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Because Jack said so, thats why!

I love to walk

March 10th 2013 8:43 am
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Great day to be me! Went on a wonderful walk, offleash too! I LOVE to play in the sand, I am a total mess but so happy and content! It is really just a great day to be a dog!


Woe is me!

March 6th 2013 7:50 am
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Having been a superior Shih Tzu for many years now, I have also always had a superior coat of fluffy; perfect even dare I say adorable fur.

This has all now changed.
On Saturday March 3/2013 a crime against humanity has been committed, gasp, I can barely get the words out, we that and trying to type without thumbs is a serious pain in the butt. I was taken (against my will) to the groomers, I heard a lot of words being bantered back and forth, matted, too long, shedding…. And so on and so forth. Well the next thing that you know here I am all naked and NO LONGER FLUFFY!
Do they not understand that it is MARCH out and a dog such as me requires our coat for warmth? Strike that, I don’t care if it was August, Jack don’t do bald!
To punish them for their evil need I have refused to eat, well other than a few bites when I am quite sure that no one is watching. I have decided that it is too cold to pee outside so I think that I will revert back to peeing in the house, I did that when I was a puppy and I look like a stupid pappy now so why not.
I want to be fluffy again. I was happy fluffy.
They will rue the day!!!

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