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Casper's Adventure Logs

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My Day So Far

May 3rd 2013 9:15 pm
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Wrestling and chasing each other,even Tigger. Now thats the life! Yes Tigger loves to play too.When he is done, he lets us know. All three of us are wrestling now and playing who can pin who faster. I am pretty fast,but not as fast as Spunky!I learned how to counter surf,but I am not as tall as Spunky so I cannot reach the counter ,even on my tippy toes.

Luvs to all my pup pals,



Hi to all my friends

April 23rd 2013 8:34 am
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I have had a great week. We escaped from the yard. Twice.. The nice neighbor next door is fixing the whole fence line. The only problem with that is we wont be able to stare at the neighbors dog through the new fence. That is depressing. We liked saying hi to her.Although it would get her barking. BOL...
I had to have a bath. Mom didn't know what I got into but I was not white anymore. Oh well, I love getting baths and blow dryed.

Mom is leaving our blanket /tent up so we can play in it.That is so much fun.
Well thats it for now. I can assure you we will have so much more to tell you later.

love to all my pup pals,


Thank you Dogster

March 31st 2013 10:44 am
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Mom logged on today in her email and found out I was one of the featured diary picks. Thank you for the honor HQ
Happy Easter everyone and I hope your Spring fun is off to a good start.
Warm wishes to you all.

cuddles and wet noses,


Texas Weather and Fur

March 22nd 2013 8:29 am
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Mom had been trimming my pretty white fur and was going to do it again till this cool spell hit. With my nose I don't breath to well running and playing,I get over heated . But with this weather she is not going to trim me for a few weeks now cause I like to stay warm not cold.

I don't have to go to the vet this weekend with Aregon and Spunky I let mom trim my nails.BOL.. Who's the smart pup now?

Snuggles to my pals,



Follow Us!

March 10th 2013 2:08 pm
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mom is having fun helping us,bol.....



The Ultimate Escape Artist is OFF PROBATION!!!

February 22nd 2013 12:47 pm
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Yeah,playing till we can't play no more.At least till after nap time!
Mom went out with us and took video,I had to help her post it though. he is new to this so we will help her till she catches on. It's chilly here today. We didn't mind but apparently just cause it's 33 degree w/windchill mom gets cold. Ohh,and he calls herself a Minnesotan.BOL!!!!!

i am cheating when it comes to the agility bar jump,i just knock it down with my paw and walk across. Apparently that is not the intended action. I'm supposed to jump over? Really? I can go under ,does that count?I think it should count.

Bark at you later,


The Ultimate Escape Artist is On Probation! Part 2

February 21st 2013 1:51 pm
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Were out playing now by ourselves now and we are behaving. i'm so happy .The grass is growing and spreading in the yard by itself but mom still is going to seed this spring.I love grass. Better than mud.

Bark at you later,


The Ultimate Escape Artist is On Probation!

February 18th 2013 9:09 am
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Ohh, I got in trouble yesterday,so did Spunky. We made a hole in the fence and our dogster mom got suspicious when we wanted out for the umpteenth time. She came outside to call us in had a Frisbee in her hand,and caught me trying to fit through the fence as I was getting BACK in the yard. Oops...
Mom fixed the bad part of the fence and she is going out with us so we do not escape again. Bummer,it's like being on probation . We hadn't done the escape thing in so long we were off and had free run and time all day if we wanted it. I'll keep you updated.

Hi-5 to every pup,


The Valenine

February 13th 2013 10:54 pm
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We did it! Well our mom did, but we have one whole side of the card that is for dad and we let mom write the other side from her to dad. It looks pretty mom put ribbon on it, , red bows and a small gold bow. The card she cut to look like two hearts that open up. I can't wait till daddy gets home!


Helping Mom

February 13th 2013 1:13 pm
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We are going to help mom make Valentines day cards for our dad. I can't wait.
He has to to work that day but we will make sure he knows we love him.
mom is going to look for her printer so she can take a picture of us and print it for the card.

cuddles and snuggles


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