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Baby's Beautifull Diery

Chewy paper!!

December 11th 2013 11:59 am
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humans what are you doing! whats that green thing?! is this a tree?! what a tree doing inside? Did i finaly get an indoor bathroom?! now i can bee just like Nightstar! YAY! but why are you hanging socks on the wall?! that ham!
oh is that for me is it?! i want chew on something ohh colorful paper! can i chew it? ohhh yes i can! shred it! heehee this is fun!
a box whats this box doing here? why was it wraped in chewy paper? oh well more chewy paper!


Leave it or Eat it!

October 10th 2013 8:53 pm
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mom kept trying to teach me the "Leave it" command today...
pffft why do i have to listen to her? i'm my own pup. am i not?
why wait? why not eat it and get it over with? i mean seriously.
i want to eat the teat. i'm going to eat the treat. don't even try to stop me. i'm eatin' that treat.



Birthday PAWdy!

October 7th 2013 7:10 pm
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i can't believe i'm a year old!
this has been a great year filled with lots of snuggles,treats, and warm blankets!
beside that mom actually threw me a pawdy! there was cake and LOTS of presents! i got a new ball and a new tug-o-war rope! it was pawsitivly perfect! there was even music!
mom made me dance with her.
it was still tons of fun!
i wonder if moms going to throw me a gotcha day party?!




January 26th 2013 9:01 am
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i keep overhearing mom talking to Gram about "training".
yes i agree the humans do need trained. they don't give me NEAR enough milkbones when i beg. i mean i want ten not one! what am i suposed to do with only one milkbone! i supose one is better then none but STILL!
i'm going to go beg for food now!
~ Baby


Exploreing My New Home

November 17th 2012 8:52 am
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i went for a walk around today. this place is HUGE!the yard is GIGANTIC! there even a creek to splash in when it gets warmer! thats going to be great in the summer! as for the inside there a nice living room with a warm fireplace! a kitchen with a food bowl and thats about it for the kitchen . theirs the 3 bedrooms with my i mean the humans beds. its great!
i couldn't ask for a better home!

~ Baby



November 15th 2012 2:55 pm
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yay! i finally got adopted! eek!
my new home it looks so so PERFECT!
so many toys and treats! .... wait.
the humans they keep calling me something.
Baby? Baby! i have a name!
i have a family! i can't bealive it! i have
four wonderful humans and three fur-siblings!
first the fur-family theres Lucky,Shadow,Spike,and Nightstar.
then the humans. Nightstar and the others just call them family names.
i guess i will too. Mom,Uncle,Gramps,and Gram.
i like it.
anyways gotta run i think theres a milkbone with my name on it!


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