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Coming home

December 16th 2012 12:04 pm
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Hello fellow dogsters. My name is Lexus (apparently) And this is the second day of my new home and life. I am 20 weeks old. Very shy but very curious. There are other animals here that make me feel a little more comfortable....another Husky and 2 cats, who I already like to follow around! I'm a little unsure of whats happening but I think i'll do fine, they seem like nice people. And hey, i'm just glad to be out of that cage! I hope my sisters are doing alright, I wish I could see them.
...My new family keeps putting this rope thing on me they call a leash....I dont really like it, and have no clue what it's for. But they keep telling me everything is ok and that I am safe here, so i will keep writing in my diary every day so I can look back at the progress we are making....thank you to all who read this and wish me and my new family luck.


Day 4

December 18th 2012 5:59 am
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Well my new family seems very nice, i am adjusting well. I get lots of attention and i'm always comfy and warm. I am used to sleeping outdoors in a cage so I am really enjoying sleeping indoors on my bed! The mini humans are very nice to me, they like to play just like I do....although I got in a teeny bit of trouble because i was biting the littlest mini humans legs and didn't wanna stop, I made her cry and I felt bad after, i just thought i was playing thats all.....but we moved on and now i just chew her toys instead of her.....even though I keep getting dog toys given to me when i do that, at least i'm not chewing on humans hehheeheh!!!
Anyways i'm not as shy as i was the first couple days, my personality is coming out now, they laugh at me all the time cause i fall over my own legs sometimes BOL I am learning to walk on the leash and go up and down stairs without being carried......i think i am progressing well already!
Until next time


No accidents woohooo!

December 20th 2012 2:39 pm
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Well we are finishing up day 3 of no accidents!! Not even at night!! It's nice now that I have my own scent out in that the yard. I am doing very well here now, I am a lot more comfortable and am getting used to my new family, now I can be my normal self....although I seem to be chewing a lot more stuff now that i'm not scared but I have lots of toys that keep getting put in my mouth when I chew what I am not suppose to, so I am learning fast. I like how happy my new family gets when I go pee outside they give me treats and pet me and keep telling me i'm such a good girl.....and i'm like "what? I just peed?" but oh well i'll take the praise if they wanna be happy i pee then good for them!!! BOL anyways thats all for now!


white stuff?

December 21st 2012 2:01 pm
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So I went outside today and there was a whole bunch of this white stuff all over the place and coming from the sky to...I mean I have seen this once before but not this much! It was cold and fluffy and fun to play in!!! This is my very first winter so this is all new to me. But I LIKE it. The humans call it snow. Well I hope this "snow" of theirs sticks around cause I am having a lot of fun today! I kind of followed my new big sisters lead (Mika) and she was digging in it so I thought I would give it a try.....and let me say it must have been the best thing I have ever felt and done in my whole life!! All 5 months of it! The feeling of it in between my toes and the sound of my nails clawing through the snowbank and then sticking my head in the hole I just made all by myself to inspect it. What fun!!!! I can't wait to go back outside and do it again!


Christmas day!??!!

December 25th 2012 8:51 pm
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Christmas day? Never heard of it, but it is my new favorite day, I got presents and a whole bunch of family giving me lots of extra attention because there was so many of them!! I got a new collar and toys to chew and treats!!! It was great!! I wonder if there will be more toys under this tree thing tomorrow for me? Anyways goodnight and I hope everyone had a great Christmas also!!!



January 3rd 2013 8:40 pm
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So my new home has been working out pretty great so far. They all love me so much and are really good to me. I love playing with my new sisfur Mika to except when she pushes me off snow doesn't hurt but man I can't wait until I am her size!!!! I love playing in the snow and especially on our walks. I really ave fun chasing around the mini human that lives here, she is fun! But I bite her a lot so mom says I have to learn that that is not ok, and she is always giving me other stuff to chew on. It is just so hard not to bite a running target but I have to learn self control I guess. Other then that things are going very well for me here, no more to say today!



January 23rd 2013 5:44 am
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So it's been a while since I have added an entry so now is as good a time as any!
I tore apart my humans bedroom yesterday while they were away......I dont know why, I dont know what got into me. I just did.
My mama human was going to crate train me when she first got me but after a few times of them leaving me in the bedroom and I was fine, they figured it would be alright.
So needless to say now there is all this talk about a crate......hmmmmm crate......doesn't sound very inviting! But we will see I guess. Mom says that she will put a comfy bed toys in there for me so it might not be to bad.....I promised I wouldn't do it again but i'm bot to sure if she believes me though. I didn't mean to wreck their stuff......I just got bored, and I am a Husky, really it if you look at it, it is her fault......yea, yea that's right her fault!!!! What was she thinking?



January 27th 2013 3:45 pm
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I am!!!!!!
It has been cold, to go for our walks, I can't even stay out long just to pee, without my paws hurting. Mom tried to walk me a short walk the other day but I made it half way down the side walk and laid on my back and yelped and mom had to carry me home.....(which I didn't mind of course) The weather has been bad for a -30c bad!!!!!! Just to darn cold!!
Mom has been trying to keep us busy in the house as much as she can, but my kitty brofur got sick a couple days ago so she has been tending to him as well, she had to take him to the vet, he had a urine blockage and they had to drain him and put him on a bunch of pills, so he is doing better now, but still bad cause I like chasing him around lots!!!!!!!
Anyways thats all for now


V-E-T!!!! EEK!!!

February 1st 2013 6:38 pm
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So mom says I am going to the vet again on Monday. That means I have to get a my booster and a rabies shot....that is never fun, but mom says I have to cause it will keep me healthy. And she seems to know best. I will go....but I wont like it!!!!! Although they do give me yummy treats there and the ladies are really nice. I am a little concerned about what mom says is coming next though. She says I need to get I had no clue what that meant until she explained it. what? and why? would you do this to me? I am juts fine down there and dont need nobody poking around down there.....and who says I dont want to be a mother some day? Although I dont think I do, but you never know right. Way to take away my options mom!!!!!!!!!!!!
But mamma knows best like I said so I am sure she has her reasons.
Anyways wish me luck at the vet on Monday :)
The weather has been a lot better lately and we are back to our daily walks and can play outside again like normal without our paws hurting. It is still cold and snowy but that's just the way I like it. I am going to be so sad when the snow is gone. But mom says summer can be fun to because there is this huge sand pile that mom takes Mika to and she is going to take me this summer and she said we can dig and run around there. Also she said she is going to let me learn to swim at the beach, so that sounds fun, maybe the snow melting wont be so bad?
Thats all for now,



February 5th 2013 1:00 pm
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Wow, my mom and Dad gave me a scare yesterday! They took me to the vet, and I had to go in the car.....and I am not so fond of cars, and I thought I wasn't ever gunna see my home again! I was scared, then we went into the vet office and everybody was super nice to me but, I was still scared....they were all saying how well behaved and calm I was, and my mom said "you should see her at home" .....and here I am thinking-I resent that!!!!!
But she is right BOL!!!! Anyways, this guy stuck sharp needles into my back!! It hurt! Thats for sure! But my mom held me and pet me while he was looking at me, and it made me feel better. At least those sharp pointy things were done quickly, and the rest of the time they talked about how beautiful I was while the vet was looking at my skin, my eyes and ears I didn't mind hearing that conversation.
Anyways then we went back in the car, and we came home!!!!! I was sooooo happy to see my house! I thought I would never see it again, I thought I was gunna get left there! And since the doctor visit I have been listening really well, and not biting when I play and mom says she thinks it's cause I am happy that they brought me home and maybe that's why I am behaving differently (she's right!!) Anyways it was quite an ordeal but I am home and healthy and best of all HAPPY!!!!!!
Thats all for now,

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