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A favor to ask

February 15th 2014 5:37 pm
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Hey pals! If you or your humans are on FB would you mind voting for my picture? We are trying to win some cookies and chews. You just have to like it :)

Thank you so very much,

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February 14th 2014 7:20 pm
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So happy we won't be loosing contact with our pals here!! Let our journeys continue here forever


No more Dogster : (

January 16th 2014 2:30 pm
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I am so very sad to hear that Dogster community will no longer be open to us. I have made so many friends here on Dogster and so many on Catster as well. I am hoping that if you are on FB you will visit my page¬i f_t=wall

So we can keep in contact some how.

I truly appreciate all of your friendship and would hate to loose contact with you.

Its funny but Mom has been a memeber of Catster since the first year it opened and it really makes her sad to the point where she is crying.

We love you friends!
Love always,


Temperature Drop

January 4th 2014 4:23 pm
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Well its supposed to get in the negative 40s-60s the next few days so we wont be able to go on our walks or play a lot outside.

So today Mom took us outside for lots of winter fun. We played some frisbee and shared a stick .

We played with my favorite Ball and the cool chuck it wheel .

I kept begging mom to throw my frisbee just like this but then whenever she would try to get it I would grab it back and run BOL

Now the temperature is starting to drop so we are all Cuddled in and ready for a cozy night. Hope everyone is doing well.



December 29th 2013 1:37 pm
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Hey Pals! It was super nice out yesterday but today its below zero again. The sun is out so our house is warm and sunny but if you step outside you feel the chill very quick. I keep waiting at the door hoping next time I go out it will be warm enough to play.

Not too much has been going on. Last night we helped mom eat some of the Christmas turkey. We made sure to let her know we were more then willing to lend her a hand by giving her our helpful faces .

Then we were feeling pretty Helpful again today so we got a few more pieces of turkey.

Otherwise today we have been inside a lot because of the weather. Just cause we have big fur coats doesn't mean we like it out there. We had a toy party where Mom throws every one of our toys on the floor for us to play with. Now we are all cuddled up in bed. I have my new blanket and Elephant stuffed animal from Santa paws and Cheyanne has her new blanket and Teddy bear stuffed animal from Santa and we are real cozy.

Now where's the Popcorn ???

Hope you are all having a cozy Sunday with your families too
Meeko and Cheyanne


Hey Friends!

December 28th 2013 6:15 am
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I am so sorry Its been awhile since we have been on. We have been so busy with the holidays and keeping my baby sister busy as well.

Cheyanne is doing pretty well here. Doing much better on potty training (that's not to say there aren't still accidents) and at least has our routine down. Cheyanne did chew FIVE holes in our wall while Mom was at work. Luckily those are easy to patch and re-paint. So far she has left the carpet alone which makes mom happy because that is much harder to patch.

Santa gave her a break for being a puppy and we got lots of goodies. I like to say he still came because for all the bad Cheyanne has been doing I have been that much better. So she has a lot to thank me for.

We have been playing in the snow a lot as well. These last few days have been in the 30s but its going to get down to negative degrees tomorrow again.

We got two new harnesses for Christmas too. Actually it was what mom wanted for Christmas. They are the ruff wear web master harnesses. I got the grey and Cheyanne got the Red. We think we look pretty cool in them.

They are really comfortable and have three adjustment points. Cheyanne's is a little big for her but really close to fitting. Mom wanted to get one that would fit her longer. According to the average Australian shepherd measurements it should fit her when she is full grown (it adjusts a lot) but of course you can't be certain.

Well that is about it friends. Hey Mom made us new colorful backgrounds. Check them out if you have a chance/



Last day of Obedience school and guess what???

November 21st 2013 7:55 pm
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Remember the first day?? I told you I was very nervous almost bit someone and was trying to lunge and attack other dogs???

Well guess what?? After 10 weeks of Class I got ........

Out of all 14 dogs! Yeah its just beginner obedience but considering how I started Mom is so proud and I guess So am I just a little.

Cheyanne is doing good too. Such a sweet little pup and she has been learning some tricks while I do mine.

Well pals hope you are doing wonderful



Hey Pals! My Sis has a page now

October 13th 2013 4:00 pm
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Hello Friends! Man have I been busy with my new sister. I Really like her though.

Please stop by her page and be friends


Big news!

October 11th 2013 8:34 pm
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I got a new Sister! Introductions are going far better then Mom thought too. The only problem so far is that I dont like it when she goes for toys.

So here she is...Introducing Cheyanne . She is a Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd Mix.

A couple things about her

She already has the get out of trouble Puppy Face down.

She wears one white Sock

She comes from a family of 12

I have been Watching over her very carefully and she can sleep through anything.

I will keep you updated on how things are going.



Cold and Rainy

October 6th 2013 6:05 pm
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Hey Friends! I can't believe its already the end of the weekend.

Well today Me and Mom took a walk in the morning and we walked through the park and guess what??? I seen lots of the squirrels and I chased them but then they bombed me when I walked under the trees with Acorns. I don't get what the prob is as I just want to sniff them.

Then Mom left me for awhile to go to dinner and Grandma and Grandpa (I am still upset I wasn't allowed to come) and when she came home we went for our evening walk.It was raining out so I had to wear my Red Raincoat but its ok because I like it.

We came around the corner and one of the trees had turned a Jaw dropping color. I am just in awe of these fall colors. Then we came to the same area that I had been Acorn Bombed earlier in the day. I couldn't decide if I wanted to go into Squirrel Territory again or not. I sat there so long a leave even blew onto my head and sat there BOL.

We went over to my swimmy beach to check things out and all of the ducks Flew away again. I was like Hey come back! I just want to sniff you. They didn't come back though. I did get my Feet wet trying to sniff what was left of them on the beach though.

Then I came home and one of my kitty siblings and I had a Stairing contest. I won! He got bored BOL. Me and Mom watched Lady and the tramp together too.

Well that is about it. Hope everyone had a Happy Sunday


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