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Angel's New Story

Puppy Training

November 29th 2012 8:01 am
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I think my training of the human puppy is going quite well. I'm just going to leave the potty training to the humans. I can handle all of the important stuff. I have already taught her how to fetch me treats and bring my toys. She has even learned how to spin in circles properly before going to sleep. I am going to have to break her of hogging mom's lap.


Life is Tough

November 26th 2012 9:06 am
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So I get into my new home and things seem to be going well at first. They got me these wonderful new play things called cats". The big fat one is my favorite but he won't lay still for me to chew on and the little one is prickly. I thought I had it made. I got myself a comfy spot on the bed and everything, before my new dad made me move. Move your feet, lose your seat is the human saying so when he got up leaving my nice warm spot open I took it back. Can you believe he shoved me over again? It wasn't an accident either. He does that every night! I tried sharing the spot by laying on top of him but nooooo. The injustice doesn't stop there. Do you know they have a whole room dedicated to this perfectly elevated water bowl? They won't even let me drink out of it.
They tell me I'm still too skinny then they get this gel stuff that I think tastes awful. They even tried to hide it in meat like I wouldn't notice! Hah. I thought we were done over the whole discussion when my new mom does the unthinkable! Do you know what that woman did? She mixed it with peanut butter and stuck it to the roof of my mouth. The indignity of it! I won't let that happen....gffghhjjgfds....


Almost Home!

November 20th 2012 6:10 am
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The Rescue says Angel, formerly Ava, will be ready to go home tomorrow! We are so excited. We didn't think she would be able to come home before Thanksgiving. It's going to be a long but well worth it drive. Thank goodness I don't have to cook too much the day before.

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