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Pugging Along with KC!

Hey I'm Miss October! Woof!

August 27th 2013 5:24 pm
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Well I always knew I was cute - but so cute to be in a calendar? Woof! My fur-ful readers, can you believe I was selected to be Miss October for the Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue 2014 Calendar? Yea, I can believe it. Who can resist my fuzzy face?

October 2014 will be the best month ever!

When I first heard I celebrated by zoom zoom zooooooming around the house and then plopping down into a ceremonious FLOP. Pug-Style.

Pug ya lata!



Snow! Bound! Bound! Bound!

March 25th 2013 7:08 am
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Morning walkie!

I poked my head out the door. I didn't move a muscle. Not one paw. I stretched my nose to sniff the air. It looks wet! These paws aren't meant to be wet! I turned my nose up into the air and huffed. When I tried to turn my little bootie around to go back in, my foster mom said "Uh, uh! You gotta go out, darlin'!"

I looked out again. Okaaaaaaaaay, but I don't wanna get my pawses wet!

I gingerly walked down the stairs. A piece of wet fell on my nose. I shook it off. Another piece fell on my nose. I sneezed and it fell off. Then another...and another..and anoth...HEY! It's snowing!!

I took off runnin'.

I jumped into the snowpiles and sniffed around underneath. Then I made like a bunny and Hopped! Hopped! Hopped! Bounce! My foster mom was giggling and telling me that I looked just like a bunny rabbit.

Hop! When I'm happy I hop =)

Woo hoo snow!!!


Rainy Day Doggie

March 12th 2013 7:09 am
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So sleeeeepy. Noooo I don't wanna go out and get my paws wet. Hrumfff...

I wanna just snuggle in bed until the sun comes out again.




March 11th 2013 8:16 pm
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One of my favorite times is when my Foster Mom takes all her laundry out of the basket and throws it all on the floor!

She says she is sorting the clothes but I think she's really doing it for me =) [Foster Mom: Yes, KC is right, I partially do it for her - See photo.]

Then, I JUMP onto the piles and snuggle deep into the folds of clothing. I feel clothes fall on me as my Foster Mom throws more on the pile and I don't care - I love it! I want to be buried in stinky clothes!

Oh no! Why are you picking all the clothes up? Can't you just leave them here? I'll make them my new bed =) Oh, okay, fine... if you HAVE to wash them okay.

WHAT??!?! What did you say, Foster Mom?!? I'm NEXT?? What does THAT mean?? I'm gonna be washed NEXT???! Nuh uh! Not if I can help it.


Tap Dancin' KC!

January 8th 2013 7:35 pm
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I'm a tap dancer! Tap! Tap! Tap! I can do the shuffle, the duffle, and and the muffle :-) (three very intricate and complicated Pug dances). You can catch me tappity tap tapping when I'm gonna get a treat or it's time to go out!

You can catch a little of my excellent tap dancing in my video "KC Tries a New Treat!"

I'm so good, Fred Woofstaire would be jealous!

Tap tap tap...


Omygoodness! Omygoodness!

January 7th 2013 5:03 pm
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Woof! I'm KC! I just moved to the neighborhood and whoa, there are SO MANY NEW THINGS! New smells, new grass, new sounds! And...a new couch to lay on!! I love love love the couch. My Foster Mom put out my fleece blanket (with cool little bones all over it) and I lay on it every single chance I get. It's so snuggly... me =)

Then, when my Foster Mom sits down next to me, I come over and snuggle cozy cozy and fall asleep.'s the Pug's Life!

Well, I'm not entirely Pug, you know. I am part Chihuahua! My Foster Mom tells me that I'm really smart and quick to please. Ahem... Yes, I knew that!

Well, back to snoozin'. We just went on a nice long walk and I had my dinner, yumm...and now it's time for a nap!

Woof! More laters!

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