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Baby's Beautifull Diery

Super Dog!

June 13th 2016 12:50 pm
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I saved mom yesterday. She had a panic attack in the store. I sat next to her and let her pet me until she calmed down. It didn't take long. I got a treat after the pets and Mom told me I saved the day! Like a superhero!
Super Dog!


I'm an ESA!

June 11th 2016 6:40 am
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So I'm officially an ESA! My mom took me to therapy with her yesterday and the therapist wrote a note. Mom seems super excited, and she's started taking me almost everywhere she goes. Our city sure is pet friendly! The only place she doesn't take me is those mean no pet places like grocery stores. She says being an ESA doesn't change the rules. She always asks the store manager first. She says it's polite. I think every store should allow dogs. Everyone's happier with a dog by their side! She also got me a bunch of new stuff which is super cool. Something called a gentle leader, a front hooking harness, a neat vest...

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