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Age: 12 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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piGbull, poopmeister, doorstop, little boy, baby 'lock,shmurluck, sherlockie lockie lockie!

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:

March 26th 2004

scratches, treats like cake and flan, pork and liversteak, tug toys, tennis balls, dentabone, squeaky toys and his nylabone, sneaking to the room and sleeping on the bed!!, his best buddy Benny

pulling his tail =), mike getting his squeakies, bananas and now Peanut Butter!!

Favorite Toy:
tennis balls and towels as tug toys, squeaky toys - he likes the squeak sound, doesn't even chew the toys up! =)

Favorite Food:
sweet treats like cake and flan and pork steak, and pizza (without the onions please) and mango ice cream... yummy! and loves dairy products too! like cheese, milk, and even sour cream with his chips... hehehe

Favorite Walk:
Sherlock prefers to laze around, though he loves roaming when he's with his favorite interactive toy (mommy's younger brother, eric)

Best Tricks:
looking smart and hugging and giving doggie kisses and making people laugh and feel good and being a good doggie and picking up all his toys and putting them all in his doggie basket (a neat-freak doggie)

Arrival Story:
sherlock's daddy traded his full grown pit, boner, for 2 puppies to take with him to manila to be part of a "family" with sherlock's mommy... sherlock's the first of the 2 pups... daddy has yet to get the 2nd pup, a girl sis for sherlock, from his friend who lives in baguio (where daddy and sherlock's from)... mommy went to baguio after daddy got sherlock and fell in love with the adorable bundle of fur (that's me-pigbull) =)

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Definition of a PiGbull: Spoiled Rotten

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*~Pittie Hangout~*, Naughty Pup Club

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March 23rd 2005 More than 11 years!

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September 21st 2005 11:54 am
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I've been very delinquent according to my mommy...

I haven't been writing that much in my diary lately...

well.. because I've been waaayyy too busy stretching out and lording it over the BED :-)

I've been sleeping beside mommy... in between mommy and daddy... beside daddy (when mommy's not at home yet)... sometimes by their feet... sometimes i sleep on top of daddy (which he doesn't like as much... ESPECIALLY when i get up and i sometimes step on his... thing that must not be stepped on ;-p)... sometimes i sleep on the floor, on mommy's side :-)

*happy sigh*

tis vewie good to be a piGbull :-D



Something good comes out of Boo-Boos

September 16th 2005 1:18 pm
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I did something today that I thought I'd get in trouble for...

but it turned out okay in the end ;-)

see, my boo-boos were healing... and it was really really scratchy!!!

so i kinda scratched them.... after i made sure that nobody was around to see me... i thought it was mighty sneaky of me... >:-)


turns out... not sneaky enough...

when daddy woke up, first thing he did was check on my booboo...

he found a new wound by my ears... coz i SCRATCHED it :-D

well, i had to sit quietly on mommy's chair while daddy held my head and mommy put smelly stuff on my booboos...

and then mommy said that the only way she'll be sure that i'm not scratching my boo-boos is if i'm with her ALL the time today...

so i stayed right next to mommy, on daddy's side of the bed :-D

Sherlockie :-)

Note to Benny: Yes buddy... sleeping on the bed is still the greatest thing ever :-)

i don't think i'll ever get tired of the bed and the nice soft pillows :-)


Sniffle Sniffle Sigh

September 14th 2005 12:20 pm
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okay... i just gotta say...

My best buddy Benny advised me that i should go and play "hard to get" with jeanjer and not pay any attention to her... but i dunno, i couldn't help but show her how i like her... mommy says i get this goofy look on my face whenever i see jeanjer ;-)

well honestly, my weekend that was planned for puppy love didn't quite turn out that way... :-*

see, it started out like this...

saturday morning we got all packed and ready to go to granmama's...

when we got there, i played with mike a bit and then daddy supervised my playtime with jeanjer...

she kept on giving me lotsa doggie kisses (which i liked)... and so daddy said i can stay in the cage next to her for a while...

after a while, she started growling at me... then BARKING...


Benny said that jeanjer might be playing hard to get and that i should be a REBEL coz gurls go for the rebels...

i tried... honest!!! but i don't think my rebel act coupled with my goofy doggie grin worked that well... :-(

she kept on snubbing me all saturday...

either snubbing me, or sitting on the far side of her cage where i can't possibly reach her... or walking to my side then turning her back on me... or worse! the growling and barking ...


so much for a romantic saturday...

so mommy said, maybe i should let jeanjer be by herself first and miss me so that she'll be happy to see me sunday...

so mommy, daddy and i stayed in the den saturday night, then i settled in my corner to sleep...

sunday morning, uncle eric decided that we should go out and walk... which is soo fine by me :-D

so we went out... and weirdly enough... uncle eric didn't let me wear my neck weights...

we did several rounds of the village and saw some GOATS :-D

i tried to get them to play with me, but this 1 goat seemed to have a different idea and tried to charge me... good thing uncle eric was there coz i hid behind his legs ;-)

uncle eric, after calling me "scaredy dog" said that i've had enough excitement for the morning... and so we headed on back to granmama's housie...

2 houses away from granmama's lives this other pitbull... i dunno his name, and mommy's kept me away from him coz granmama said that pittie attacked on of the shih tzus that's also living there (so something like a shih tzu brother of that pittie) and that that other pitbull seemed fierce coz he's always barking angrily...

so mommy said i should stay away because she doesn't want any doggie fighting to happen...

but oh...

something did...

while we were walking by... pittie was barking at us soemthing fierce... and slamming on their gate... uncle eric called out to the guy that was there and told him that his pittie looks like it might get loose....

that guy (who we later found out to be the caretaker, not the owner of the pittie), didn't pay any attention to uncle eric...

and the next thing we knew...

that pittie was running straight at me!!!

i quickly went to uncle eric's other side, which gave me a few seconds advantage...

then WHAM!!!

me and pittie hit each other...

then mike was barking like a crazy retriever and granmama went out on her balcony to check on why mike was barking...

she saw me and that other pittie... that other pittie had some of my neck's fatty folds in his mouth and i was trying to shaked him loose...

uncle eric was holding on to my leash and that caretaker had hold of the pittie's TAIL (duh... as if that helps... he had a stick with him, but he didn't use it, he used held on to that tail)...

granmama yelled to mommy that another doggie was attacking me and then mommy ran outside with daddy close by...

mommy was screaming at the guy to give her the stick when all of a sudden i saw a foot hit the other doggie...


that other pittie finally let my neck folds go... and daddy, uncle eric and mommy were yelling and very mad at the other guy...

i just stayed there in the middle of the street while mommy comforted me and looked at my neck...

they all said that it was a very good thing that the other pittie didn't get a good hold of me coz as it is, i currently have several deep and nasty looking scratches :-(

my buddy Benny told me that when he goes on walks, him and his daddy see a lot of irresponsible pet owners who let their pets go off leash...

me, personally, when i'm home with mommy and daddy in our housie, i don't have a collar or leash... but that's only in our housie... and all the gates are securely locked (mommy's afraid that if i get loose, someone will doggie-nap me and not return me, hence securely locked gates)

i say, to "leash" his own... but if the doggie already has a history of violence (like that pittie when he munstered one of his shih tzu brothers), then it's safer all around (humans and other pets) for them to be leashed right?

so anyways... that was my sunday morning...

daddy said we can't go on walks yet, until my neck heals... so there goes my walks for about 2 weeks i think (it's already friday here, but my boo-boos still look bad...*sigh*)

so after i got my wounds all cleaned up, and mommy and i were comfy in the den watching animal planet, daddy and uncle eric looked at the other doggie...

they saw 4 neat little "holes" by that other doggie's jaw and neck...

i wuffed "self-defense" ;-)

daddy said he's just a little happy that i "got a few good hits in" as well...

arrrmmmooooeeeeyyyy!!! >:-)

'course mommy says NO - NO to fighting... i wuffed that i will only do it if any doggie threatens my family ;-)

okay folks...

so that was my morning...

i had only 1 day left for puppy love with miss jeanjer...

so daddy got me from mommy and put me in the cage next to jeanjer, he said, so we could get to know each other better...

he did warn me not to go and woooo (woe singing) jeanjer as she might get "turned off" by my singing voice...

hmph ;-)

see, granmama had this special cage built that has a divider in the middle... that way, if it's only jeanjer, she has the whole cage to herself... or if i'm there, they can put the divider up so we'll each have our space :-)

so there i was... and there she was :-)

she'd sit by the side of the cage... i'd do my best to stuff my snout (nose, whatever) in between the grills of the cage to give her nice kisses ;-)

mommy said i had on my goofy doggie smile everytime i'd get near jeanjer ;-)

but she kept BARKING at me :-(

and showing me how nice and big her teeth are :-(

well, after a while, she kinda got used to me being there beside her ;-)

when it got to be early evening, mommy, daddy and uncle eric went to the garden to check on us...

they let us out of the cage and we were running around and around the garden :-)

whew! that jeanjer sure runs FAST!!

everytime i'd catch i'd try to "cuddle" up to her >:)

but she'd GROWL at me :-( *sigh*

my parents and uncle eric were no help AT ALL!!!

they said that if i wanted to go and make puppies with jeanjer, well, i'd have to do it on my own :-O

everytime i caught her though, crazy little jeanjer would lie down on the grass and flip over and show me her tummy!!!

what's a doggie to do???

That's why mommy dubbed me "Sherlockie: Ex-Mr. Lover Pup


oh well...

as Benny says, there are "plenty of fish in the sea"

or maybe "purdy gurly pups in the doggie park" ;-)


Sherlockie: nursing a wounded neck and slightly broken puppy heart ;-)

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