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New horizons

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Sure shot

December 11th 2012 5:07 am
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Yesterday we shoveled more of the white stuff, over a foot fell up here. We all become abominable snow puppies tussling around in it. Then it’s so nice to be able to warm up by the fire.

In the afternoon I got to go all by myself to visit the vet. I’d been there before and they gave us lots of treats just for stopping by. This time was a little different. I still got treats but it included taking my temperature and getting my shots. I was the best girl ever! More treats for me! And the extra snacks must be working; I’ve gained four pounds. It must be the Cheetos; they are my special snack.

Plenty of playtime, breakfast muffins, yummy treats and Cheetos – it’s a banner day.


Noisy Nights

December 12th 2012 7:39 am
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Do you snore? I do. Never noticed it before but we discovered it last night. It's possible that I was just so tuckered out from playing in the snow. We run ALOT. Snow is so much more fun to run in - puffy white stuff everywhere. Abby & I are just a blur across the yard. Catch me if you can! :)



December 14th 2012 2:34 pm
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I'm taking a break from a long afternoon of snowplay. Abby, Jack & I have been wrestling in the snow on this beautiful, sunny day.

Do you think that there's a little beagle in my blood? I got the scent of a critter and have had my nose buried in snowbanks trying to find them. Where the heck do they go in there anyway? I'll check tomorrow; time for dinner and it's salmon tonight!


Rainy days & Saturdays

December 15th 2012 4:01 pm
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Is it really December? Where did this rain come from? What a dreary day. There's alot of baking going on today. You'd think that it's time for Christmas cookies but it's not! It's puppy muffin time. I even help and have a special place in the kitchen. I'm the official taste tester. If bowl licking was an olympic sport, I'd win the gold.

But it was a lazy day for us; just too wet outside. Abby, Jack & I stayed by the fire; cozy & warm.



December 19th 2012 10:18 am
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Last night, after chores at the farm, we went out to gather wood for the fire. Jack lagged behind and stayed out in the back field. When we went looking for him he popped up behind the pole barn. I spotted him but wasn't sure who or what he was and sent out a warning just in case. I barked with a deep resonant roar that startled everyone, especially Jack. He stopped in his tracks until I approached him with a welcome back greeting. We snuggled a bit, exchanged puppy kisses & went back into the house for the evening. Abby is still looking at me funny as if to ask, “Wow! Where did that come from?”

We are jogging today. It’s a little cloudy but perfect weather for a run. Builds up that appetite; I’m an official member of the clean-bowl club, three times a day. Even if it takes me a little longer, I take my time and get the job done.


Happy New Year!

December 31st 2012 2:41 pm
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Yesterday was a most fun day. The foster-parents took us all for a walk in the woods. I was Rin-tin-tin for a day. We tracked rabbits, deer and other critters and had a blast.

What was the best though was that mom & the kids came to visit. We were all very happy to see one another. I got to run and play with the kids in the yard; we had a great time. Mama & I got some snuggle time in. We all said good-bye after dinner with big hugs and hopes to see each other again very soon.

Peaceful new year for us all.



January 21st 2013 9:14 am
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Fourteen below? Who orders this stuff? OK, it's really not so bad. Jack, Abby & I still get to go out for 10-15 minutes at a time. NO MORE. Dad even thought twice about our walk. Just too darn cold. We are all taking it easy on this our third day of a four-day weekend all together. The fire blazes with dry oak and the house is warm. Especially so if we're all on the bed at night. Dad's making chicken for lunch, treats all around. It's a good day.



January 28th 2013 7:40 am
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I'll teach those rabbits. Finally nabbed one last Friday. I think I must be part Beagle. Funny, his friends haven't been back since. Hmmmmm.


Message to Burli

January 28th 2013 7:50 am
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On Saturday, January 26th, Burli went for a stay/visit with her home family. It's interesting how much you miss something when it's not there. We realized just how much a part of our family she had become in such a short time.

We find ourselves doing a nose & tail count but she's not there. Abby is missing her shadow and not quite sure what to make of Burli's empty bed. The labeled container with her food in it caught me quite unexpectedly and made me very sad that I wasn't feeding her today. It was particularly tough when the pups got their morning muffins. She loved them so much.

It is our fondest wish that the circumstances that brought Burli to us are no longer an issue and that she will once again be happy and healthy at home. But, just as I kissed her every night with "love from mama", I hope that she is reminded occasionally of how much we love her and miss her.


Days drag

January 30th 2013 5:02 am
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Its midweek and we are still feeling the effect of Burli's absence. She’s only been gone four full days but she was such an integral part of our family that it’s hard not to miss her.

It’s all I can do not to call and check in on Burli but it’s important for her family to have uninterrupted time with her. As much as we want to know how and what she’s doing, it’s no longer our place to impose. It saddens us even more that with her unexpectedly not coming back that we were not really able to say good-bye. Of course, there are photos galore to remind us but it doesn’t compare to seeing her tail wag or her soft smile.

Fostering is tough. I applaud people and families that make room in their lives to regularly and temporarily provide love and care to homeless pets. Emotionally, it’s one of the hardest things we’ve done. It could be because of the sweet tenderness that we found in Burli too. She is very special and has a lucky family caring for her.

I don’t know if her mom will be able to continue maintaining her page so this will remain as a memorial to the gentle soul that touched our lives so profoundly. We love you Burli.

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