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I Got Adopted!!!!

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December 30th 2012 11:21 am
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My pawrents finally got my page going today. I was adopted more than six weeks ago! BOL!!! Can't tell you how wonderful it was to get out of that scary cage at animal control and then the humane society. I thought I was a goner fur sure! Now I'm having so much fun every day and learning the routines. The only thing is, my new family is a little boring, but I love them all anyway. Already I've livened everybody up. The pawrents need to chase me around sometimes, 'cuz I'm chewing something that looks good to me, but they don't like me doing that for some reason??? Then, I chase my old sisfurs around the house to get them moving! BOL!!! More soon!! Got to go play with my new toys!
P.S. My pawrents are guessing my breeds. Do you have any ideas????


Happy New Year 2013!

January 1st 2013 2:18 am
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Woof Everyfur! Just wanted to check in with all my new pup pals and wish them a great new year. Yesterday my pawrents bought me a matching black harness (I'm mainly black of course) and a warm fuchsia fleece coat for cold winter days. I had to get a small long! 'cuz that just how I'm built! BOL!!! Also, we went for a walk in my favorite park.
So far since my Gotcha Day, I've only eaten part of the living room rug and a corner chunk of my special bed! I guess I'm just a lively gal who needs a lot to do! BOL! Other than that, the pawrents say I've been pretty good. Anyway, I'm just happy to be in my furever home so I've made a resolution for 2013 to be more lovable than ever. That's an easy one! Love to all my pals!!!!


My New Life

January 6th 2013 10:20 am
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Happy woofs to all my pup pals. I love you all!!! Well, here's the truth, I'm a "Daddy's Girl" fur sure. Mom is just fine, she feeds and waters me, cleans my drippy eyes, plays with me, kisses me,and types for me, BUT she is not the Dog Dad! I love my dog dad so much and follow him whenever I can. My eyes sparkle like stars when I look at him. I love to sleep between his feet and if he plays with me, I am in heaven. Please, the fursissies can both play with my mom but not my dad! That's not too much to ask, is it? Uh oh, got to run, Dog Dad just walked into another room and I am compelled to follow! BOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Darn, darn, darn!!!

January 17th 2013 7:27 am
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Well, it turns out I'm NOT spayed! Mom and dad noticed I went into heat about a week ago! They called the vet to make my appointment to get me spayed for February 19th. The vet said it's best to wait until the heat cycle has been over for a while. Guess I'll always be on the leash with the pawrents close by until it's over, plus I have to wear a diaper for about a week. How embarrassing. Don't tell my pup pals. Those two ultrasounds to determine if I was spayed were good for nothing!!!
Before this happened I got to go to the dog park for the first time and absolutely loved it. I ran like the wind as long as I wanted and tried to make the other dogs chase me. I outran them all! BOL!!!
It's been raining here for three whole days, about 4 inches worth. I hate doing my business in the rain, 'cuz rainy weather brings out a lot of great smells and I'd rather be doing that! Mom says she absolutely loves standing in the pouring rain with me on the leash, while I just sniff around, BOL!! What are moms for anyway???
Bye for now everypaw. Love from Sylvie


I am spayed!

February 20th 2013 1:02 pm
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Hi Everypup! Well, it happened yesterday. Now I am spayed and everything went OK. My mom was a basket case, but today all is fine. I have to take two kinds of pills, they make me sleepy. I have to wear an inflatable blue collar because I can't keep myself from licking my incision. Mom says I look so pitiful that she took a picture to put on Dogster. We are all glad it's over. I can't wait to go back to the dog park, but Mom says I have to wait for one more week. Thanks for reading my "tail" of woe. I want to write about more about all the adventures I'll be having when it warms up a little here! Stay tuned. Love to all my pals!



February 23rd 2013 2:52 am
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Woof, woof Everypaw! We're all barking up a storm here this morning 'cuz I got chosen for Diary of the Day! Thank you, Dogster!! Maybe the Dogster peeps took pity on me after seeing my "cone picture" that mom took the day after I got spayed. I mean, how would you like two days when you had to go around with an inflatable tire around your neck? I was not happy, plus I didn't feel too good either. GOOD NEWS!! Yesterday that darned cone was removed for good! BOL!!! I never want to see it again. Anyway, many thanks to my pup pals who wrote with loving support. That was just the best. I love my pals!!! OK, three more days of leash walks, then back to NO RESTRICTIONS!! Dog park, here I come! Love and puppy kisses to Everyfur!!!!!!!


My Wisdom Panel results

April 6th 2013 4:37 pm
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Woof Everypup! Hope all my pals are getting to enjoy some great spring weather. My peeps put the outside chairs and table on the covered porch today and that is a sure sign of spring, I'm told.
Anyway, the exciting news is we got the results from my Wisdom Panel today. I didn't know what mom and dad were doing sticking that weird thing inside my cheek, not once but twice. But I guess it told people what breeds I am. I am 100% border collie on one side and 100% cocker spaniel on the other side. No other breeds were detected! Mom was kind of surprised because I weigh just 26 pounds, but who can argue with DNA?
Much love to all my pals and their families! Sylvie


The new doorwall

April 9th 2013 7:13 am
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Woof, woof, Everyfur!! First of all, thanks to Dogster for featuring my diary two days in a row. We are all barking like crazy around here for that reason and one more. My old fursissies have trouble going up and down the 18 stairs to get outside to the yard, so the pawrents decided to put a sliding patio door off the dining room. Then we can all go out that way and it will only be three steps! TODAY all these men came to put it in and all us furkids have to be in the bedroom with mom there too, to keep us quiet! BOL!!! Metta is scared of all the noises as the wall is torn out, Iris is trying to herd Metta and keep her in check. I'm just here chewing my elk antler and it's not really bothering me much. Hope we can all get out for a walk in the park this afternoon.
We are having spring here now, even though we're in the mountains, and are all very happy with the warmer weather. We love our pals so much we are always barking around about how great they all are. Special love to our pal, Redford, who has sent several beautiful piccies for my page! Happy Tuesday to all you extra special super puppers! Love, Sylvie


My Good Dog class

August 16th 2013 4:38 pm
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Hi Everypaw! Today my pawrents put up three new photos of me from my Good Dog class where I learned lots of new things like "leave it", "sit", "down", and "wait". I think there were some other things too, but I can't remember right now. BOL!!! Good Dog class is all positive, no jerking on the leash or saying "No", I just got treats when I did anything good. Hope all my super pup pals have been having a wonderful summer and playing hard! I love my furever home, my two fursissies and my pawrents. I'm really living the good life now! My whole family adores me and why not? BOL!!!!!


My new brofur

October 20th 2013 2:49 am
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Hi Everypup,
A few days ago my pawrents brought home a new brofur for Iris and me. He is really small and we are confused. First, where is Metta and who is this new creature? I'm not sure what I think about him yet. I do know that Mom and Dad have to give him lots of affection and help to help him feel comfortable. They're giving us lots of extra love and cuddling so I guess it is OK. Just don't let him near my food and please, some of the toys are mine only!!! More soon, IF I decide he can be part of my family. Looks like it might have already been decided though. I want to be the princess baby always!!

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