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It's my birthday!

July 21st 2014 8:19 am
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Hi everyone! Today is a super special day!
It's my birthday!!! Today I turn 2 years old!
My mom made a fuss this morning when we all woke up, and she started singing that weird song that my humans sing when they associate a day with the word "birthday." You know the one I mean right pups and kitties?
Well, anyways, she says I get my very own home made pup cake later on, and even some gifts too!

I will be sure to do another entry after the day is over. But I can tell you, I sure get excited when mom gets excited, so I know today will be special!

Have a pawsome day!



November 19th 2013 7:28 pm
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So my mom has started a blog about my sisfur and I. She seems very happy about it, and is brand new to this, so if anyone feels like checking it out, or anyone has a blog of their own and has any tips for a new blogger, feel free to let her know.

Thanks everyfur!!



October 31st 2013 7:28 am
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Today is Halloween, and im throwin a shoutout to all my doggs!!!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Stay safe everydog.
Mom insists you take a look a my pic, I was apparently a Siberian Jamaican theres the link below, go ahead and peek if you must...;)
But hey, at least I didnt have a stuffed bikini top like my sisfer Mika..buahahahaha


Halloween is coming!

October 19th 2013 8:27 am
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Well Halloween is just around the corner and my house is filled with spooky spiders, ghosts, monsters and the works!!! Not to sure what this is all about but hey, some strange things seem to please these humans, so meh, whatever! Anyways, all this excitement over this holiday with my mini humans and mum says i'm not allowed to go with them trick or treating?! Says there will be kids in scary masks and haunted houses and stuff and that I will be scared, but apparently there will be tons of mini humans coming to the door I will be able to greet.....if they dont look to scary that is!
Thats all for now


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

October 14th 2013 7:46 am
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Shout out to all my Canadian dawgs on here: Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend! I sure did, we had some great grub, we always get a plate for us to, and there was lot of family here to play with, and run in the yard with us and stuff, so I had a great weekend!!
Thats all for now guys ttyl



August 15th 2013 8:11 am
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It's my day? Ok then.....happy gotcha day sisfer!
Not to sure what thats all about since we already celebrated her birthday, but um....ok!

Anyhoo, lifes goin pretty good. I turned 1 year old a few weeks back and I am healthy, and have great humans in my house.
I especially love my little mini human. She is just my size. When I play with the other humans of the house, I can nibble and mouth and things like that but when it comes to my mini human, I dont dare, because I understand how much I could hurt her, since she's so small and all.
So needless to say we have become great friends, although I wish she would learn to throw my ball further away when she is attempting to play fetch with me.....BOL it doesn't really make it past the end of my body!! But I still humor her and get it and give it back to repeat the whole process about 1700 times BOL
Well bye for now


My Birthday?

July 21st 2013 8:14 am
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Well my humans have been singing stuff to me all day, something about a birthday? Not to sure where their going with that but hey they say it's my special day, so i'll take it!! :)
I get a present and a special treat later also, I remember when it was my sisfurs "birthday" a month ago they did the same thing, she seemed to have a good day, so we will see what happens

Happy birthday to me!



June 10th 2013 8:13 am
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Oh my I am not sure what is up with this heat stuff! I want my snow back!! That was the most fun I have ever had!!! This is my first summer, so I am not sure what to make of it. At least mom and Dad have some nice cool machine thing that blows out cold air, so I like to lay by it or lay in the shade outside. I have been drinking sooooo much water on these hot days!

Mom has took us down to the water a few times this year...Mika goes crazy (my sisfur) she runs and jumps off the dock into this water stuff! But I wont go near it! It is very scary looking....Mom says she is trying her best to let me go in when I am ready but she says it is temping to throw me in!!!! Lets just hope this a joke when she says this! ;)
Mika looks like she has fun in it but I am just not sure. Maybe one day I will try.
Thats all for now



Changing looks

April 11th 2013 7:41 am
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It has been a while since I posted a diary entry so here goes.....
Life is good, the snow is all melted now except for one snowbank on the side of the yard, (which I like to lay on and dig in) I miss the snow, that was always the highlight of my days, when me and my sisfur and mom would go out and play in the snow and dig tunnels and things like that, but mommy assures me that although there is no snow, I can experience other things as the weather gets warmer, like swimming and running in the sand at the beach. She always tells me she is going to throw me in the water....hmmmmmm that doesn't sound very fun BOL ;) But hey I will return the favor by coming out and shaking my double coated wet fur all over her!! hehehehehe
Anyways, so I am looking forward to that stuff.
I look like a completely different pup right now....I am about 7 months old and mom got me when I was 4 months, and my markings are so different now, they are really starting to come out, mom says I look like a goof ball but that is why she loves me :)
Thats all for now



March 1st 2013 5:46 am
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So my humans took me to the vet a few days back.......they put me to sleep and when I woke up, I had a hole in my stomach!!!!!
What is with these people?? The first time I go to the vet I get these big needles stuck in me, and now they are cutting me open while I sleep???
Pretty brutal if you ask me....kind of makes me want to sleep with one eye open you know??
But I was happy to see my mom return to pick me up, and at least she took me out of that place.....all is well now, it is healing nicely, whatever they did?!!

Anyways, the snow was all starting to melt away and the yard was getting muddy, and I was sad because there was no snow to play in! But 2 mornings ago I woke up and went outside and there was more snow then ever!!!!! Like 30cm of it!!! Woohoo!! It is great, I can play again! Mom says not to get to used to it though, because it's pretty warm it will only melt again, but I dont believe her, I think she lives in a dreamland !!

Thats all for now,

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