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"Destiny headstudy 7 months old"

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Age: 2 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 51-100 lbs

This pic was made for Destiny

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"This pic was made for Destiny's birthday by NINA Thank you very much Nina & Family!"

This pic was made for Destiny

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"This pic was made for Destiny's DDP by our good friend MrJackFreckles~SirLick-a-Lot Thank you Jack & family!"

This pic was made for Destiny

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"This pic was made for Destiny's DDP by KEIGHTY Thank you very much Keighty & family!"

This pic was made for Destiny

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"This pic was made for Destiny's DDP by Cooper Thank you very much Cooper & family!"

This pic was made for Destiny

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"This pic was made for Destiny's DDP by REDFORD Thank you very much Redford & family!"

This pic was made for Destiny

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"This pic was made for Destiny's DDP by our good friend MrJackFreckles~SirLick-a-Lot Thank you Jack & family!"

Destiny standing naturally 5-25-13, the day I got her.

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"Destiny standing naturally 5-25-13, the day I got her."

Destiny standing naturally 7-17-13

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"Destiny standing naturally 7-17-13"

10-10-13 Destiny 8 months old & very out of coat

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"10-10-13 Destiny 8 months old & very out of coat"

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Raebark's Written In The Stars

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:

January 30th 2013

Playiing with her toys with me participating

Not being able to have my attention 247

Favorite Toy:
Big treat ball

Favorite Food:
Nutrena 30-20 Professional

Favorite Walk:
In the field and woodlands behind my house

Best Tricks:
"Give me Five", "Find your toy" , & "Take me home" & she's learned those within the 1st week of being here!

Arrival Story:
We were shooting pictures of pups for my friend's website and evaluating puppies and Destiny kept making eye contact with me and coming over to me. Although my favorite GSD color is solid black, Destiny is black & red, and I'd planned to wait until a high quality black pup came along, Destiny was so gorgeous with beautiful type, including good front and correct croup (good front angulation and croups being two of the hardest structural characteristics to get or maintain in GSD breeding). Color after all, is one of the least important characteristics in the GSD. Type, temperament, trainability, intelligence, etc all are the cake, color is only the icing on the cake! Destiny also had excellent confident, social temperament, was being so very attentive to me, and has had the best socialization with cats a puppy could possibly have (an important thing for me because I have a large cat family and expect my dogs to get along with cats). The way Destiny kept trying to get my attention made me feel she was choosing me so I gave in to her wishes. It sure all seemed to be "Written in the Stars", "Destiny" for us to be together!

Destiny is black and red. Her registered name is "Raebark's Written in the Stars." Although she physically is of correct show type, her pedigree combines American show lines (some old lines as well as modern lines) with German show lines and German working lines, including DDR lines.

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Written in the Stars

The Interloper

June 17th 2015 4:56 pm
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That small black wiggly puppy thing that Mom makes me share time and attention with, is in my calculated canine opinion, nothing but an interloper, an intruder on my time and space who has gotten a lot bigger since Mom first brought him home. Last night HE got to go to dog school while I had to stay home! The reason for this? Mom said it was too hot to leave one of us crated in the car while training the other! Her excuse for taking him instead of me was that I already know the basic commands and exercises while he is now just learning to work in class. This IMO isn't quite true because Mom's been working him at home before she started working him in class.

When both of us need to go outside to potty at the same time, HE usually gets to go first. The reason? Mom says because I'm an adult, I can hold longer than he can. I think that because I was here first, I should get to go out first. Mom's response is to remind me that I'm not the one to have to clean the crate when he makes a mess. Grudgingly I must admit she's right about that one.

Mom's also started teaching Chomper to gait alongside the bike which means I have to miss out on a time when I could have gone with her. She also keeps letting him take a turn playing loose in the house which means I have to sit in the crate while he gets to play. She says when he gets older and more settled, she will let us both loose in the house at the same time but that at present we get too "wild and crazy" if she lets us loose in the house together. Well, I guess that statement is sort of true because when we are loose together in the house we run, jump over furniture, knock things over, and agitate the cats...all things we aren't supposed to do in the house!

However, when it comes time for us to play together outside, I must admit I tend to forget my resentment of him because he is a lot of fun to play with. Having someone to play chase with and wrestle with in the kennel run is much more fun than being in the run alone!


Lucky? Not So Much This Time!

February 10th 2015 1:12 am
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Just when I thought I ran out of excuses to avoid going to dog training school, I came in heat again. Because of this, tonight I have to stay home. However, for some strange reason I'm not getting as much pleasure out of skipping school as usual. You see, this time, Chomper gets to go to dog school for socialization. It doesn't seem fair, he gets to go to school to play and be petted and enjoy the attention and perks of being a cute little baby puppy. Mom says I shouldn't be jealous, that this socialization is preparation for the future when he too will have to learn obedience and other work. But I can't help it. This time, I feel like I might be missing out on something by having to stay home!


Only No Longer

February 2nd 2015 11:36 am
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Last Wednesday Mom was gone most of the day to her best friend's house. When she finally came home, she walked into the room carrying a bag of cedar shavings. Now I haven't had to have shavings in my crate since the first week or so I came here, so I couldn't figure out why she brought shavings into the room. Mom proceeded to put shavings into the empty crate above my crate. I looked at her puzzledly. What was she doing, and why?

As I puzzled over Mom's actions, she again left the room. She went back out to the garage. Russ and his girlfriend were in the kitchen making supper and although Mom walked right past them both on the trip out to the garage and on the return trip back to our room, they paid no attention to her. However, I quickly noticed that on the return trip, Mom was carrying something small, black, and wiggly tucked in her left arm. It smelled like a...DOG! Huh? A DOG? I could scarcely believe my nose.

Mom put the little creature into the crate above mine and left the room again. I sniffed and sniffed. It really WAS a dog, a small black puppy.

Again Mom came back through the house, setting some cans down in the kitchen. Then she put some dry dog food in a bowl and added some water to it to soak it.
"What are you sneaking in here?" Russ asked Mom.
"Nothing," Mom replied. "See? I just brought some canned dog food in here. I'm finished sneaking already!"

Immediately Russ and his girlfriend ran to our room and looked into the crate above mine. In a matter of minutes, Russ was holding the puppy as the puppy wagged his whole body eagerly and licked Russ's face. Mom returned to the kitchen to mix some canned food with the soaked dry food so she could feed the puppy.

Wow! I'm no longer the only dog in this house of cats and other assorted creatures! I felt excited. I also realized that I better make sure to keep everyone reminded that they better continue giving me my share of the attention!

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