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All About Bessie!!

All About Bessie

January 12th 2013 10:45 am
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Hellooo! My Name is Bessie, But My Owner Likes to call me Bessie-boo!
im a Jack russell terrier, and im 7years old.
i Had a bad start to life, But Now im with my family and im happy now!

i Have a massive love for food.
But not for my own food. for my owners.
one time when she wasent looking i jumped up and took her snacks off the table, im sneeky, i even like gerbil food! we got gerbils living with us too, and if some of there food falls onto the floor im there!!!!
my other love is being warm.
i love it when its winter and the fire is on,
i lay by the fire for hours.
and i love it when me and my owner sits on the sofa with a blanket around us, the fire on full blast.

i love summer tooo!
when its a nice hot day, i lay in the garden, my owner laughs at me, because even if i get to hot, i will not move! i just love it to much.

i love walkies! when its time for walks, i jump up and down and run around, so its hard for my owner to put my lead on,
the place i love most to go, is the park!
theres so much space, for me to explore and sniff around
i get too excited when im on walks, i end up out of breath

now what dont i like?
if i see a cat i tend to bark. and chase them, i never get them..

i also dont like fireworks, they scare me. i like to try and hide away when fireworks are going off,
i cant settle. and i am just very happy when they stop.

i dont like water,
i hate the rain.
and the cold

but i do like snow!
i find it really fun to run around in, because im pure white like the snow, i tend to just blend in,

i love bedtime!
i sleep in my owners bed
we have cuddles untill we fall asleep

i love attention!!!
if my owner is watching tv, i would just jump on and sit on her lap,
and paw her face untill she gives me cuddles,
make her rub my tummy,

and in the mornings,
i normally wake up before her,
so i jump all around her,
and lay on her arms,
and sometimes even her face
untill she wakes up and gives me some attention

im always nudging her arms. to say GIVE ME ATTENTION!

i hate being alone.
but most of the time my owner takes me with her.
so im happy

i think thats it.
Thankyou for reading.


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