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Cherry's Diary

Entry #1

November 29th 2012 7:44 am
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I have been with my new people for almost a week!

A few days ago I met Lauren, Mommy and Dad at a REALLY busy place with a lot of boxes. Earlier in the day my Nana put me in a little crate with a blankie and left me at another busy place. I haven't seen her or my sisters since, so that must have been goodbye...

I'm having so much fun with Lauren, though! From the beginning she kept saying "Cherry" before giving me a treat, so I thought it must mean something important. It's my name! She says it's because I'm so sweet. I like it a lot!

I brought a toy of my own on my trip, but Lauren has LOTS of them! She gave me a squeaky pony for me to sleep with, and a little bone for me to chew. It makes her really happy when I chew on the bone, but it's hard for me to hold it in place. My very favorite toy has lots of pieces: there are little squeaky squirrels that are fun to carry around, but Lauren likes to stuff them inside a bigger toy--then I have to get them all out! It's lots of fun, though. I run around with it and shake it and they all fall out.

I get treats for a lot of things. Lauren still gives me them when she says "Cherry", but only after I do something else now. She tells me "sit" and I sit, but it's hard because I have to wait extra long to get my treat...

I like learning! Just this morning I figured out how to climb up some stairs! Now Lauren doesn't need to pick me up when we go back inside.

I do like learning, but I'm still confused about potty time... Lauren gets upset if I potty during playtime. She says, "No!" and picks me up in her arms and takes me outside to the grass. She says "potty" when we get to the door, and again when I'm on the ground. It makes her happy when I potty outside. But I don't understand! Isn't it easier if I potty during playtime? She doesn't have to carry me outside if I do that. And the ground is so cold outside...

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