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It's a dogs life

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I am liking the puppy now, Kindof

December 31st 2014 8:21 am
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Well, we have had the little brat for about 3 months now. I hate to admit it but I kind of like her. It took me awhile to train her not to bug me all the time. At first she was always in my face. Biting me with these teeth that were as sharp as the needles the vet uses. Yip yip yip. What a pest. Every toy I played with she wanted, still does, any place I went she tagged along. Walking at the river she has to be right next to me and is always jumping up at my face or bringing me sticks. So much energy for such a small thing.

Well, she is bigger now. I heard skin people say 13 pounds and 5 months old today. I was I admit getting lazy in my old age. I can sleep for hours. Now however I play with the puppy. It is fun taking her toys and having her chase me. I taught her not to bite so hard and I am teaching her manners. She is learning. Right now she is getting new teeth and her breath smells like something crawled in and died. She is always getting in my face and letting me smell it, oh brother.

She is a weird little thing. She won't eat out of any bowls but hers or mine. My skin people tried to get her to eat out of a different bowl tempting her with steak and whipped cream, 2 of her favorites. She won't touch it. Hope nothing ever happens to her bowl. When the skin mom had surgery she stayed with their son and wouldn't eat unless the hand fed her or put it on the floor. Pretty strange.

Well, time to go for a walk. I have layers on today, it is really cold.


Puppy, what a pest

September 29th 2014 11:59 am
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So a week ago I was napping minding my own business and my skin folks came home with a surprise for me. I really tiny yippy smelly puppy. What the heck. Why would they want to bring another dog home, and why one so tiny I can't even play with it?

The first night the little brat cried most the night, it totally ruined my sleep. I crawled under the bed to try and escape the noise. I was hoping they were just watching the brat for someone. Nope, she has been here over a week now.

I lay on the floor to snooze and this tiny big of noise starts barking at me and wanting to play. Out of my way kid, I groan, you're bothering me. Xena, my cat friend was really excited at first. She thought she got live dinner. But, the skin people told her not the hurt the puppy and watched them both like a hawk. Today I saw the cat laying with the puppy, traitor.

I suppose I will get used to her since it doesn't look like she is going anywhere soon. But why oh why did they get such a tiny noisy little thing. To me she looks like a squeak toy, I bet I would get in trouble though if I tried to make her squeak.


We have a computer again

January 12th 2014 6:48 am
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Skin mom hasn't made an entry for me in a long time. Our computer was gone and she said we couldn't afford to get one until we paid off other more important things. She said a computer isn't a necessity, just a luxury but I can tell she is happy to have one back as she has been on it a lot. So hi everyone. Hope you all had a great summer and the winter isn't being to hard on you.

The weather here was really cold last week. Even in the house we were cold. Now today it will get up in the 40 which feels like a heat wave. I will get to go for a longer walk. Yeah.

Yesterday the skin folks bought Xena a new toy. Why did the cat get a new toy and I didn't? Skin mom says it is because I have destroyed all of Xena's toys and now she doesn't have anything to play with and is being naughty because of it. I am not suppose to play with her toys. Darn. They are easy to rip apart and that is something I really like to do. Skin mom put the toy up real high so I can't get to it. Bummer

Skin mom took my deer antlers away. I broke a tooth out chewing on them so hard. I really liked them but Mom said maybe they were that great a treat after all and she doesn't want me breaking out any more teeth. Didn't hurt much. Sheesh.

Well, we are having a great walk day and the skin dad is making some steak tonight. Your's truly will get some of that you can bet on it. Xena and I have both lived here over a year now since we got adopted. We have it pretty darn good these days. I got a new bed last month, we get lots of loving. I wasn't sure at first how long we would get to stay here. But I finally realized they mean for us to stay here forever. They are not giving us to anyone else else. So we both have relaxed and really become bonded with our skin people. This is what happy feels like.


I hate ticks

May 14th 2013 8:20 am
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Well, I don't get shook up by them but my skin people hate them. They think they hitchhike a ride on my body and jump off in the house, only to then crawl up on the skin people and try to bite them. Yesterday they found 5. It is kind of funny watching them find one, jump up and run to throw it in the toilet and then spend the next 10 minutes checking their hair.

Skin mom put some stuff between my shoulder blades to make the ticks die if they bite me. But so far they haven't found any on me, just them. She put it on outside so I spend a while rolling around on my back because that seemed to excite her, she kept running up and saying no Hoss, no. Don't rub it off. Looks like she was enjoying the game so I kept it up, anything to make her happy.

Finally the snow is gone. Bad thing is it went right into hot hot weather. I want to lie outside and enjoy the weather. But I get overheated really fast. Skin mom thought I might enjoy the sprinkler, did not. She then tried to pour water on me, didn't like that either. She is going to get me something called a kiddy pool. I don't think I will like that either.

She says she is going to make me stay in the house. What I do. When she takes me out to do my duty, I lay down on the grass and refuse to move. She pulls and tries to talk me into getting up, I become stone. I love it outside. I dug a nice big hole next to the garage and like to lie in it where it is cool. She keeps filling it up which is nice because then it is cool again when I dig it up.

I went for a walk this morning while it was cool. I love my life.


I just love Children

April 15th 2013 7:00 am
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We went out to Stone park to walk, I really like it out there. It has a lot of great smells. And yesterday we had a entire bus full of kids out there on a field trip.

Of course who can resist me, charming, handsome and friendly. Skin dad stopped and all the kids got to pet me and scratch my tummy. Oh heaven. I just love kids. My skin dad was pretty proud of me because I didn't jump up on any of them. I did get a few face licks in though. I am always gentle around children. Just in my nature. You have to be careful of the little ones to not hurt them. So that made my day.

I was tired after my walk. My skin mom got me a backpack so I can carry my water, treats and my bowl. She said it would help use up more energy. Boy it sure did and I felt great. So when we got home I got on my favorite bed to take a nap. Xena was in the window watching the birds.

I was sound asleep when all of a sudden Xena let out this blood curdling howl. Scared the crap out me. I leaped out of bed and tore out of the room sure a demon of some sort was loose in the room. Skin dad in the meantime was tearing into the room, sure I had murdered Xena. Like even. She may drive me crazy but I would never hurt her.

Turns out she was looking out the window and there was a strange cat in her yard. Man, talk about over-reacting Xena. You took 10 years off me. I sat by the skin dad shaking and he comforted me and gave me a treat. Sometimes I act like a chicken because skin dad can always be counted on to pop me a treat to reassure me it is OK.

I hope the strange cat doesn't come around again but I sure do not like the noise that little cat is capable of making. Wow. I never even bark and I weigh 80 pounds. She weighs 9 pounds. Silly cat.


Shut down Puppy Mills

April 4th 2013 6:59 am
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I live in the state that has the 2nd most puppy mills in the country. Iowa. I may have come from one. I don't remember. A lot of the puppies here have. There are terrible terrible places. Dogs are kept in tiny cages and get no exercise, love, good food or health care. The puppies are taken away and sold usually around 5 to 6 weeks old. Way to young to taken from mommy. They don't learn all the stuff moms teach their young pups. Plus thet weren't bred to be healthy dogs. They were bred for money.

Many of these places are in old barns or sheds. The cages are stacked on top of each other. Instead of a nice bed to lie on they are in wire cages all day. No one pets them or brushes them. If they get sick they are put down, not brought to the vet.

How can we stop this. Write your elected officials. Tell them to support The PUPS Act – S.395, H.R.847. Do it because you all love your dogs. Because this is animal cruelty at its worse. It is more wide spread then dog fighting and just as cruel. Because the pounds are full of dogs being killed everyday. Because the dogs can't do it, but we can. Please go to this site and educate yourself on puppy mills.

How much is that puppy in the window. Really it should be at what price of that puppy in the window, in so many other dogs life. Please check out the place that you get your dog from. Please don't support puppy mills. If everyone stops getting their puppies they will stop breeding them. Write your elected officials. Save a dogs or cats life today. Because only we can.


Cadaver dog

April 4th 2013 6:46 am
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Skin dad took me on a long walk yesterday. It was great and my pal Teddy got to come. We walked through fields and along a fence. We walked for miles.

I smelled it a long time before I found it and made sure to lead skin dad to the smell. I made it seem like it was his idea but I just keep going in one direction and since he really had no direction in mind this worked well. Finally there was the source of the smell. A old dead deer, all skeleton and smelling great. Skin dad wouldn't let me pick any up, sigh but I was happy I found it.

We continued on and I smelled something else. Riper. Lets make skin dad go there. Closer, closer, closer, there! A dead raccoon. This one hadn't been dead as long as the deer and my skin dad said it stunk so he walked me a different way. But it was a great day.

Back home skin dad told skin mom about my finds and she said maybe they should train me to be a cadaver dog. I have a feeling they weren't talking about dead deer though.

Skin mom cooked me some chicken liver and then let me in the backyard to lay and nap in sun. I am so happy it is nice out again as I love to nap in the yard. I lay there all warm and happy, skin mom worked on the yard she was happy too. The long winter is over.


Happy Easter

March 31st 2013 6:41 am
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It's Easter today, Happy Easter everyone. Skin dad is going to make a ham and I bet if I look at him right, I will get a little. I know just how to stare at him to make him give in. I have it down pat.

We had a thunderstorm last night. Now I am a big tuff dog but have to admit I don't like storms. Too many bad memories from my old life when I had to stay outside chained up even when lightning and thunder rocked the skies. Pouring cold rain soaked my fur until I was near froze. I ran and leaned against skin mom who petted me. It's OK Hoss, you will be fine in here and there is no reason to be worried ever again. Then she gave me a small piece of steak she was eating. Hummmm this may work to my advantage.

Yup, life is different now. But I know, out in the cold, chained, are so many other dogs that don't lead the life I do. It is so sad.


Spring, got to love it

March 30th 2013 7:50 am
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Yesterday I went on a long walk with skin dad. It was warm and felt great. We walked for miles and I got to smell so many new things since I have never been to this place before. It was warm enough I was really thirsty when we got back so I drank a ton of water skin dad keeps in the van for me.

Later I got to go outside and skin mom brushed me. I shed a lot so she was happy it was outside. I am happy to be able to take a nap in the warm sun again. We sat outside for about a hour. I wasn't happy to go in the house but skin mom doesn't like to leave me out alone. I am such a handsome man, she says, someone may just take me. And I am such a friendly dog I would probably just go with them she says. What can I say, I am a people person.

It rained last night but is still warm so we will walk by the river later. You have to admit, being a dog is a great thing.


Grandskin kids

March 27th 2013 6:22 am
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I wish we could post photos to this. I have some great kids I get to play with. Today the skin folks oldest granddaughter is coming. This will be the first time I get to meet her. My skin mom told me I have to be on my best behavior and not jump up and lick her face. Now what is wrong with that I wonder............ But skin mom says when people first meet me they are a little scared of me because I am so large and can be overwhelmingly happy to see someone. Just want to show them how happy I am to see them, sheesh.

Yesterday I spent the day with the youngest granddaughter. I am careful around her not to knock her down. She loves me. I sat on her lap and she wasn't real happy about that since she weighs 50 pounds and I weigh 80 but she was sitting in my spot on the sofa. She moved over and we sat together nicely after that.

I also went on a great walk with Teddy and everyone. The air is getting warming. It is muddy though and Teddy comes home with muddy feet and since he is so short muddy tummy. His hair is real light so it really shows up. Kind of funny to me but his skin folks aren't real pleased. Why not, Teddy loves his baths unlike me.

Well, I hear skin dad stirring. Time to get him moving to make me something to eat. I am HUNGRY.....

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