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My friends

Rizla & Isis

January 31st 2013 9:47 pm
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My foster mom, Mallika has these two giants. Aunty rizla likes me but Aunty Isis does not. She growled and barked most of the time. But now that I have a home of my own she likes to play with me. Rizla is beginning to accept the fact that I am a big boy and can run faster than her. They are my god mothers and I love them both dearly.



January 31st 2013 9:53 pm
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My mum says she is a 2 year old lab. Really!!!!! She is my best friend and has way more energy than me. I love my play time with her every evening from 5 to 7. We hang out, fetch, wrestle, chase, play tug a war with chota bone. I also like to look out for her since she has this habit of walking up to strangers and her mum is weary of that. She is a great fetcher and retriever of most toys and is very well behaved.



February 1st 2013 8:34 pm
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My 8 month old retriever buddy. We have been friends since our childhood days. I love to sing while wrestling with him. Makes me sound like an opera singer.



February 1st 2013 8:40 pm
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She is the object of my desire and I discovered the thing called hormones with her. She is two years old and a retriever. I forget all good behavior when she is around.
I sometimes just wait for her, facing the road that she takes.


early days

February 1st 2013 9:12 pm
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I came to my mom and dad on 15th august in a cardboard crate with my favourite greeen squeaky ball and yellow chicken. Mallika aunty also gave my sheet to mom. I didn't cry or whine at all. I would pee and poo anywhere and mom kept putting newspapers to cover the places up. She would sometimes put me in the balcony and I didn't know why until one day it struck me that everytime I made a mess in the balcony I was given a treat. Since then I started pooing in the balcony but would still forget to pee there. But I got a hang of that too in two months.
But I never peed or pooed in my room which was shared with mum and dad.
I kept losing my teeth and chewing food was a tiresome task. I never gobbled my food.
I looooooooooove chicken, dahi, egg, paneer and mutton bones. Dog food is ok.
I would follow my mom like her shadow and still do.
Dad started brushing me every morning and sponging me too. I enjoy playing tug a war with him with my wet towel.
Mum would put some paste in my mouth and brush my teeth.
I got lots of injections poked in me. I also learnt to climb down my clinic stairs and till date that's the only long set of stairs that I can climb up and down.
I did jump though once from a high wall to get to my mom.
I also got my first bath in September. At first the water was fine but then it got too much and I wanted to escape. It was finally over and I was given a chew bone as a reward.
I found my voice around the same time too.
Then I fell ill and was quite sick with a runny nose, cough and fever. My mum would wipe my nose all day long and one night she even slept with me. I also met my best bro, vir. He was sick too.
We both got better soon and he played football with me, took me for walks and cared for me like a real bro.
We went to drop him somewhere far away from home in a car. I met my sister ananya and lots of her friends. I even scared off a young school boy entering vir's house.
The middle seat of the car is the best place to be in since I get the cool a/c draft right in my face.


My Day

February 5th 2013 10:32 pm
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It starts with daddy and me going for a walk for an hour at 6.00 A.M.
I stretch and yawn all the way out. Recently, I protest going out of the main gate to poo and pee so Dad takes me to another location called EWS. I take my own sweet time to sniff and wander about before I do the big job. Dad roams around patiently with me. The other morning I made him walk in the rain for 45 minutes and didn't feel the pressure to do the big job.
I also love meeting Abhay Uncle (Cocoa's dad). He greets me with treats every morning and I really like that.
Dad and I are back home at 7.00 AM and I immediately go check on mom. But she is asleep and I too take a nap while Dad reads his newspaper. I finally wake up with mum's good morning. She again vanishes off somewhere with her newspaper and pen while Dad brushes my coat and gives me a sponge bath everyday.
Then I just hang around, playing with mum or by myself till I hear the sound of food being dropped in my food bowl. I eat as much as I want to but mum feels I am underfed. I sometimes skip a meal or two.
Mum spends time in teaching me something new or re-doing the commands she has already taught me like sit, down, up, stay, wait, shake-hand, clap, climb down the stairs and up. KK takes me down for a walk too and I usually empty my bladder.
Then its time to chill or sometimes I go for a ride in the car.
I look forward to meeting Prabhash, the sweeper. There is something about him that gets me very excited.
My next meal is served to me which is usually rice and chicken. Then its siesta time.
And finally its that time of the day when I get to spend time with Cocoa and sometime my other friends, Maverick, Abby, Scotch and Pasha join in. There also a few kids who come and play with us. I take frequent breaks while playing unlike Cocoa, who has boundless energy.
We run, fetch, wrestle, play hide and seek and also go up to strangers. Sometimes they run, make loud noises and I can hear Ila aunty and mum calling "come back". When we do we are given treats.
We are back home and it always seems too early. But I am exhausted and doze off before dinner time. Then Suman takes me out for the last walk of the day.
I like sleeping in Ananya's room.


Taking A Stand

April 16th 2013 11:43 pm
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The community I live in has been tormenting my mom with hate mails and nasty comments for having my friends and I play in a common area for 2 hours in the evening.
But my mom has not succumbed to these bullies and in fact sent documents/mails to all concerned that it is in the best interest of the community to have healthy, socialized pets.
It makes us less aggressive and destructive. We also smell, hear and experience so many new things and adapt well to our surroundings. But some ignorant people refuse to be open to the aspect of pets and humans co-existing.
This has been going on since December, 2012 and we are now in April, 2013. Hope my mum's efforts pay off!!!!


Some changes

April 17th 2013 12:01 am
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I am most excited about going out with my family. I love car-rides too. When I was younger I would get all woozy and dizzy. It would take me a while to recover from that but now that I am older, I can handle it much better. In fact my parents now let me climb on to the back of our SUV. I like staring out of the back window.
I dont like going out with the driver and maid anymore for the in-between peeing sessions.
I dont need to now, I am a big boy and can hold my bladder for longer periods of time.
My morning walks with dad are towards the back of the complex and with mum in the evening I go to the front to relieve myself. They have not been able to figure this out.
A new GSD has joined the group. He is Bruno and is three years old. He is quite hyper and chases footballs. Its not good because people dont like it. The other day he was jumping at a kid with a football and managed to knick him. There was a huge fall-out of that and since then we have not been going to our regular play area. Cocoa and I with both mums have been going to another area behind our complex. It snot much fun. But mum says its only till we are given a barricaded area to play within the complex.
I also got neutered on 20th March, 2013 by Dr. Mitra. Mum says I was in pain and didnt eat for a whole day. She slept with me for three nights. I like my space but kept my paw on her hand just to re-assure her that I am OK.
I was taken for regular check-ups and dad and mum cleaned my wound and applied some powder like thing on my stitches. I had cryptorchid. A genetic condition in which only one testicle has dropped. So I was operated on two places. I couldnt play for 5 days. But its all in the past now. I have recovered fully and am back to my wrestling and running and fetching and catching.


A tiny visitor

April 17th 2013 12:05 am
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My driver got a small white-puppy the other day and I was horrified!!!! How can this be!!! There is another dog in the house!!! What am I going to do!!! So much confusion led mt to bark and growl at him at first. I didnt like mum holding him. But then she put him down and I was all over him. He was shaking and curled up next to me. I did not leave him for a minute and even allowed him to dring water from my bowl and also some food. I tried to play with him and also pushed him under the stool.
Then the driver took him away.
Thank God!!!!



March 27th 2014 10:24 pm
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All my misconceptions about dogs being ever hungry have been turned around on its head ever since Clueso came into our lives. There have been times when we have had to feed him with our own hands. We had to change his dog food thrice until he finally decided he liked CIBAU over all the other brands of food. Then we also put him on home food and now his diet is more or less set. but Wait!!!! Not so quick....its summer here again and he is back to being extremely fussy about his meals.
But one thing that he loooooooves is chicken and raw mutton.
So for the past 6 months we have been giving him two pieces of raw mutton after his dinner of moong-dal/carrots/turmeric powder and olive oil.
So his breakfast is kibbles and chicken and his dinner is khichdi.

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