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Suzy's day

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I has been'd tagged!!

December 2nd 2009 7:17 pm
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I'm tagged by Bailey!! so here is my quiz!!

1. What is the color of your collar? My collar pink wif rhinestone letters!!

2. What kind of food do you like? I eats ANYTHING!! I LOVES food! I'm even able puts myself aside climbed up into high feeder helps my lil' gran'son Baby when he not finish his dinner!

3. What are your favorite treats? EVERY treat maked!! LOVES treats!! I can hear you open them from mile away too!

4. Do you have a Valentine or a significant other? Mr. Winston Dreyfus of Canadia...God rests his soul, I'm widow now but Winnie always have my heart, forever...

5. Do you get table scraps? Actually NO, I eated FIRST what's left I letted my humans begg'd for.

6. What is your favorite toy? Whatever these dumb dogs have in their mouf! THAT's the one mines!! I yanks it out of their mouf make'd a lil' pile of the good ones then I stand over it...darin' em to come gets one! BOL...they all stay away too!

7. When is your Birthday? August 16...a lady doesn't telled the year...I use white out fix up my AKC papers every year! ;)

8. How many times a day do you eat? Breakfast, lunch an' dinner...that's all I getted...terrible isn't it?

9. Do you have a favorite color?

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?
I hope they do...


Beautiful poetry by my grandogter, Chloe- La Rue

August 28th 2009 12:34 pm
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Dear Diary,

You knowed what my Winston mean to me, how romantical he was, so dashing an' handsome an' how he did woo me wif his poems. A few I have here but more here in my treasure box, too private to shares...

How I miss his woofs, his notes and attentions...but my heart telled me there would never be another gentlewoof in my heart. I promise my Winston there wouldn't be...

But what happen to me? God did bringed me a lil' grandogter! Her name is Chloe La Rue, her is a little white Poodle an' jus' a baby too. Her loves to climbs up on my lap an' wrap her lil' paws around my face to gives me lil' puppy kiss an' whispers silly songs in my ears until I burst out laughing. Her likes to play tea party an' dresses up in such a way it remind me of my own younger days.

I know God bringed this lil' angel to makes me' her is a poet just like her Grandpapa Winston. Although they never met, her haves his talents.

I ask her if I can share her poems here an' her did said yes...I hopes they makes you smile an' sigh the way they did my heart.

What are Gramma's For:

Grammas are for stories
about things of long ago.
Gramma's are for caring
about all the things you know...
Gramma's are for rocking you
and singing you to sleep,
Gramma's are for giving you
nice memories to keep...
Gramma's are for knowing
all the things you're dreaming of...
But, most importantly of all,
Gramma's are for Love.

You are all dis and more-We wuff you GrammaSuzy!
Happy Barkday from Sinclair, Mr. Big and da Baby Chloe

And now I bringed you second poem...I thinks my little grandogter VERY talented little woof!!

Grammy! Grammy!
please comb my hair
you always take your time
you always take such care.

You put me to sit on a cushion
between your knees
you rub a little coconut oil
parting gentle as a breeze.
Mummy Mummy
she's always in a hurry - hurry rush
she pulls my hair
sometimes she tugs.

But Gramma Suzy
you have all the time in the world
and when you're finished
you always turn my head and say,
"Now who's a good girl."

Da Chloe is! Da Choe is! Wuff you, Chloe La rue!

Don't these just bringed tears to your eyes? Thanks you God for bringin' this lil' girl to me!


A Diva's Birfday...

August 16th 2009 8:07 am
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Today my birfday!! Yes, today!! I waked up to singin' a photo shoot, new dress an' cheese!!

I'm havin' birfday party today!! My lil' gran'childrens will gather round me singin' an' bringin' presents. I LOVES birfday of a diva!!

This time of year special to me. Just a few days before mine third birfday I comed to this home as foster child. I look the place over an decides I likes it. I particularly like Rosey, her was seven years old at the time. I telled her I would like to adoptanated her. By time my birfday comed I had adopted my Rose an' was workin' on the happily ever after part of my story.

As you knows I own few humans. They are here to serves the Queen of the Divas, an worships at my feet. Bein' kindly Queen I runned a lil' contest for em on my birfday. Whoever brunged me nicest birfday present gonna' have a kiss!! Don't you guess it? They're stompin' over each other trynna' pleases me!! Oh I loves it!!

I loves my lil' friends here on Dogster. I loves to hears about your loves, your lives, an I prays for each of you when you haves sadness or troubles! I loves you lil' friends so much!!

Kisses from Gramma Suzy


A birfday Poem from my beau, Mr. Winston Dreyfus

August 19th 2008 4:40 pm
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This poem was composed by my clever, poet beau Mr. Winston Dreyfus on the ocassion of mine birfday...

I love you on your birthday
I love you the whole year through....
I am lucky and blessed, yes I am!
To love such a special YOU!

I hope you had a wonderful day,
Well, the whole month you celebrate
Because you deserve the bestest things
Because you are just GREAT!!



I've been Tagged

May 14th 2008 3:35 pm
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Each player needs to tell seven random facts about themselves. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

Thank you Minna!

1. I'm beautiful!!

2. I LOVES hot pink

3. I look great in jewelry

4. I was borned to be adored...

5. I thinks I should haves Baby's crate

6. I LOVES to be photographed and insist on bein' in most photos

7. They calls me Candy right now on account of my bein' so sweet


Tagged :)

May 6th 2008 1:00 pm
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I was tagged by my diva friend Dutchess Daisy...

Name 4 jobs you have:

I doesn't really believe in workin'...

1) Bein' Pwincess this is harder than it looks!
2) Bein' bootiful
3) Managin' ol' Beatrix here
4) Shopping!!

Name 4 Places I have stayed at:

1) Nana's house
2) In the RV
3) goes to hotels
4) my forever home

Name 4 Places I would rather be:

Honestly no where I would rather be...


April 11th 2008 4:53 pm
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There are four questions which you are asked to answer in your diary..Sounds easy enough, then

1. Name four jobs you have..

1. Looking Bootiful at all times (not as easy as it looks dears)

2. Being a fashion icon

3. Shopping

4. I'm a model!!

2. Name four places you have lived or stayed

1. My show home
2. On the road with the dog show
3. My forever home
4. We used to live between Tucson & Los Angeles, one week in each place

3. Name 4 places you have been.

1. Arizona
2. Utah (Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I was invited as a special guest for the day, I was photographed and interviewed too!!)
3. Beaches...oh I loves the sound of the ocean
4. the mountains...

4. Name 4 places you would rather be.

Honestly, no where...I LOVES my home!! My forever home is where I'm happy!!


An ordeal in the woods...

March 20th 2008 10:26 am
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Hello my dears, It's a miracle I'm back to woofs you. I was dragged kicking and screaming into the woods. Some people (looks pointedly at the humans) call THIS a vacation. I calls it FEAR FACTOR!!!

My first day out I learned sequin ball gown and high heeled glitter slippers NOT comfort wear in the woods and was reduced to a simple sweater and parka.. *GASP*

Each day three times a day I was forced out of my lovely warm and snuggly toy hauler to a death march around the woods...on one such march a TICK embedded itself in my pink, delicate flesh on my tummy!

It was discovered straight away but the damage was done!! I had a TICK!!! Mother rushed to the pay phones to telephone vet who assured her I would be okay. OKAY!? Let's give HER a tick and see if her okay!!

So Mother, knowing I'm "special" springed into action and showed up at class pushin' a stroller. People gathered round to knows where her gotted a baby all of sudden! ROFBOL it was ME!! I gotted to go to class. Mother has one friend who is a nurse and one who is a doctor. They both thinked I was okay but how can you trust PEOPLE doctor? What does PEOPLE nurse knows? For cat's sake I am above HUMAN!! I am DOGGY!!

Well, after two days of sheer worry, prayer and anxiety I was okay again. I just needs little drama you knows?

Then the rain started! Are you kidding me? Daddy sayed "Suzy, goes out to goes potty." I says "Are you high? Have bugs eated your brains? Maybe you gots ping pong balls for brains! Diva NOT going OUT to potty in rain!!" So he putted up awning for I could just goes right there without getting wet. It's a good thing I taked a stand too because then the SNOW started!! You can imagine how I feeled about that!!

I heared the coyotes on the ridge and one night som'ping was right outside our trailer. Baby barked and carried on while me and Beatrix hided under the covers. I don't knows what it was...probably a rabid mountain lion or drunken bear som'ping like that.

At last I makes it back to safety of mine own home!! I LOVES sunshine on my ears and my snuggly toddler bed by the window in the morning! I LOVES home!!


7 THings I'm Thankful for...

November 19th 2007 10:09 am
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1. Rosey
2. Bling bling, things that sparkle...
3. Mr. Winston Dreyfus
4. For those who still adopts special needs woofs...God Blesses you!
5. My stroller
6. My Dogster friends
7. My blingee room!!


Naughty dogs alone at home...

October 30th 2007 3:42 pm
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Okay who wanna hears naughty story? :-$ come closer dears I must whispers!

Nana & Papa comed with my twins to get groomed. We gots NO food in the house just comin' back from a trip so they thinked hey we can all goes to Costco. So all the humans goes off to Costco leavin' 6 little woofs in the house alone!


Okay, okay wait I can tells this story without laughin! Beatrix and Charlie getted the mail off the dinin' table and bringed it down for us all to enjoys. (Fortunately our Howloween cards were safely putted up high) There was a 'spensive textbook and dvd or cd who really knows now. Beatrix sayed I'm gonna' teaches school and Baby Charlie getted all 'cited about it and they both wanted to teach and before you knowed it they teared it up in ' lil pieces. Cinnamon jumped up on the table and getted the rest of the mail and what fun we all had! When the human comed home there were lil' bits and pieces of mail EVERYwhere even outside in the backyard!!!

Nana says her knows I was NOT invovled in these dirty tricks! ;) I telled her I was screamin' for the kids to prays! :))!

Octopus is still sweepin, and cleanin' and mumbling and laughin! Very 'ctiting to haves six lil' woofs all alone at home!

You wanna come play?

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