.


Sniff Sniff

August 13th 2008 9:42 am
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Did you know our nose is its strongest weapon. In fact, it works up to a million times better than a human's. We use our nose not only to sniff out dead birds in the backyard, squirrels and burgers on the BBQ, but also to better understand each other. A sniff of the rear tells me all all sorts of things, including what you like to eat, your general health, and if your a female pooch if your pregnant.
Us dogs also use these talents to understand humans. With one whiff, "we can tell where you have been and what you have been doing, what you have eaten, and even whether you are not feeling well." I sniff mom everyday when she is getting dressed, it lets me know if she will be staying home to work or going to the office. When we sniff each other, we learn whether or not you are safe to play with or if we should retreat. Basically, it's just a way of getting to know each other.
To bad there is not a way to sniff over the Internet, because just like on all other places on the Internet, Dogster has its share of liars, cheats and thieves, just down right nasty hateful people on it. Of course, we all know if these people were acting more like their dog instead of acting like themselves it wouldn't be so bad. Cause us dog don't care about getting patted on the back, we do things for others because we want to not because we want to get the attention, we like to please our humans, where I have noticed alot of the humans on here want the praise or they start talking about others, start spreading rumors, start private groups to go in and talk about about others, then go in the public group they are in with the dog they have been bad mouthing in private and be all nice and helpful, only to go right back to the little followers they have believing that they are so great, just to talk bad about them. Have you ever thought that, this isn't the first time they have done this and as soon as you do something these people don't like, it will be you they turn on. We have sat back and watched certain one do this, they are all nice in certain groups to certain dogs and cats but then they go to private groups they talk bad about those dogs and cats. UNTIL!! they know they have been discovered and they turn on the ones in the private group. They wait a month or so, then they have their new private pack and start all over, then they are discovered who they really are and they turn on that group. It just keeps going and going. You know there are the ones too that make a mistake and instead of owning up to the mistake, they just dig deeper. Why not go to the dog you made a mistake about confess and move on instead of trying to cover it up. Kinda like when one of us dogs pee in the house, if the parents aren't home, they might not see when they get home, but after a little while guess what starts to surface, a nas ty smell and you are busted. Same with these people that try to cover up the things they do only to have it surface and the real them is discovered.
really wish 1 could sniff on here, I have a very good sniffer and I could really sniff out the fakes and the bad ones


Prayer for my friend Kokoa Girl

July 22nd 2008 8:37 pm
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Please everyone keep Kokoa Girl in your prayers
She has reinjured her rear leg and now she hasn't been able to use her leg at all. She has been on pain medication since sunday, her mom has been putting the heating pad on every 2 hours for about 10 minutes at a time.
This is the leg she had surgery on before and there is a chance that it is unrepairable.


can't believe it!

July 16th 2008 7:35 am
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I was all excited mom is home we were outside, still not sure what I did or how I did it but some how I sliced the top layer of my paw pad and it was just hanging. mom rushed me to see Dr Greg and he had to cut the hanging part off. now my paw is really really tender and I can't hardly walk. I still try to run and protect the back yard but mom is always telling me to stop running and she won't let me dig, infact she won't even let me go outside unless I need to do my business, then when I come in she washes my paw (which I don't like). I did get some pain pills but Dr Greg doesn't want mom to give them to me unless she absolutely thinks I have to have them. cause he thinks it will be even harder to keep me from running and jumping if I have no pain. mom said he is probably right!

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